I Smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Do you guys remember this throwback?


Travis Tritt has a few good hits out there. So that song kind of has nothing to do with anything important, but you will see later on why it popped into my head!

So last night I made dinner. It was something I just kind of created in my mind and it turned out!

Mexican Stuffed Shells



– 1 can condensed cheddar soup

– half a jar salsa or how ever much you want 😉

– 1 lb ground beef

– pasta shells

– 1 large can enchilada sauce

Directions: Boil water and cook shells as directed on the box. Brown the ground beef in a large skillet. Add the cheese soup and salsa and heat thoroughly. In a large casserole dish add half the enchilada sauce. Then stuff as many shells as you can and place them on the enchilada sauce. When the dish is full add the rest of the sauce and then pop it in the oven to heat it through. I suggest putting foil over it. I didn’t put any foil and the shells got a little over cooked. They were still great though! Top with any of your favorite mexican toppings or have a nice salad on the side. Or both!

I watched Thursday night television and relaxed on the couch. Then for my snack I had a glass of milk with pretzels and chocolate hazelnut butter. Great combo!Image

I think someone sleep walks in our house… When I woke up this morning the hallway closet door was open (this closet is right outside my bedroom) and when I went to bed last night I am pretty sure it was closed… Mysteries of the Crum house…

I did lay in bed for a while before I fixed my breakfast. I had a spinach omelet over a bagel with cheese and hot sauce. I also had a chai latte 🙂 Image

Then I unpackaged our new sander and got to work on my project!Image I had to line up all the pieces of wood for the shelving and then clamp them together so I could make sure they all were the exact same size. Some sides were wayyy off so it took my a long time to get them all the same size and then sanded down.Image When I finished with the edges I went inside for my snack. I had a broiled banana with Reese’s miniatures. Does the banana make the chocolate healthy or does the chocolate make the banana unhealthy? Neither! They both make each other freaking delicious. Now it is time for what made me think of that old song… this little trouble maker!Image She thinks she is a human. And then she thinks she is one of the place mats.Image After my snack I did dishes and laundry before heading out to the barn. I saw Renee and talked to her a little bit while I was brushing Vinnie. Then I lunged him and he was pretty good. The only bad thing he did was change directions when I was trying to get him to go faster. I could have prevented that by taking up the slack in the lunge line so he wouldn’t be able to spin, so I will just have to make sure I am more aware of that. Also, he always has to come to a complete stop to take care of his business. Not necessary, but I think it is impossible for him to poop while he is moving. It’s sweater weather time for the horses!Image

When I got home I fixed my lunch. I had left over mexican shells with chips and guacamole, carrots, apple, and a yogurt.Image Speaking of yogurt… Great news! I have been sad because all of the best flavors of Greek yogurt are fat free. Booo! But Mary got back to me about my question and said that it would be fine for me to do the fat free yogurt + another fat bubble as a dairy exchange. Yayyy! Now I won’t have that all the time because I have grown to love a few other yogurts that aren’t fat free, but now on those occasions when I really want a blood orange Chobani, I can have one as long as I make sure to get another fat in my plan! Once I finished eating I went back to work on my project. I started sanding the edges of the long pieces of wood, but then my dad had to come help me because we needed to make a few cuts to the wood to make it identical in size. So that took up the rest of the afternoon. I enjoyed working on it though! I got everything sanded except for one flat side on each of the shelves. We are making sure we get everything done as nicely as possible. I am hoping to have this all finished by the end of the weekend!

I came in and had an original vanilla Boost. Let me tell you, those things can be filling! Now that I am all cleaned up we are going to go out for our Friday Night Dinner! It is my turn to pick a new place and I have one in mind, I hope it is good! I made sure they had Bud Light to please my parents hahaha. I am trying to find fun ways to help me with my fears. I am starting to get back to my old (new old?) self and it feels amazing! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Friday and is ready for the weekend!


4 thoughts on “I Smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

  1. Okay so here’s my idea about Friday nite dinner – buy a case of Bud Lite and throw it in the car trunk. Then find the place you want to go without worrying about what the bar has available…so if the food is great and your folks need that Bud Light they can go out in the parking lot and crack one open. You eat well, and they can pretend they are back in college! Have a super weekend and good luck finishing your project.

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