Brand New Me!

I have finally detached the claws that were embedded deep within! The claws will still scratch at me every now and then, but I haven’t allowed them to dig in. I am sticking to my plan of making sure I eat my required amount of each food group and I feel like an entirely different person. This past week has been a major stepping stone and I am well on my way to achieving greatness. Last night for dinner I made us each our own french bread pizza. It was just a hoagie roll, but french bread sounds fancier, right? Each one was topped with mozzarella, pizza sauce, a little more mozz, pepperoni, garlic and green peppers. A simple salad was served with it. Delish!IMG_1246 It was a breeze to assemble and took no time at all to crisp/melt. We watched the new episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier and then later on I had my snack. I went with vanilla squares, greek yogurt and a peanut butter ball.IMG_1247 Last night I also started the next book on my reading list! IMG_1252

This morning I woke up early enough to make sure I got everything together that I needed for my lunch and snacks and then I got to work on my breakfast. I had an egg and spinach mini omelet, yogurt, a bagel with cream cheese, orange juice and some tea.IMG_1248 Super filling! For snack I went with trail mix. My lunch was Progresso chicken tortilla soup with a giant tortilla shell and guacamole and an apple.1-5 I got a lot of work done at the office today. I probably would have finished my assignment, but we left early because my dad had to go meet with a client in southern Durham. He was very considerate and dropped me off at home on his way haha. So I did some relaxing on the couch before having my snack of greek yogurt and a Clif bar.IMG_1250 I still need to get better about adding variety to my snacks. I am trying to, I promise! I did some chores around the house and then got to work on making some veggie omelets to make it easier in the morning. I chopped up some green peppers, onions and spinach and spiced up my eggs. I made 3 minis to test out this plan.IMG_1251 I hope they turn out well when I reheat them! I did some more reading today as well. It is a good book so far! I loved the first book Dirk wrote, The Bullpen Gospels. If you are a baseball fan, I definitely recommend these books! Right now Nicole is literally laying right on top of me while I am typing this up.Image No sense of personal space haha. My dad and I are watching Kitchen Crashers on DIY Network. My mom has her Monday Night thing at school, so she will be home late. We are trying out another simple recipe from Campbell’s Kitchen for dinner! I will let you guys know how it goes! 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. My dad and I will be in Roxboro to work in the morning and then I have Mary and Lori tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping I can squeeze in time to see Vinnie before leaving for my appointments since I didn’t get to visit him today. I hope everyone had a good start to the week! Every Monday feels like New Years to me. It is like a fresh, new start and you can set “mini resolutions” for the week 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Brand New Me!

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Let us know how that warmed over omelete thing turns out..every time I microwave eggs to heat they taste like rubber! Last night I rediscovered an old favorite…cottage cheese! I had it with mandarin orange slices that Dole is now packaging in a 12 oz plastic jar. Yum!

    • So the omelet turned out well this morning! Of course the peppers, onions and spinach that were in it could have hidden any rubbery taste… and the cheese and hot sauce haha! But I really liked it and it was quick and easy! Oh my, the cottage cheese and mandarin orange slices sounds amazing! I forgot all about cottage cheese, so thanks for reminding me of it 🙂

  2. Baseball stories are the best..I will have to go to my Library. I love Nicole’s pic. We all had an animal cuddling with us during couch time too, last night. Beth, your spirit is really shining through, you have come such a long way in your Journey, you have a ton to celebrate at your appointments…Hooray for Bethy…

  3. Looks like you have been eating some yummy things! I cut my hair like the picture you sent (although I think Danica cut it a bit shorter than the picture) and she helped me make the bangs versatile so I can pull them to the side because they scared me a bit 🙂 Also, Danica has been a running machine lately – maybe she would look at doing the Krispy Kreme Race with you. Hope you have a great day!

    • Oh yay! I hope you like your hair. Bangs can take some time to get used to but I am sure they are adorable on you 🙂 That’s a great idea! I might need to look for someone else to do the KKC with me since mom’s knee has been bothering her. I hope you and the baby are doing well! I need to come visit the school soon!

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