Goodbye Chatt, Hello Char

Last night we had a nice dinner at the RV. Jennifer brought her new roommate, Andrew, over. He seemed to be pretty nice. I only talked to him a little because they were out by the fire most of the night while I was inside, glued to my book… Dinner was pork tenderloin,  roasted potatoes with veggies, asparagus, and black beans.Image Jennifer and Andrew left not too long after dinner and then we just kind of relaxed. My mom and I watched US Arabian Nationals on her iPad while I had my snack of oatmeal and trail mix.Image I had a decent night of sleep and it felt great. We cleaned up the RV and I fixed my breakfast while we waited for Jennifer to come over so we could say bye. My breakfast was banana cream Greek yogurt with granola and tea.Image I had a good time in Chattanooga. It wasn’t much of a vacation because we spent most of the time setting up Jennifer, but it was still nice to have a change of scenery and spend some time as a family. The ride in the RV was alright, I finished reading my book and then had pretzels and trail mix for snack.Image I was bummed that I didn’t really have anything to do once I finished my book, but I took the time to just lay down on the couch and doze in and out of sleep. I had a late lunch consisting of a turkey and cheese sandwich and an apple.Image We decided to stop in Charlotte/Concord for the night. My dad wanted to watch the Steelers game (not sure why, they are getting their butts kicked) and we didn’t want to go straight to Raleigh because we thought there might still be a lot of fair stuff happening since today was the last day. Setting up the RV was a struggle for us. We were having issues with the electricity and then once we got it on the microwave decided it needed to start smoking. It was weird because we didn’t turn the microwave on or anything. We just shut off the breaker for the microwave and then unplugged it. Problem solved. My mom and I ran to the Walmart to get some things for dinner. On the way I had the vanilla Svelte protein drink.Image I think I like the spiced chai the best. At Walmart it was hard for me to figure out what would be good for dinner. We decided just to get easy game-day foods/snacks. It was a little hard for me, but I am trying to push myself to enjoy some of the game-day foods I used to enjoy. Since we are here for the night, my dad called his old friend, Terry, and he is visiting over at the RV. I am sure my parents are really enjoying catching up with him. He was the best man at their wedding (anyways I think he was… and I am too embarrassed to ask if he was because that is something I should know haha).

I am so glad that we took a few days to go see Jennifer and check out her new place. I can tell she is so happy there! Now I am just ready to get to Raleigh tomorrow and then settle in back home on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Chatt, Hello Char

  1. Beth, you look so happy in your picture,..I love it. I also enjoy warming up in the sun on the porch. We drove into Pittsburgh yesterday and had a late lunch with Caiti. We went to a place called FatHeads. It was pretty good, very noisy thoug because the Steelers were on and loosing. Ugh. It was fun to see Caiti’s new lifestyle. But, I prefer Fire Tower Road. HAHA. Have a great time watching the Pens.

    • Oh, your trip to Pittsburgh sounds like it was nice. I love Pittsburgh, but I think now I would have to agree with you that small town life is more peaceful 🙂 Miss you!

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