Can Fall Last Forever?

Hello! How was everyone’s Wednesday? Mine seemed to fly right by.

Last night I watched my favorite Tuesday night TV shows, Brooklyn Nine Nine and New Girl. I made my self a true college-aged person’s dinner. I just wanted wanted to use up stuff that we had so I let the freezer be my buffet. I had pepper jack stuffed pretzels, a chicken bacon cheddar hot pocket, pot stickers, carrots, and a glass of milk.Image It all was actually really delicious. It made me super sleepy too. Before I fell asleep I had my snack which was just a greek yogurt and Blueberry Blaze trail mix. I love the thickness of the Fage 2%!Image

Wednesday’s weapon of choice…

This morning I woke up excited to eat a pumpkin bagel. That is my new favorite weapon for fighting Eduardo! I wish it could be Fall forever so that all these pumpkin flavored things would stick around! I put together my lunch and snacks and then toasted my bagel. I topped it with cinnamon cream cheese, ate it with a double serving of trail mix, a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice, and a mug of blueberry tea.Image Hydration to the max! I ate it while my dad and I drove into work. While I work I just did a few small things that Tammy gave me to do. It wasn’t a busy day for me at all. I ended up working on sudoku and crossword puzzles for the majority of the afternoon. For my morning snack I had a tasty Luna Bar.Image For lunch I packed a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple, carrots, and sun chips.Image We ended up leaving an hour early to stop at Walmart and get antifreeze for the RV so my dad could put it in before it got dark. We also stopped at the meat market so I could get chicken for dinner since we forgot to thaw the chicken in the freezer. Then I ate some maple yogurt and a few brownie bites, from Trader Joe’s, while we drove the rest of the way home.Image Now I am just having some nice down time.

Today was a good day for me, no difficult challenges. It was very laid back as well. Nothing too exciting haha.

Tonight I am making dinner using one of the Kraft Recipe Makers, so I am hoping it is good!


5 thoughts on “Can Fall Last Forever?

  1. ok you’ve got me thinkin bagels…best bagel ever JT Bagel’s in Forked River NJ makes an outstanding French Toast Bagel which even has powdered sugar..I could eat those everyday for breakfast. As for pumpkin items I shall have Madelyne bring you down a pumpkin gob from the Laughlintown Pie Shoppe. They are tasty too!

    • Hmm… Maybe I should make a trip to NJ just for some bagels! Haha. A pumpkin gob sounds delicious! Mostly because it has the word pumpkin in it. I have no idea what a gob is!

      • yeah neither did I until I lived in western pa….its like a fluff sandwich usually the cream between the two pumpkin cakes is cream cheese fluff like stuff…if its chocolate than its more like a white icing type of fluff…I don’t how to describe it but they tend to be really sweet and people out here love them. I may have to go get some now and freeze them because I don;t know if they will make them in December or not.

  2. I was given a pumpkin Choc. Chip muffin recipe from a School Board member. She made some for my students and they loved them. I will share the recipe with you if you would like. Our snow keeps sticking around, now day 3…so it seems more like winter instead of Fall. Keep up the good work, and love you

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