We All Deserve A Break

Hi guys! So last night was our night out on the town. We decided to try Bull McCabes. The atmosphere was great. Right in downtown and there was a good amount of people there! It started off really fun. ImageRed eye to the max! We got the seven layer dip for the appetizer and for dinner I ordered the chicken quesadillas (which just happened to be an appetizer as well haha). ImageImageI ate like one and half before throwing in the napkin. Our conversation was somewhat lacking though. And my dad said his steak and cheese sandwich was awful. Then it seemed like the wait staff completely forgot about us. When they remember us they brought us the wrong check. We all agreed that we would still go back sometime in the future though. When we made it home my parents went straight to bed. I stayed up for a while so I could still fit in a snack. I just had a blueberry muffin and an apple that I nuked in the microwave with cinnamon. Surprising tasty for how weird it looked! Image

This morning I woke up and I was just automatically grumpy. It was raining. AGAIN. My dad needed to go to the office and my parents decided that we would all go to Roxboro and go to Golden Corral for breakfast. That is pretty much the only place to get breakfast in Roxboro. I wasn’t thrilled but I sucked it up. It was a late breakfast and it didn’t help me with filling up my starch bubbles at all. I had an omelet with peppers, onions and jalapenos, fruit, and a chocolate milk. It was tasty and I actually finished it all. ImageI was too scared to venture outside of that though. After breakfast we dropped my dad off at the office and then we ran to the laundromat to wash Vinnie’s sheet and blanket. Yay for dirtying public washers instead of our own! (Sorry public) ImageWhile the blankets were in the wash we walked over to Tractor Supply. We got Vinnie Hoof Heal and a lunge whip so we don’t have to continue borrowing Renee’s. My mom and I wandered around the entire store killing time. Once we were done at the laundromat we went back to check on my dad at the office. He still had work so we took a trip to Walmart. We didn’t find anything we were hoping to get. Boooo. But, we didn’t spend money! Haha! When we got back my dad was all ready to go so we hit the road. Once we made it home (after a pit stop at one of my dad’s clients and Dollar General for cat food) I fixed myself lunch. I had a pasta portions with carrots, green pepper, onion, and chicken sausage. Those pasta portions are so convenient! I know exactly what I am getting, they only take 3 minutes once the water boils, and it’s boiled in the bag so you don’t have to strain it! Image

My dad announced we were going to go to The Reuse Warehouse so we scarfed down our lunches. He checked on the status of the table for our back porch and I did a quick lap to see if there was anything I could’t live without. Nothing jumped out at me this time. I then asked if we could go to Lowe’s so I could look at some supplies I was thinking about using for a project in my bedroom. I found what I had in mind but didn’t get anything because I still need to do some more planning. Back at home my mom wanted us to do meal planning. We only had to plan three nights because we will be leaving for Chattanooga Wednesday morning! That took us a while though because we couldn’t really come up with anything and we were searching for recipes. For my snack I had a glass of milk and my trusty trail mix.Image I relaxed on the couch while I munched on it. I watched some Netflix then browsed Pinterest for ideas. My mom then came and asked me if I was ok with her and my dad having a date night. I thought it was silly that she had to ask, of course I was fine with it! I think they were in need of a break away from me. I was grumpy all day. I was just having a really difficult time with everything today. I just couldn’t handle anything. It all annoyed me. Food, the radio, people. Just everything. I just had a bad attitude and I am sure my parents didn’t want to be around that for dinner haha. I was happy to have the house to myself. I ended up spending the entire evening working on redoing my necklace. I combined my two necklaces to make a new one. I used the charm my sister brought back from Ireland, the Penguins charm from my aunt and her family, and the Jasper stone from Mary. I also added two things two it for some more color 🙂 That was a great project for getting my mind off of my struggles with food from the day. It was relaxing just to make something. I love the feeling I get whenever I am done with a project that I made. It is so empowering to look at the finished project and think I made that.Image Once I finished my necklace (I kept making adjustments so it took a while haha) I prepped the oven for the thin crust pizza we had in the freezer. You guys have seen me eat this before. I said that because I completely forgot to snap a picture of it. My parents came home before I started eating and I was too excited to show my dad my project ideas! This pizza doesn’t scare me. It is a very thin crust and I know exactly how to count it on my bubble plan because it had a nutrition label. My dad’s pizza overwhelms me because it is thicker crust, triple the cheese, and I have no idea how to bubble it in. I am just not comfortable with leaving behind the exactitude of foods that I for sure know what they are. I will get there though! One day soon I will be able to throw down my dad’s pizza without having a care in the world what is on it or how much. New goal right there! While my pizza was in the oven I made my new breakfast Boost recipe. I popped that in the oven once my pizza was done. You will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what it is! I hope it is good haha. I also hope that it helps me get off to a better start to my day. I don’t need another repeat of today. I am glad that my parents got a break away from me tonight though, they really deserve it. Plus I feel bad because if it weren’t for my being in this situation they would be enjoying their empty nest and they would have all the alone time they wanted. So I am always happy when they can go spend some quality time together! It gives me a break too 😉

Hope you had a non-grumpy Saturday, unlike me! What do you say we all have an exuberant Sunday?


2 thoughts on “We All Deserve A Break

  1. Beth, you are looking like the Beth I know!!!!!!! How is that booty coming?! We all need a break from each other, it makes us appreciate the wonderful, awesome people we have in our lives that love us endlessly. Brian and I miss you guys and love you to the MAX!

    • My booty is coming along! I just put on a pair of jeans and they are fitting a lot tighter, which I love! It means it’s all coming back. Remember what you told our waiter at Dirty Dicks in North Myrtle beach? You said I “had the ass of the family.” I think that’s what you said anyways haha. But I am ready for that to be true again! And you are so right, I woke up today appreciating my parents so much more. We love and miss you too!

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