A Better Sunday

My day turned around shortly after my morning post. I didn’t have any other unfortunate happenings like my failed attempt at my chai latte and the plumbing malfunction. My parents made it home from the lake and then my mom and I worked on our grocery list while we talked about our Saturdays. I grabbed a Boost Plus for my snack and then we were off to Trader Joe’s. New favorite of ours. We got everything on our list, plus a few extras. A quick trip to Stein Mart and then we were on our way back to Bahama. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with a twist. It was a delicious combination of turkey, thinly sliced apple, brie, and raspberry jam. I had the rest of the apple, grapes, leftover veggies and pretzels along with it.Image

I watched some of the Steelers game before heading out to the barn for the afternoon. It was overcast and I think it had all of the animals feeling sleepy. I lunged Vinnie in the arena again. There were many things that he handled incredibly! The neighbors across the street were hammering and had a generator going, Cookie was patrolling the perimeter, first direction I was lunging all over the arena and second direction he got practice with working while another horse was in the arena.Image He was fantastic today! He just didn’t want to go forward.Image He just kept breaking stride at the canter lope because he is lazy. The first direction it looked like I drew cursive e’s all over the arena from where the lunge whip was dragging in the sand. When I switched directions Lena joined me in the ring with Bey. Her and I chatted while we worked our boys and I even picked up a good idea for Vinnie! Lena told me the way she attached the lunge line to Bey’s bridle was the way she learned at the Morgan barn she grew up at and that it is the best way to apply consistent pressure across the bit while lunging. Can’t wait to try it out! I need to do as much work as possible with him in the bridle before my saddle arrives 🙂 I put hoof heal on him today and it got me wishing his hooves were naturally this glossy. Before and after shots:ImageImage Awkward poses hehe. Murdock and Tilley were snuggled up together on a horse blanket in the tack room.Image G was happy when I put Vinnie back in his pasture.Image Ray was peeking at me over Mare.Image Silly horses… gotta love em.

When I got home I made an alteration to my new reins. I attached easy clasps (that I salvaged from an unused headstall that I had) to them for quicker removal. I then prepped for a recipe that my aunt gave me for chocolate chip pumpkin muffins! I made the muffins while simultaneously eating my snack.ImageImage Then I took a nice hot shower and did an experiment on my mom’s nails using to different colors of polish to do a funky design. We then started to fix up dinner. I put together the salad and sliced the baguette and put an Italian dressing and garlic mixture on the bread before toasting it in the oven. We had an amazing lasagna with it! We got it last week, from Trader Joe’s of course. Highly recommend it.Image Now I can’t wait to try out the muffins I made for my bedtime snack!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you do anything exciting or anything that challenged you?


2 thoughts on “A Better Sunday

  1. I love Duke football stadium..Very, Old School. Its funny we were watching the Pitt UNC game and the announcer couldn’t stop talking about the game you attended. It seemed to be the “it” place to be. So glad you had a nice time out. It is always uncomfortable at first, but, now the first time is over, and you can go out again with these guys for fun. Love you and hope the muffins turned out. The kitchen looks super

    • Duke was definitely more crowded than I have ever seen it before. The muffins are delicious! I ended up using only about 1/2 cup of sugar because that was all the sugar we had left in the house, but the chocolate chips added plenty sweetness to make up for it. They still tasted wonderful 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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