Spreading Happiness

Happy Saturday evening everyone!

Today has been a good day ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I got a lot done! If you are here to read about our Friday night outing at a new place, don’t hold your breath. A new place didn’t happen. The place I planned on going to turned out to be one of those places where you need a reservation. I would have never guessed by looking at their menu. Plus my dad said it wasn’t our scene. Fair enough. We went back to Bull McCabe’s since it was the only place close by that fit our tastes and idea of a fun restaurant. I was a little disappointed but I got over it. Bull McCabe’s doesn’t have the biggest menu. They have appetizers, burgers, a few sandwiches (none that jumped out at me) and a few entree like dishes. I got a burger and a baked potato and I ate the whole thing! Well, all of the burger anyways. I was super proud of myself.Image I was being a total girl and ogling over a really cute guy who was sitting at a table next to us… hahaha. Then I came up with an idea to try and remove some of the stress and seriousness from this challenging recovery. I suggested we each place a bet on how much of a gain we think I will have when I see Dr. Chung on Tuesday. We decided we will write down our number and then my parents will keep a hold of them. I haven’t looked at my charts from the last two visits so I have no idea what my current weight is. I told my parents that I do not want to know and I don’t even have to know the amount I gained. Dr. Chung always tells my parents the gained amount, so I told my parents that they will just announced the winner who’s guess was closest. The winner will then be able to make any request they want! Sounds entertaining, right?

When we got home I watched a tv show I recorded and snuggled on the couch. Bobo was being adorable with her tongue sticking out. Then I had trail mix before falling asleep.ImageImage

This morning I woke up and relaxed in bed before starting my day. I made my mom and I tea and then I made my breakfast. I cooked an omelet and added spinach and cheese to it. I made it normal style since my mini omelet egg cooker was dirty. I also had a bagel with my favorite cinnamon cream cheese. Can’t forget about the milk!ย Image

After breakfast I got to work on my project. I finished sanding and then I started the stain (natural) + finish (satin) process. Maybe it isn’t really a process since it is all done in one application. Anyways, I got all the edges and one side stained and then it was snack time. I quickly ate a packet of oatmeal and an apple before I got changed for the barn and then went back outside to stain the other side of all the pieces.Image I was almost finished staining when our barn guests arrived! I greeted them and then hurried to finish staining before heading out to the barn. Our guests were Mrs. Blalock and her twins, Emma and Elizabeth. They were just soaking up the atmosphere at the barn! They got to meet all the horses and Robert. I let them groom Vinnie and then I lightly lunged him. He was kind of being bad. I think he knew I wasn’t going to battle him with an audience. I still made him work though. Then I provided the girls with lots of carrots to give to Vinnie. He loved it! I took two pictures of them and Emma and Elizabeth said this one was their favorite ๐Ÿ™‚Image

They were so sweet and I was so happy they enjoyed meeting Vinnie and all the others! It felt good that I could spread some of my happiness by sharing Vinnie for the day!

When my mom and I were dropped back off at the house we fixed our lunches. Lunch today brought to you by: The Freezer. I fixed a spanish rice steamer and chicken jalapeno cheese hot pockets for my mom and I. I also had some yummy yogurt with mine.Image It was a great lunch for being all frozen, minus the yogurt… that obviously came from the fridge haha. I took some time this morning to put together a Vinnie calendar to record the days he gets worked.Image I filled it in and then I spent some time talking with my mom and then did the sudoku and crossword puzzle online from usatoday. We then migrated to the couch and then shortly after my dad and I got to work on my project! We started the assembling process! It was delayed when I accidentally knocked over one of his socket wrench things and then I spent an eternity putting all the pieces back in their proper spot. We got the basic frame in place and we will finish assembling it tomorrow. I will probably then have to do some touch ups before I install it in my closet. When we threw in the towel for the day I grabbed my snack. I went with a banana, sprinkled with cinnamon, and my last two PB balls.Image Maybe I should cool it on the cinnamon. I just love it now!

A nice hot bath sounds like the perfect way to unwind right now! I have no idea what we are doing for dinner tonight, but I am not going to worry about it! I am going to go relax and melt away those fearful thoughts! Hope everyone had a good Saturday and has something marvelous planned for the rest of the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Spreading Happiness

  1. Oh my goodness this was so funny when you said the place wasn’t your parents “scene.” I am dying up here…with mental images of what your parents scene would be! Like a pizza place with neon “Bud LIght” signs all over it…or a Mexican food truck parked in a beer world lot! But here’s the thing that gets me and I guess I am understanding how pervasive this “weight” thing can be for you and your family…of all the things you could have done to entertain yourselves..you choose a game about your weight..though fun I would suggest it might be helpful to give yourselves a break once in a while about that. Other possibilities could have been: thinking of ways for Beth to get cute guys phone number, Beth sneaking a picture of cute guy for the blog, or your parents and you planning your next vacation or something. All I am suggesting here is that it is challenging to think out of the box yet it would be very helpful for all of you to do so once in a while. (your parents “scene”) I am going to chuckle about that all day.

    • Great ideas! Maybe I should make that our conversation goal for this coming up Friday night out… find the most attractive guy in the restaurant and then we should create a plan for me to somehow sneak a picture without anyone thinking I was a creepy stalker! Haha!

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