Hard Work Pays Off

Hi guys! I hope your Saturday has been lovely thus far. Mine has been great! Well, like 95% great. That’s still pretty darn good though.

Last night my dad chose Firebird’s for dinner. It was at Southpoint which is about a 45 minute drive. On top of the drive, there was a really long wait. It was fancier than I was expecting but it was a nice little change. My dad ordered the aged ribeye, my mom got a pasta and chicken dish, and I got the wood grilled salmon.Image It was very tasty. I had been wanting some type of seafood for a while now, although I tend to only really go for shrimp or mahi-mahi. But I like salmon every now and then. It was served with vegetables and parmesan mashed potatoes. It was a really big challenge for me. I was having a hard time choosing what to get and I wasn’t comfortable ordering lots of things that were on the menu, but I picked something and it ended up being delectable. When we got home I relaxed on the couch and watched a tv show on my laptop. It was very late, but I knew I still needed a snack so I had a banana, chocolate pudding and a glass of milk. Image

I slept alright, but I was up early so I figured I would watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries before getting out of bed. At 8 my mom was up and so we headed to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. I decided to repeat yesterday’s breakfast because it was so flavorful! I think this is the best foam I have gotten so far in my latte making days!Image After breakfast I worked on my daily puzzles and then helped my mom with dishes before we got ready to head out to the barn. Today was a fantastic day at the barn! We talked with Renee while I brushed Vinnie and then she let me borrow her surcingle to bridle Vinnie while I lunged him. It was so kind of her! She gave me a few pointers to help get Vinnie moving into the bridle. It is going to take lots of work and some dedication to get him going, but I am already seeing it pay off! I ate my Larabar for my snack while I walked Vinnie for his warm up. I enjoyed my morning at the barn very much today 🙂ImageImage

When we made it home my dad had just baked a small frozen pizza so I had that for lunch.Image I wasn’t exactly thrilled with  the idea of having the pizza, but I took it as my challenge for the day. I find that my challenges taste pretty good… I was feeling a little guilty about the pizza, but I tried to snap out of it by working on a quick sudoku puzzle. When I finished with that, I went to the kitchen in hopes of making a new recipe. It turned out that I didn’t have one of the necessary ingredients to make it, so I was rather upset. I shouldn’t have been, but I can just get upset really quickly. I think I inherited that from my dad. I went back to my room and decided to take my anger out on cleaning out the remaining things in my closet. I was happy when my dad jumped up and started gathering all the tools to work on my closet project. It is like he knew I was upset and he knew that by working on my project it would put me in a better mood. Once we got rolling, I was excited and exuberant all over again. I learned how to use the saw! I was shocked when my dad told me to go cut the pieces… I had never used a saw before! But I’m awesome and I did a good job with it. I kept all my fingers and toes. Once we got all the pieces cut for the trim, we put them in place and used the nail gun to secure them. Once the final touches were assembled I sanded and put a finish on it. It is going to look so good! Once I was done with that I fixed my snack. I had raspberry yogurt, spiced pumpkin seeds and pretzels. I watched Scandal on my laptop while watching football during the commercials. Now I am ready for a relaxing night.

My homework for Lori was to do something social that was a challenge for me. I contacted my friend Josh and asked if he, Tyler, and Justin were free today to do something. My dad suggested I get tickets to the Duke vs Wake game (at Wake Forest) and invite them to go with me, but Josh said they all had to work. That counts though, right? I initiated something. I never do that. Man, it sure would have been a good game to go to though! Tonight we are having meatballs and spaghetti, a meal that my dad requested when we planned our dinners last weekend. And we are watching the Penguins!

Tomorrow my mom and I will probably do our weekly grocery shopping and I am hoping to get my closet project in place. I will have to install the rods and everything. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can start on my next bedroom project! We will have to cut out a space for the baseboard though, but my dad said that should be easy if we use the jigsaw. Tomorrow it is supposed to be really cold, so the barn may or may not happen. Football will probably be a big part of tomorrow in the Crum house as well!

Do you have any Sunday fun-day plans?


3 thoughts on “Hard Work Pays Off

  1. We went to the duke/wake forest game today, would have been fun to see you there. My nephew plays for Wake, though, so we were rooting for them. They lost but my nephew did make a touchdown! Love to see you continually make progress, way to go! Xo

    • Oh man, that would have been nice to go and see you there! I bet that was so exciting to see your nephew make a touchdown! Thank you so much and as always I hope you and your family are doing well 🙂

  2. We saw the Army /Wake Forest game in S eptember. I am a fair weather fan, literally it was 70 degrees and sunny. I think it would have been colder in NC on Saturday. Haha. Bagels taste soo good, Actually, I love salt bagels. The salt is like the kind you find on hard pretzels, yummy. V looks great in his surcingle. Keep up the good work, looking forward to pics of the bagel. Love u

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