Catching Up :)

Today has been wonderful 🙂 I finally got to catch up with my good friend, Liz. It has been so long since we chatted and filled each other in on our lives! I also got to talk to my sister for a while. That was so nice too! She sounded so ready for us to get to Chattanooga. I am so excited to see her. It felt so good to talk to people I am close with. I also called Carol, the inspirational woman I met this summer, and left a voice mail telling her that I am passing on the Loving Prayer Box to a girl who I think is in need of it. She is going through the same thing as me, although she is much younger. I wrote her a long letter and I am hoping that it makes her feel like she has all the support in the world so that she can boost her courage and tackle this thing. It is the best feeling to know that I will be passing this along to her, making her the 28th person to have this little bear. Image

Last night before going to bed I had my snack which was a blueberry muffin and the 1/2 vanilla Boost that was left over from my recipe. This morning I woke up and made myself a nice cup of wild berry tea. I don’t really like tea, but this one was very good because it wasn’t strong and it was fruity. Then I fixed my breakfast! I had a slice of the Boost cheddar quiche that I made last night with toast and jam.IMG_0605I could definitely taste the sweetness of the vanilla Boost in the quiche, but it surprisingly worked and didn’t taste half bad. It made six servings so I will have my breakfast all ready for me for the next few days. My cat decided she needed to eat my mom’s breakfast.ImageShe is so bad! We made our shopping list and got ready to go to Whole Foods for our groceries. I love, love, love Whole Foods! On the way home I ate my snack, which was just the last blueberry muffin. We stopped for gas and dropped off some cards in the mail. Then we unpacked all the groceries!ImageNext I worked on my room (taking a break to talk to my sister) and then my mom and I had lunch. My dad was at work, but he missed out on some super simple cuisine. All we had to heat it up!Image

IMG_0613 My mom and I came up with a kick ass idea for a recipe using this soup. It was divine! Then we made cinnamon apples by zapping them in the microwave. I think they will always turn out looking like a big old blob of goo, but they are so.freaking.good.ImageWhat an easy way to get a serving of fruit 🙂

I was off to the barn after that! Vinnie was a good boy. I lunged him again. He wasn’t as good as he was on Friday, he was trying some of his old tricks. But instead of me getting upset and correcting him with vigor (which is exactly what he wanted me to do to make it a battle) I was patient and I think eventually he just felt foolish whenever he would make his “move” to try and get out of work. I think he realized it would be easier just to do what he was supposed to instead of trying to get a rise out of me. I enjoyed my time with him though. He really is a sweetheart. I know his bad behavior stems from his young days when he was at the trainer’s. He was trained to do halter and his trainer doesn’t exactly use the nicest techniques. Whenever he gets it in his mind, he will go after the whip and that usually involves lots of rearing. It’s not his fault. He was trained to do that. It is like he has a whole other “horse-anality” when he is working. On the ground he is still the sweetest and most gentle horse. To people anyways. He pins his ears at Robert whenever Robert gets within 50 feet of him. Weirdo. What could this harmless little guy do? 1-1I got home and relaxed in the sun for a little bit with my mom. Then I talked to Liz! It was so nice to catch up with her. My snack followed that. I decided to polish off the bag of trail mix and added some pretzels.ImageI am so glad my mom and I got more trail mix at Whole Foods!

Can you believe the Steelers won? Woohoo! We are having stuffed peppers for dinner and it is smelling delicious! Today was definitely an easier day for me. When I am comfortable at breakfast I think it truly makes my day so much better. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Did you do any fun projects or catch up with people?


2 thoughts on “Catching Up :)

  1. I had a terrible case of the grumpys on Sunday. It was much better after I got outside and mowed and powerwashed the horse trailer. I will text my pizza recipe, and now we get 2 pizzas from it. Extra u and love the picture. You look so happy

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