A Day For The Books

Happy Veterans Day!Image

Today has been a good day filled with all of my favorite things. I just don’t want this day to end!

But I will quickly sum up last night before I jump into the goodness of today. I just kind of made my own dinner last night while my parents cooked up theirs. I fixed a Panera Bread inspired meal. Turkey, cheese, dijon panini with a ginormous bowl of chicken and rice soup. And some carrots.Image Panera’s sandwiches and soups are much prettier though haha. For my snack I whipped what I would like to call a Thin Mint Shake. It was just one of my mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches blended with a cup of milk. The milk to ice cream sandwich ratio was off, but it still tasted just like a girl scout cookie. Image


I was up early again this morning… ughh… But once my mom was up we joined forces and created our breakfasts. I went with a two egg spinach, pepper, onion omelet, pumpkin oatmeal, yogurt, orange juice, and blueberry tea. Yumm!Image My mom and I figured out what we were going to do for the day and then we were off to get ready! We originally planned on going to the outlets in Mebane, but once we started driving we realized we didn’t really need anything there. So we decided to go to Trader Joe’s to do our grocery shopping. On our way we planned our meals for the week and then made a shopping list. My mom and I are in love with Trader Joe’s. They have some really neat things and it is so much cheaper than pretty much every other place! We just had a blast looking around at everything. We also snatched up a few different things to try or just to have on hand. Once we finished our grocery shopping we were on our way to CVS. I ate my blueberry crisp Clif bar on the way and then after CVS we headed home. Then we got to work on our mini projects. We picked up the kitchen a little, gave the cats their flea treatments, cleaned out the fridge and pantry, harvested some pumpkin seeds and roasted them, then fixed lunch.ImageImage We had chicken chow mein that we got from Trader Joe’s. I would definitely get that again. I also had yogurt and half a pepper jack grilled cheese.Image After lunch my mom and I got ready for the barn! Today I did a light lunge with all of his tack on. He was such a good boy! I couldn’t have been more pleased. My mom brought the camera out and she took so many pictures! I think she was really having fun with it. Some of my favorite shots that she took:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

It was such a good day at the barn! I was so happy to see Vinnie back in all his tack. I did have to borrow Barb’s saddle though. The saddle my aunt gave me didn’t fit with the girth I had! Plus I know for sure that Barb’s saddle had the right size gullet. Now I just need to get myself to that place where I can ride again! 

When I got home I did the rest of the pumpkin seed recipe that Mary gave me. The spices and brown sugar smelled so good whenever I was heating the mixture on the stove! Then when I combined the seeds with the mixture and then put it back in the oven to bake, something terrible happened. I’m not sure what that something terrible was, but I think the seeds got a little over cooked. But maybe they are supposed to look like that? I did follow the directions…Image

Then I fixed a snack. Grapes, pretzels and brie. Ohmygoodness, brie! I forgot how much I loved that cheese. I got these little brie bites from Trader Joe’s. Seriously you guys, Trader Joe’s is. the. BEST. Image

While I snacked I finally added the stone Mary gave me to my necklace! Image

I am just so pleased with everything about today. Mostly that I got to spend some time with my mom and that I finally got a saddle back on Vinnie! 


4 thoughts on “A Day For The Books

  1. Yeah I think your mom liked the camera a lot!!! Glad to see you had a better day…so take heart the next time you have a melancholy day and repeat occasionally “this too shall pass!” When do you get cleared to start exercising?

  2. Vinnie looks happy to be in his tack..he is collecting himself so nicely, in prep for his rider…The pictures would be awesome to print and put in a frame. I think I will take a variety of barn pictures for my recently painted bathroom. You inspire me everyday girl, keep up the good work. love you

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