Day to Myself

Ahhh, I love it when I get full days of alone time. I get to relax as much as I want or take as much time on something as I want. My dad was a few hours away in Marion getting some work done on the RV. He left yesterday afternoon and should be back tonight around dinner time. My mom was at work all day so I got to do my own thing 🙂

Last night my mom and I had chile lime chicken burgers topped with sauteed peppers and onions with a side of pretzels and guacamole.Image It was just alright. I think the meat was a little overcooked. Then we relaxed on the couch and watched Life Or Something Like It. One of my favorite movies! For snack I had a banana and brownies from Trader Joe’s with a glass of milk.Image Then I was ready for bed!

This morning I was up early but relaxed a little before getting out of bed. While my tea heated up I planned out my morning. For my breakfast I made an egg with peppers, onions and cheddar. I also had an oh so yummy pumpkin bagel and a banana!Image I worked on today’s sudoku and crossword puzzle before I went to the couch to watch The Vampire Diaries and Scandal. I recorded both shows last night.

For my morning snack I had a bowl of apple cinnamon Cheerios and trail mix.Image So flavorful for something so simple! Then I was off to the barn! Vinnie was a little bit better today when I lunged him up in the arena. He still had a few moments where he turned away from me. But I worked him at the “scary” end of the arena and even let out all of the lunge line and moved with him so he could go all the way around the arena. That got him going! He had a good work out today. Pre-lunge:Image Post-lunge:Image Somebody was worn out!

When I made it back home I fixed my lunch and then did lots of internet surfing haha! I made one of my best turkey sandwiches. It featured fresh lettuce leaves and freshly sliced tomato. I had V8 V-Fusion and a glass of milk along with 4 mini snickers. I might have looked up what a serving size of mini snickers is. Shhh…Image

I then did some chores. I took out all the garbage and made a trip to the dump since I had the truck again. I then put away all of my laundry and semi-cleaned my room. I am hoping tomorrow my dad will want to help me finish my closet project! Or at least get close to finishing it. While I was cleaning up my room I found a little pamphlet from a food magazine and it had 50 recipe ideas for pumpkin. I definitely bookmarked a few of them! Hi, I’m Beth, I’m a pumpkaholic.

Eventually I decided to take a nice hot shower before fixing my second snack of the day. I seeded my first pomegranate!Image It is quite the process but it tasted so good! I topped some strawberry barley with some of the seeds.Image The strawberry barley was an experiment I created yesterday. I cooked barley and then added a wedge of Laughing Cow Strawberries and Cream Cream Cheese. I kept it in the fridge and then heated it up in the microwave before I ate it. It was pretty darn good! Similar to oatmeal, but a little more dense/chewy?

Then I emptied and loaded the dishwasher and then my mom was home to officially put an end to my day alone. Not complaining though 🙂 I enjoyed the day to myself but I am looking forward to whatever my parents and I get into these next two days!


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