Pizza: Check!

Last night I met Margaret for dinner at Lilly’s Pizza. They really do have one of the best pizzas I have ever had… It was so nice to meet Margaret and talk to someone who understand everything I am going through. She was so nice and funny! When we first met we joked about how it felt like we were on a blind date. We chatted away and then dug in once our food came! I ordered The Five Point! Margaret snapped an action photo.Image Just look at this menu though… I had a tough time deciding what pizza to get! It was a great social and food challenge for me and I feel like I handled it really well. Yay! We already have our next dinner planned. We are going to go for burgers and fries. I feel like I have gotten the burger almost down, but a burger with the addition of fries will definitely be a good challenge for me.

When I got home I was surprised by the arrival of MY SADDLE!!!! It is gorgeous and the smell of the leather is magnificent. Image

I also tried to capture a picture of clouds, but it was really dark and my camera somehow made the clouds look lighter than they were. I thought it turned out really funky, so why not share?ImageMy parents and I talked and then watched a movie with Kevin Bacon in it where he is kind of connected to the spirit world. Trippy. For my snack I had another baked cinnamon apple with a muffin and milk.Image

This morning I woke up and put together my eats for the day. For breakfast I repeated yesterday’s meal. A two egg spinach and cheese omelet with a chocolate cranberry roll and strawberry cream cheese, blueberry tea and orange juice. It was superb 🙂Image I kind of felt fancy making my omelet and I really liked feeling like I was crafting my food. At the office I kept busier today. Although, I did lure a stray into the office with milk.Image  I ate my snack while I worked. Cheerios + spiced pumpkin seeds. Yum!Image I worked until lunch rolled around and I took some time to play sudoku before heating up my left over pizza.Image The afternoon was spent working some and internet surfing/playing sudoku. On our way home I ate my pretzels and trail mix I packed for snack. Sweet and Salty!Image When I got home I did the dishes and now I am just relaxing before I go work on dinner with my mom.

I hope you all had a great Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Pizza: Check!

  1. I can smell the new leather on that saddle from here! Kevin Bacon movie for a girl with an eating disorder…I thought that was funny. Glad you are over coming that social anxiety…it can be as difficult to make plans as it is to eat french fries, but doing both the same night has to count big with the health care pros. So saddle up and lets see the pic!

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