G n’ R

No, I’m not talking about Guns N’ Roses… although everyone could use a little Welcome To The Jungle to spice up their life.

Goals n’ Roles. That’s what I am talking about. My appointments with Mary and Lori went extremely well today! We discussed some good goals for the week and with Lori we really focused on discussing the roles that my parents and I seem to have. Let me do a quick recap of last night and today first!

Last Night

Chicken and Noodles with Broccoli. Yummo!Image

Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, PB ball and a glass of milk 🙂Image


For breakfast I had pumpkin oatmeal, a mini omelet with veggies and cheese (reheated in microwave for 30 seconds then added a slice of cheese and zapped it for another 30, topped with hot sauce) berries and a cup of tea.Image What a warm breakfast! I wish I could have snuggled up on the couch and enjoyed it but we were already running a few minutes late haha. For snack I had Hershey’s cookies and cream puff cereal while I worked.Image I finished keying in all of the checks, and got all but the last month reconciled. There is a mystery check on the bank statement that is nowhere to be found. Hopefully this can be solved tomorrow. At lunch time we left the office and on the way home we stopped at Lowe’s and we got a little handheld sander and some pads for it. I also got some stain and finish all for my closet project. I think my dad enjoys helping me with my projects. Either that or he is really happy that he has an excuse to get some more power tools haha. This sander will definitely be used, that’s for sure! When we made it home I did some planning for my afternoon. I decided on my snack and then prepared my lunch accordingly. Lunch was a turkey sandwich (turkey, spinach, cheese, mustard), carrots, apple, trail mix and a glass of milk.Image My dad and I watched K-9 while we ate our lunch. When I was done eating we only had 30 minutes before we had to leave for our appointment with Mary so I didn’t have time to go see Vinnie 😦 He is probably depressed with his lack of treats.

Mary was so, so, so impressed with my progress! We decided that now that I am filling up my bubbles my next step will be adding flexibility. She helped me with figuring out how to go about doing that. Allowing for exchanges is the primary goal. If I happen to be short on one food group and over on another, that is perfectly fine. That is what she meant by allowing for exchanges. We touched up on a few other topics, such as things that I still fear and things that I am going to push for. She also gave me a beautiful new stone!Image She is so sweet and thoughtful! It has a hole in it so I might have to add it to my bracelet that has some other charms on it 🙂

Snack time while I waited for our appointment with Lori!2  Sorry for the sideways picture! I read the newspaper over my dad’s shoulder before he gave me the sudoku puzzle. I finished it quickly today. Look out world, Beth is getting her speedy brain back 😉

Our appointment with Lori went really well. We discussed the past week and hoe tremendous my improvements were. I think the majority of our session was spent discussing the roles that each of us seem to be playing in the family. I kind of categorized my mom as “the problem solver” and my dad as “the distracter.” My dad said I played the role of “the pleaser.” We then talked about what all each role consisted of and how it played an important part in the dynamics of our successful family. My mom seems to primarily focus on problems. I mentioned how is seems like she is always searching for a problem to fix, even if there isn’t one. But that’s just how mothers are, right? She is constantly asking us if something is wrong and what are feelings and emotions are. It seems that all she focuses on is how to help me to overcome this battle. I said my dad kind of acts as a distraction. Now don’t get me wrong, he recently has done a wonderful job of talking to me about my meal planning and bubbles, but he does a great job of not focusing only on my eating disorder. He provides me the chance to work out things on my own and practice for when I have to be independent. He distracts me by talking with me about baseball, hockey, football, my projects and other random things. But that is what he has always done, yet other typical things dad do. My dad said I was “the pleaser” meaning I really want to do everything right so that I please everyone. I want to help out as much as I can and so I do a lot of chores around the house and I try to do all I can to keep people from growing upset. We talked about how things would be different if one of our roles were to change. We pretty much concluded that things are working really well with the three different roles, even though we all take on each other’s roles now and then. Lori assigned me to note when I am doing things to please people because I feel like I have to. That is going to be hard for me because I mostly do all of the things I do out of boredom or because I genuinely want to do them haha. Another goal from Lori is to try and do things that really push me close to an 8 on my anxiety level. I think tomorrow night’s dinner will definitely do that! Starting on my homework early! I hope everyone had a good day today!


2 thoughts on “G n’ R

  1. Goals..When is the Krispy Kreme Run? I am needing a goal to motivate my exercise routine…Goals are awesome, kind of like checklists or shopping lists…you get to check them off and then work on a new one…Love you

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