Good News!

Hi everyone!

So today has been a great day! Last night was pretty good too. For dinner my mom made pork chops, brussels sprouts, and baked potatoes. Yum!Image We watched the Monday night shows and then for snack I had a delicious chocolate cranberry roll from Trader Joe’s with some vanilla cinnamon milk I mixed up.Image That roll was fantastic!

Now lets get to the really good stuff…

This morning I woke up and made myself breakfast. Have you ever had a pumpkin bagel? No? You are really missing out. Topped with some cream cheese and you’re in heaven. I had it with some trail mix, orange juice, and a cup of raspberry tea.Image I worked on the sudoku puzzle and crossword puzzle from USA Today online while I ate my breakfast. I didn’t have to go to work with my dad today since he was only going to be there for a short amount of time. So I spent my morning off by putting my brain to work on puzzles and then took a nice relaxing shower before deciding to do some vacuuming. My cat has flipped her looney switch and has been ripping out her hair so our house was in dire need of some attention. Once I was done with that chore I had my snack of yogurt and a Larabar.Image Before I knew it my dad was home and then we were off to Chapel Hill because he needed to see a client. We weren’t there very long but while my dad worked I played fetch with the dogs. Of course I took some pictures because I know of a few readers who are basset hound lovers 😉 I also adore black labs (especially when they play fetch!) and then this golden retriever was such an old sweetheart. ImageImage

For lunch my dad and I hit up McAlister’s Deli. I ordered the Choose Two and had broccoli cheddar soup and a grilled chicken spud. Amazing combination! Good bubble filler too haha.Image Then it was time for Dr. Chung! My appointment was short and sweet. I mostly talked with a woman who I think was getting her clinic hours in or something. She then summed up everything we talked about when she updated Dr. Chung. I was given the usual check up and I asked him if I could start riding. Mary thought I was ready to start so she wanted me to ask Dr. Chung about it. After talking with my parents he said I would be able to start riding as long as I didn’t over do it. I am still not allowed any other physical activity though 😦 But being able to ride again is still incredible! I am going to have to start back slow anyways because Vinnie is going to need to relearn a lot of the basics involving collection and everything. So it will probably be a lot of walking haha. So I was very pleased to receive that news. I also gained, yayayay! My mom guessed closest to the amount I gained so she won the bet. She has no idea what she wants her prize to be yet haha. I also got my flu shot. I am typically not a firm believer in the flu shot, but I figured why not give it a try.

Then it was off to Mary’s! We made a quick pit stop at Lowe’s because my dad wanted to show me some ideas he had for finishing up my closet project. He has some good ones! When we arrived at Mary’s she immediately gave me a huge hug and congratulated me on my progress. She and I then had a one on one session and we discussed all of the “assignments” I did from the workbook she let me borrow. We went over all the work I did, including a list of things I want to control but can’t, a self test to see what aspects of my eating disorder were the one’s fueling it, I shared what I wrote about a reason I thought my eating disorder developed and I also shared my difficult situations revolving around food, body image, and other situations. She did a wonderful job with helping me to analyze everything I came up with and she really emphasized how important it is to embrace who I naturally am and to show people the real me instead of comparing myself to others and trying to create a person that everyone will accept. Mary is so thoughtful and caring. She gave me a nice little reminder that is a little card stating “Just Be” and she also told me she was going to bake me the pumpkin seed recipe that tried and failed to make. She was also kind enough to share a personal story about something she is planning on doing in the very near future. It was a way of telling me that the future is meant to be unknown and out of our control but that we do have the power to do certain things that we have wanted to do and that will bring great satisfaction to ourselves and others. Great session with Mary!

While waiting for our appointment with Lori I ate a banana and pretzels while I worked on another sudoku puzzle and crossword puzzle from the newspaper my dad bought. When it was time, Lori greeted me with another congratulations! She had already heard from the others that I had made significant progress. We then quickly discussed the past week and then moved on to talking about my ways of coping with anxiety. We talked a lot about the public speaking example and then about social situations. I really gained a lot from that session because I realized my ways of coping often include avoiding if possible. That is probably why I never really put myself out there socially. I never felt comfortable doing activities with friends. With those situations, and with public speaking, I would just feel nervous and whenever I am nervous I turn this horrendous blotchy red color all over my face, neck, chest and arms. I never liked the attention I got from turning red and often times I would psych myself out and turn red just by thinking about turning red. So because I anticipated this it just made me more nervous and gave me all the more reason to avoid situations as much as possible that involved talking to a group of people or being around a group of people, particularly a guy I liked. Booo. I have gotten better with my anxiety when it comes to public speaking and social situations, but I will admit I still get nervous. Lori assigned me with coming up with a hierarchy for social situations, or giving different hypothetical situations a number on the anxiety scale. This just makes me want to work more on overcoming my fears and anxiety that are involved with normal everyday things that don’t involve food. Good goal, right?

So all of my appointments went very well today and I couldn’t be happier!

How was your Tuesday?


4 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. I love sprouts. Homer would have loved playing with you. You are working so hard remember to have a little fun along the way. V will be so happy to have a rider, he may surprise you with how much he remembers cuz you have accomplished so much on the ground first. Laying that strong foundation is always a good plan. Love you and congrats on reaching your goal of horse back riding. Check it off, and start on your next goal. Oh and celebrate! Love you

  2. Thanks for sharing your day and your counseling sessions. Our son Garrett who doesn’t like to speak in public just got a B on a speech for his Penn State speech he’s pretty pumped this week! And of course I don’t think I ever told you that I used to get nauseous before every sermon…even fainted in the pulpit once from nerves! Sometimes you just have to let go, do it, and trust in your abilities and trust in the Spirit for everything else. Congrats on the gain and the opportunity to ride…maybe you could powerwalk that 5 k..I wouldn’t cross it off your list.

    • That is awesome for Garrett! I am sure he was ecstatic 🙂 I had no idea you used to get nauseous before every sermon. I will work on letting go and trusting myself. I always pictured you being a great public speaker so I will have to remember that you overcame your nerves and it is possible for me to overcome them as well!

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