Barn Shenanigans :)

TIP: VIEW IN FULL SCREEN. Sorry it is really tiny. I haven’t quite figured out all this technology! Haha

After I put Vinnie back in his pasture, I was swarmed by all the others! Ray came over and took Vinnie’s halter right off my shoulder. He started playing with it so I decided to take a video of the adorable goof ball. Then I started walking away, dragging the halter behind me (because I was too lazy to pick it up) and he was chasing it! So of course I ran around the pasture (looking like an idiot haha) while recording Ray on my phone. So that is why part of it is very shaky. Sorry if the shakiness hurts your noggin. Then Mare came in and captured the halter. Kasino and Bey are just chilling like normal while Vinnie and G are stuck in their individual paddocks. Vinnie desperately wanted to join in on the fun!


3 thoughts on “Barn Shenanigans :)

  1. Horses have the funniest sense of humor. Humans don’t always get a glimpse into their world. But, you did. Thats awesome. Pizza is always a grumpy topic at our house too. We can never agree on thick or thin, veggie or meat lovers. Tonight we are going with homemade whole wheat crust and 2 toppings. Portabellamushrooms and cheese. Yummy mushrooms

    • I forgot mushrooms are not on your like list…haha.Well hope you enjoyed your evening. We had a 5K at our school today. An awesome event…

      • I bet your homemade crust is delicious. You might have to share your recipe with me 🙂 Mushrooms are growing on me, but they definitely aren’t my favorite haha. Hope you had fun at the event!

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