Happy Saturday! I feel like I am finally taking control of this thing! I am so grateful for all of the support that I have gotten so far and it is continuing to propel me in the right direction. Last night for snack I had a pupcake with trail mix and a mini 3 Musketeers bar.Image Then I had a great night of sleep. I was able to sleep in and it felt incredible. I was greeted my this friendly face. Nothing like getting tickled in the face by whiskers first thing in the morning 🙂Image My dad then told me to get ready to head out to run our errands. He told me we were just gonna grab breakfast out and that I should have my glass of orange juice before we left. So I had my juice and got ready to head out the door. We went to Golden Corral for breakfast because breakfast places are limited in Northern Durham and GC is right by Lowe’s. I was a little nervous, but not as nervous as usual! Yippee! As I was getting out of the truck I told myself to let my bubbles do the talking, not Eduardo. So that is exactly what I did. Since breakfast was late I tried my best to make guesses about the things I would need to fill up all my morning bubbles so I wouldn’t have to have a morning snack and disrupt the timing of food for the rest of the day. So since I already had my fruit from my juice, I concentrated on the other food groups. I loaded my plate with eggs and veggies, pancakes, yogurt, and a bacon biscuit that I assembled.Image I did my best at guessing the nutritional content of my meal. At Lowe’s my dad and I got a few supplies for my bed frame project and then all of the supplies for my closet project. Then we went to the Reuse Warehouse and I talked to a guy about getting some nice cedar wood for my bed. He has to look around to get enough 4x4s that are straight, so it might be a while before my dad and I can get to work on that. But in the meantime I have my closet to do! My dad said we could start it tomorrow! I am rather excited. I came home and started cleaning out my closet and room to prepare. Then I fixed my lunch. I decided I would have my delicious spiced chai protein drink for snack, so I fixed my lunch accordingly. I made myself a turkey, spinach, spicy bean spread sandwich and my sides were berries, pretzels, a peanut butter ball and then a glass of milk.Image Super filling! I did a few more chores in my room and then I snuggled on the couch with my cat and took a long nap while football was on. It felt good to have lazy afternoon. I just hope I will be able to sleep tonight! When I got up from my nap I went out to the barn to brush my little mud ball. I caught up with Renee and Lena which was really nice. Renee and I talked all about the craziness of the US National classes we watched online. Then Rena and Lena took Ray and G up to arena and rode before they went down the road. Renee said soon I would be able to join them! I can’t wait because I was super jealous of all the fun it looked like they were having! Vinnie enjoyed the carrots I brought him. I think he liked having something a little different than an apple. He would probably like getting an apple and carrots even more haha.Image When I got home I had my spiced chai protein drink and then worked on meal planning with my mom. We searched through different recipes and came up with a good plan for this week’s dinners. I tried to utilize things that we already had so that we wouldn’t have to buy a whole bunch. I think we will still be buying a lot though haha. I also tried to come up with some good morning plans for the week. I tried to come up with different combinations of breakfasts and snacks to fill up my entire third. I got a good base, but I will need to do some tweaking tomorrow once we get all of our groceries. Then my mom and I got to work on dinner! Tonight was mahi-mahi tacos, rice and black beans and oh my goodness was it good. I made sure I got a full serving of everything and It ended up filling the majority of my evening third! For the mahi-mahi I diced each filet into 10 cubes and then I seasoned them up with a secret combination of spices. Then we broiled them on low for abut 4 minutes a side and they turned out perfectly. My mom diced everything up for fresh homemade pico as well as the cabbage.Image We used these cool standing soft tacos that I found. I gobbled up this dinner!Image I ate my whole entire plate and I didn’t let myself feel guilty about it! Plus it felt really good to know exactly what I was getting and I got the satisfaction of knowing that I put together such a delicious dinner. My dad said he liked my mahi-mahi tacos better than the ones he made before 🙂 High five for me. I think Mary and Dr. Chung are going to be wowed with my improvements! My parents and I just watched Promise Land. It was about fracking and it had Matt Damon in it. I give it two thumbs up. It was really interesting. I love movies like that. I definitely think everyone should watch it. Now we are continuing with Matt Damon movies. We watched the end of Good Will Hunting (one of my favorites) and now the Borne Supremacy is about to start. Love me some Matt Damon. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I am excited to be at this stage where I am really pushing myself out of my comfort zone to get closer to my goals!

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