The Countdown Starts

Last night I just soaked in my couch time. My parents got home from their group session really late. That is typical for Tuesday nights so I usually do dinner on my own. I had a single pepperoni pan pizza from the freezer.IMG_1263 My dad talked me into it a few days ago by saying that it was ranked high in Consumer Reports. I feel like that is all it takes to persuade me haha. It reminds me of my strategy of having to pick between two things at home… I will always choose the one that is closer to the expiration date. I just let it’s freshness decide for me. So it was pretty good. I cooked it in the oven to give it a better texture. Such a small thing, but it fills up so many bubbles. I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine and New Girl before having my snack. I went with greek yogurt and trail mix.IMG_1264 I am bad at this whole variety thing…

This morning I was up early to shower and get ready for work. I planned out my morning and afternoon and then packed everything up.IMG_1266 I made a double serving of original instant oats topped with cinnamon, frozen strawberries and chopped walnuts. I had my egg and cheese along with it.IMG_1267 For snack at work I had Kashi vanilla squares with milk. At work I was able to finish the reconciling that I started yesterday. I also filed and recorded transactions for another company for 2012. I did all that and was able to do a little reading and internet surfing. It’s ok though… I can do that since I am not getting paid 😛

For lunch and my afternoon snack I decided to just have the exact same thing as yesterday. This morning I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to use a lot of brain power on deciding what I wanted to eat. I knew yesterdays meal and snack filled up all the necessary bubbles so that’s what I went with. Turkey, cheese, spinach, mustard sandwich, apple, carrots, trail mix, and I did go with yogurt instead of milk. Then for snack I had baked Cheetos and a WhatsoNutso bar. It was just about dark out when we got home so yet another day went by that I didn’t get to see Vinnie. We had to stop at one of my dad’s clients on the way home so I took that time to reply to my aunt’s last comment. I had no idea if the date for the Krispy Kreme Challenge had been set, so I decided to look it up and I discovered that it will be on Feb. 8th. Then I took that time to look for a 5 mile training plan. I found a good looking 8 week plan. So I did the math and I need to be at a healthy wait to start exercising again by Dec. 15th. I really need to make sure I keep up all this hard work so that I can make my goal possible! The countdown starts NOW! I want this so badly! I am thinking about emailing Dr. Chung, but I might just wait till I see him on Tuesday. When we made it home my mom talked me through fixing the mac n cheese for tonight’s dinner. She told me how to prepare it and everything so that I can make it in the future and so that I would know what all was going in it since mac n cheese is one of the foods that still really scares me. I am really nervous about it (achieving my goal of pushing myself to an 8 on my anxiety scale!) but I know it is what I need in order to get ready for the KKC! So I will practice my technique of thinking about all of the positive things and I will just relax and enjoy it, because my mom’s recipe really is delicious! Of course it is, Beth, it’s a knock off of Paula Deen’s.

Well it is just about dinner time, wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “The Countdown Starts

  1. Okay ya gotta bake that frozen pizza just a few minutes less…the problem with those things is that they continue to cook out of the oven..making what you thought was golden brown cheese into dark brown “oh you burned it” cheese. I should know I am an expert on frozen pizza!

    But my all time stand by to eat when there is nothing in the house is something I called Tuna Dream Boat. (Not sure why.) Its tunafish yes with mayo, on a slice of bread with a slice of American cheese (not cheese food) and baked in oven until melted. Its delicious with a glass of milk. Oh make sure you toast the bread before adding the tuna otherwise all you get is soggy tuna fish bread boat..and no dream!

    • Ohh, thank you for the pizza tip, I will remember that! Your Tuna Dream Boat sounds like it would be good. I might have to get tuna to keep on hand. I would have to make sure the cats were outside for that one or else they would swarm and get in my face more than they already do haha!

      • oh yeah my cats come running when they hear the sound of the can being opened! A little for them and then the rest of the can for me!

  2. I would like to make the commitment to run the KK too. I would say with u but, I know once you start training you will pass up my pace in a heart beat. HAHA, I will take a personal day from work and be there to do this event. Sounds like a plan…we can do this..then check it off and then find another 5k to run…We have a 5k in Ligonier around Memorial Day.,..

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