Thursday Favorites

Hi friends! What a day it has been. I am feeling great right now! I have lots of things of random things to share that I am absolutely loving right now. They will kind of be brought up all over my post as I take you through last night and today.

So last night I think I did really well with dinner! I was able to put a good amount of mac n cheese on my plate. I was a little nervous, but I definitely pushed to an 8, especially because I didn’t do the math to figure out what bubbles it would fill. It was all pretty good, too. Not the best (I accidentally over did it on the mustard), but still good.Image I did my planning for this morning and afternoon so I wouldn’t have to think about it when I woke up.

Favorite # 5

Coming up with random crafts! Putting a pattern on a t-shirt using random things dipped in fingernail polish. Then I did a freehand pattern and when I finished I realized it looks like a foot print haha. Image

After I did my craft I had my snack, which was just a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and a little popcorn.Image Then it was bedtime!

This morning I woke up feeling nice and refreshed and after getting ready for work, I headed to the kitchen and threw together my eats. For breakfast I had my veggie omelet + cheese on a bagel with a glass of orange juice.Image I also had…

Favorite # 4

Chai tea latte!Image

Then we were off to the office! At work I put together a few tax returns and keyed in checks for a few companies. I like how I am starting to just find things to work on. For example a client today dropped off her checks and bank statement for last month and I offered to reconcile them. It felt great to offer to do something and not have to be told to do it! I feel like I am starting to know what I am doing there haha.

Favorite # 3

Trail mix with sweet dried cranberries, almonds, and pistachios!Image

We worked until about 12:30 and then my dad and I left for the day. On our way home we stopped at Food Lion to get a few extra things for dinner, milk, and orange juice. Along with a few other random buys. I am starting to get so much more comfortable with spur of the moment grocery shopping! I don’t freak out about everything my dad puts in the shopping cart and I even throw a few things in the cart that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of eating at the beginning of the year. Go me! When we got home I had my lunch. I packed it thinking we were having lunch at the office, but no harm was done by eating my packed lunch at home. Turkey sandwich, carrots, apple dusted with cinnamon, greek yogurt, and sun chips.Image What a yummy lunch! The sun chips were a change of pace for me and I enjoyed them. My dad and I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith and then I went out to the barn to get my much needed Vinnie time. I was so happy to be there I think I went crazy taking pictures of all the horses.

Favorite # 2

Seeing all the horses and Robert looking so happy 🙂ImageImage

Favorite # 1

VINNIE!Image He is my favorite thing whenever he is such a good boy, and today he was wonderful! They only hiccup he had was when a huge gust of wind, and a wave of leaves, hit and he had a minor freak out and changed directions. Other than that he was amazing. He listened and he moved at a pace faster than he has been! Image I am excited for Saturday. I think Emma and Elizabeth are going to be able to make it out to the barn to meet Vinnie! They are the two girls that I made the necklaces for. I heard they were just dying to meet him! I think Vinnie will be really excited and I will have a good time getting to know them both a little better 🙂 Can’t wait, girls!

When I got home from the barn I had a Boost Plus for snack and then did a few dishes. Now I am going to go get dinner situated! I am trying a recipe that I kind of came up with in my head so I hope it turns out. I will let you know! I hope everyone had a good Thursday!

Crap, let me add another favorite!

Favorite # 1.0

Thursday night television!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Favorites

  1. Last night I grilled chicken outside..yeah it was like 40 degrees and windy but I won’t succumb to our lousy weather! Glad to read of your good day…you guys do much grilling down there?

    • That’s dedication! My dad will usually grill our chicken and then he loves to grill steak. We don’t get fancy with grilling marinades or anything though, do you?

      • No I don’t do the marinades because they make the grill really messy. I have though recently gotten into the creation of rubs for the meats. I have a Weber Grill Cookbook that has a lot of rub recipes in its a nice way to flavor the meat without all the mess! Rubs are great for burgers too because you can take an ordinary beef patty and flavor it whatever way you want…like spicy Mexican, or something that would highlite the bacon and American cheese!

  2. I love you #1..Vinnie looks adorable in this head shot. He also looks so comfortable on his lunge line. I think you are his #1 too. Found my 8 week plan from couch to 5k…we can do this…love you

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