What A Day!

Hello! So last night’s dinner was delicious! I added spinach to my barely risotto and it was great.ImageImage

Today I put in some serious work! I woke up an made myself breakfast. It was all the same ingredients as my last two breakfasts, but not in a sandwich form. I made a two egg and spinach omelet then poured my maple ginger yogurt over top of my waffles. Mmmm 🙂Image After I finished eating I got busy with some chores. I did all of the dishes and a couple loads of laundry. Then I watched the newest episode of the Vampire Diaries on my laptop while I ate my snack of hot cereal with blueberry crisp Clif bars. I crumbled one on top and then ate the other one.Image I filled all my morning bubbles! Success! I continued with laundry and relaxed for a short bit of time before I ran out to the barn to drop off the check and give The Vinster an apple.Image It was a gross rainy day so he got off the hook and didn’t have to lunge. I also didn’t bother brushing him because I knew he would instantly make himself muddy again haha. When I got home I fixed my lunch. I had the last of the buffalo chicken quesadillas, carrots, chips and guacamole and a glass of milk.Image I feel like I am getting so much more comfortable with these packaged foods! I think deciding on what to have for a meal is easier when I go ahead and decide what I want my snack to be because then I can make my meal so it fills the bubbles and then I don’t have to overwhelm myself at snack time. That is the technique I used today anyways. I knew I wanted the blueberry crisp for my morning snack, so I recorded that on my bubble sheet. Then I planned and bubbled in my breakfast before I made it. I was a few short for my morning portion, so that is when I decided to add the hot cereal because it filled the appropriate bubbles. I did the same thing for the afternoon. I wanted a berry Boost smoothie for snack so I bubbled it in and then made my lunch so it filled the remaining afternoon bubbles. That’s the way to do it! Shortly after I finished my dad announced we were going to go to the Reuse Warehouse to pay the rest of the bill. We got to see how our table and wood for the front porch were coming along. They are going to look amazing! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon in the truck. My dad stopped by the therapist’s and the doctor’s to try and figure out what was going on with our balance. Duke needs to get it together! It took forever. We made it home around 5:30 and so I whipped up my snack.Image We originally were going to go to the Duke Volleyball game, but my mom was at school longer than expected so we didn’t make it. I decided to organize some of my crafting supplies and then starting planning the projects for my bedroom! My dad helped me sketch up a plan for my bed frame.Image I am so excited about it! Tonight for dinner it was supposed to be my turn for choosing a new place to eat. My dad said that we would have to save it for another time because they didn’t serve beer… so we ended up going to Tijuana Flats. It was good, but it definitely isn’t my favorite mexican food. I ordered Dos Enchiladas with chicken.Image(Funky lighting haha) I really pushed my anxiety level tonight. I had a hard time deciding what to get. It didn’t help that I had quesadillas, chips and guac at lunch and that we planned for mahi mahi tacos tomorrow night. Extremely cheesy things are just so overwhelming to me. But I pushed myself so that s good!

I got the best gifts today 🙂 Thank you so much girls! I am glad you liked your necklaces!Image

I had a breakthrough moment today where I realized I stood up strong against Eduardo. I was sitting in the truck waiting for my dad at the doctor’s office. I started to think about running through everything I ate so far so I could come up with a calorie number. But then I told myself that it wasn’t me who wanted to know, it was Eduardo. I was not about to give him that pleasure so I ignored that thought and focused on ideas for my bedroom! Boom, baby! So even though dinner was a little challenging, I think today I did an amazing job with filling up my morning and afternoon bubbles, now I’ve got to go polish off my night bubbles!


2 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. Hey what did I say about sitting in the truck?? Too much down time..I am glad you realized what the big E was doing! So when your traveling always have a project to think about while you wait..it could be your room, or explore classes and programs, or menu apps, or take that walk! Glad you had such a great day..though Vinnie looked like he wanted two apples!

    • Ahhh, I know!! I was stranded in the truck though… it was pouring haha. But you offer some good suggestions. I will have to make sure I put my focus into more productive things while I am stuck in the truck. Maybe I should keep a book in the truck just for those moments! I think Vinnie would have loved a second apple. And then a third 🙂

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