The Move

Whewweee, I can’t believe we got all of Jennifer’s things moved from her apartment to her new house! It has been a long two days, but I can’t complain because we got a lot done for my sister and I actually got a lot of reading done haha.

Day 2 in Chattanooga

Yesterday after breakfast we got dressed and hit the road. We did a lot of driving around and errand running. I ate my snack on the road/in Sears. I just had some pepper jack cheese and pretzels.IMG_0678 In Sears we looked at grills to buy my sister for her house. We found one and went ahead and paid for it. Then we walked around the mall, searching for the Barnes and Noble. My mom and I spent a long time looking in there (I am sure I could have spent days). We didn’t know my dad was waiting for us outside… oops. I bought a book my mom wanted since she didn’t bring her wallet. I wanted so many books, but I am not letting myself buy any more books until I have read all the ones I already have. We ended up eating lunch in the food court at the mall. I went with Subway and got my usual turkey and cheese on wheat loaded up with veggies and mustard.1 We did some more driving around with errands mixed in. I had my nose in my book basically the entire time haha. When we made a stop I opted to stay in the car and read 🙂 I am sucked into this book! We stopped at my sister’s house and my parents did a small clean up (cleaned the floors and some of the kitchen) while I, of course, sat in the sun on the front porch and read.IMG_0679 We eventually made it back to the RV and I fixed my snack. I went with key lime Greek yogurt and cinnamon brown sugar popcorn.IMG_0680 My parents and I spent some time talking before I headed to the showers before getting ready to go out for dinner. I really liked the place we went to for dinner.IMG_0684 So many things on the menu looked good! I was having a tough time deciding, but my dad suggested he and I split one of their pizzas, so that is what we did. My mom and sister each ordered something and shared them. We all sampled their pretzels and jalapeno spinach cheese dip. Insanely good!IMG_0685 IMG_0689 We dropped my sister back off at her apartment and then we headed back to the RV. We watched the Penguins blow their lead… That wasn’t fun. I also did some more reading. When you find a good book it is so hard to put down! I had another Svelte protein drink for my bedtime snack. {Come up with all the adjectives you can think of about your favorite food and insert here}. I wasn’t sure if I would like spiced chai since I have never had it before, but to me it tasted almost like pumpkin pie. Liquid heaven. IMG_0690

Day 3 in Chattanooga

I slept not so great last night, but I didn’t let that ruin my day. We got ready for the day and then I fixed my breakfast to take with me on the go! I went with a quick fix of granola and yogurt. I mixed some cinnamon with it and washed it down with yummy mixed berry hot tea.IMG_0691 IMG_0692 We went and rented a U-haul and then made our way to Jennifer’s apartment. We spent all morning loading everything up and then unloading it at it’s new home! I am so glad we got the U-haul. It would have taken us AGES to get everything to her new place with just the Jeep and Challenger. I don’t know how we would have transported her mattress or her couches. And her dresser. Worth it. I ate a Larabar for snack as my dad and I took the U-haul to the house.2 Then we got to work unloading.3 Once everything was unpacked my parents took the truck back while my sister and I set up all of her furniture and got things a little organized. We then went to McAlister’s for lunch and it was perfect. The hot soup warmed me up and the sandwich was filled with flavor. I got the sweet chipotle chicken sandwich and the fire roasted veggie soup. I forgot to take a picture of it, but here is the aftermath:4 We went and got some more things for Jennifer at Walmart and then we dropped my mom and sister off at the house while my dad and I went to pick up the grill from Sears. I read on the trip and when we got back to the house. Jennifer’s house is just too cold for me so I sat on the porch while they finished up. Once we left the house we made our way back to the RV with a quick pit stop at Walmart (yes, again) for food for dinner. My snack back at the RV consisted of apple, crackers, and pepper jack cheese.IMG_0693 I also made myself another big cup of tea. Now we are just relaxing and watching the Notre Dame game before my sister joins us for dinner. I hope your weekend has been great so far! I have been enjoying my sister and my book. I have been doing alright eating wise. My parents are being very understanding and are being very considerate when it comes to choosing places to eat at or things to cook. I hope this trip hasn’t been to hard on them haha.

Well I have to go clean up the RV and clean up myself… Jennifer is bringing her new roommate, Andrew, over for dinner!



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