Chattanooga- Day 1

So yesterday was the first full day in Chattanooga for this go round. It was a pretty low key day. I woke up earlier than I wanted so I typed up my post and then afterwards fixed breakfast. I just had a piece of quiche and a cup of orange juice.IMG_0670 After breakfast my parents went to go run some errands. I didn’t go with them, mostly because there wasn’t enough room in the Jeep haha. So I stayed behind in the RV and did some cleaning. I washed all the dishes and then took all the blankets to the laundry room in the bathhouse. I decided to take a nice hot shower while I waited for the laundry. I thought the showers in the bathhouse were very nice, they were just built for shorter people haha. I am only 5-5 but I had to bend my knees to get the very top of my head under the shower. It wasn’t too bad though. Still better than having to take really short showers in the RV. So far I really like this campground. If you are ever in the Chattanooga area with a camper, RV, tent, or if you want a cabin, I highly recommend this place. It is just a short drive away from downtown. It is called Raccoon Mountain. My parents were back from their errands when I got back from the shower. i then fixed my snack of pumpkin oatmeal 🙂IMG_0671 We did a few more things around the RV and I attempted to do a sudoku puzzle (I messed up) before we got ready to go get the key for my sister’s new place! I took lunch with me to go. I had a turkey and cheese sandwich with yogurt and pretzels.IMG_0672 I packed trail mix for a snack in case we were still gone for snack time. We met my sister at the ball park and then followed her to the house. It is so cute! We unloaded the Jeep once everything was taken care of. My sister had to go back to work but we came back to the RV and loaded up the rest of Jennifer’s things that we brought and took another trip to her house. After that went to Whole Foods and to Walmart to pick up things for dinner. When we made it back to the RV my parents realized they forgot to get a few things so they went back to Walmart while I stayed at the RV and ate my snack and caught up on some shows on my laptop.IMG_0673 I also read a few chapters in my book. We all just relaxed until my sister joined us. Then we got dinner cooking. My dad grilled steaks and we got sweet potato puffs and tater tots from Whole Foods. We also had brussels sprouts and lima beans, but I stuck with my sweet potato puffs, brussels, and steak.IMG_0675 It was all very good. Everyone went to sleep relatively early, but I stayed up for a while before having my bedtime snack. I had a cinnamon apple with a different flavor Dreaming Cow yogurt that I found!IMG_0676 Yummm. Then I went to sleep.

I was able to sleep in some this morning! It felt great. I think the sound of the heat in the RV helped to lull me to sleep. I still woke up a few times during the night, but it wasn’t too bad. I spent some time on Pinterest before switching to reading a chapter of my book before breakfast. For breakfast I had the last slice of my quiche with the last of the orange juice as well. I also made some tea.IMG_0677 This morning I made sure I was properly hydrating myself. I finished off all of the water bottles that were scattered around along with my orange juice and about 2 cups of tea that I made. When I stood up the morning and walked over to get a mug for me tea, I got really light headed. You know when you sometimes stand up too quickly and your vision kind of goes black? Yeah, that is what happened. I am used to that happening, but it lasted longer than usual this morning. I took that as I sign that yesterday I really didn’t hydrate enough. I have been battling dehydration all summer, so I really need to fix that as well. Other than that I would say yesterday went well. I felt comfortable with everything because none of it involved eating out. That always makes the first day of vacation a little easier because I can adjust to being out of the house and sort of become acclimated to the unpredictability. Today is a new day though! I am going to hydrate myself and I will be prepared to experience a new place for dinner tonight! I hope everyone enjoys their Friday!


2 thoughts on “Chattanooga- Day 1

  1. I often love to just hang at the camp site. Mitch asked the last time we were camping if we could actually just do the fun stuff at the campground. Drink your water and hot tea today. I know it is snowing here for the third day in a row, I suggest that you bu some Oregon Chait tea, I prefer to make it with skim milk as oppoed to water, it is a perfect fall drink. And, since you are out of oj, maybe try some apple cider, that is Mitchy’s favorite. Love you and enjoy Chatt

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