Do You Ever Just Have Too Many Thoughts?

Today I have had so many thoughts, it is like my brain is on hyperactive. My thoughts weren’t centered around food, although a few food thoughts were mixed in here and there. I was just thinking about lots of other things, ideas about my bedroom, thoughts about sugar gliders, thoughts about my dream future. I was pondering all of those things while I was hard at work at my dad’s office.

Last night I had a nice slice of pumpkin pie before I headed to bed. I could have slept in this morning. The clouds were back and it was cooler. The perfect weather for staying curled up in bed. I got up a little before seven so I could get my day planned out since I didn’t plan last night. I was able to put together some options that filled up a good portion of my bubbles. I went with a bagel (so quick and easy) and cream cheese and milk for my breakfast. My snack I decided to have the Sambazon Protein smoothie. I packed a sesame teriyaki lunch bowl, half an almond butter sandwich, and an apple for lunch. My second snack was trail mix. New flavor alert! Not my favorite, but still good. ImageImageImageLook at the giant bag of fresh New York apples! I need to figure out what to do with all of them!Image

There are these town home/apartment type things next to my dad’s office and one of them has the cutest dog ever. It makes me so mad because it appears to be permanently tied to a post or to the building or something. I desperately want to go ask its owner if I can take it because I really don’t think they want it that badly. I wish I could rescue it. That was my first major thought of the day. I was trying to come up with ways to convince my dad to save it. I know there is no persuading him so I tried to think of someone who would care for it. She just looks so sad but she always seems so happy to see us when we get there every morning. Image

All day I worked on organizing bank statements and credit card statements for two accounts that were all mixed together. I then had to summarize the credit card statements and put each transaction into its respective category. Each category for each statement then had to be added and made into a journal entry on Quickbooks. I actually enjoyed organizing all the statements and putting it all in order. It got me thinking about how I wouldn’t mind a job that was basically all organizing. I just love the feeling of getting things straightened and in place. Is there such a thing as being a professional organizer? Then I even went as far as wondering if I could somehow get hired by one of the extremely well off people who live down the road in Treyburn. The sound of working for someone to just organize their home, do their planning, maybe just be a life coach of some sort just seems appealing to me. Then I my mind took me to the idea of trying to find someone who has horses who needs help with organizing, planning, cleaning, taking care of their horses. Then I thought I was basically describing a housekeeper and I decided I would strangely be OK with that if they had a barn and I could have my horse there. My train of thought then told me that I was just supporting the stereotype of being a woman. That is when I was glad my mom texted me about sugar gliders. I have had an obsession for these things for as long as I can remember. I was a sugar glider one year for Halloween when I was little. No one knew what I was… Anyways, on my lunch break I did a little research on them and decided I would love to have one. The are extremely high maintenance, but there are sugar glider rescues out there because there are so many that get bought and then people get rid of them because they are too much work. I just wanted to save them all! The are the animal version of me. The require a very specific diet. The easily become ill if they don’t receive everything they require. It seems intense. They are nocturnal and they just seem so friendly and snuggly. The require dedication because it is very important to them to bond with people. They get upset if they can’t get bonding time. How cute is that! My cats would eat it though. And my dad says absolutely no more animals. But the suggies need saving!!!

I wasn’t ready to leave the office because I was really starting to roll through my work, but my dad needed to go leave to go to Durham to get his prescription. I ended up getting my prescription as well and even went to the bank to finally deposit my last check from the Bulls. When we made it home I did dishes before I relaxed. I then talked with my mom while she cooked up dinner. We just had chicken, baked potatoes and asparagus. The asparagus was overcooked some, so I only had a tiny bit of what I put on my plate. The potato was a little underdone but that was easily solved by popping it in the microwave. The chicken was just right and full of flavor. ImageI did a lot more brainstorming for my room. I have so many good ideas! I just need to win the lottery so I can buy land and then build my dream house. My dream house is actually just a really small simple cabin type house. But everything inside would be top notch. Plus a barn. I came up with a few ideas for breakfast as well. I think tomorrow evening I am going to make another Boost recipe that will be an easy fix.

I just have too many thoughts! And with each thought I get, my mind changes on what I think I want in life. I think uncertainty just plays such a big part in fears and anxiety. I just need to relax and learn to not get my mind worked up on things that aren’t meant to be over thought. Enjoy the present, don’t get too caught up in thoughts about the distant future. That is my mantra for the night 🙂


4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Just Have Too Many Thoughts?

  1. I’ve never heard of sugar gliders before, so I looked them up (i.e. Google image searched . . . ). So cute!! Ha, I LOVE that this is your spirit animal. I agree . . . sounds like me as well.

    I looooove organizing as well and, while in college actually, had ambitions to be a secretary, of all things. Then I actually did it and you know what? I DO love the tasks and do love organizing and being in charge of setting the norm (i.e. how files are saved, protocols, etc.), but what’s grating is that there’s a hierarchy in place and I feel disrespected. It was all fun and games when I was “playing” secretary and didn’t think it’d be something I’d do forever and ever, but the reality is that I’d rather do something that makes my soul come alive. I think that my hopes to be a stay-at-home mom are similar. I would love to run a household and give small children my full attention, but this is coming from someone who’s only played at mom, not actually done it. In the end, I think everyone just wants to be respected, feel comfortable and fulfilled, and have the time and the means to pursue his or her passion. It’s not playing into stereotypes that I worry about . . . I worry about the fact that traditionally feminine stereotypes are inherently seen as weaker or less respected.

    • We sound very similar! Thank you for sharing your experience with being a secretary and how it made you feel in the workplace 🙂 The desire to do something meaningful and be respected is something I want as well. The idea of taking care of a household sounds appealing, but I could see how after a while one would possibly regret not chasing their dreams of creating success for themselves as well as earning respect as a professional. I still fear things about creating a career, such as failure, getting burned out and losing interest. Maybe my fears are telling me I just haven’t found the right thing for myself yet, and when I do perhaps the fear associated with it will disappear because I know it’s what I was meant to do! Thanks again for sharing all of your thoughts! They are wonderful 🙂

  2. So you like organizing peoples accounts! Skip the housework idea, and the personal organizer..can’t make enough money for the dream home…maybe you really should think about seem to me to be very detail oriented, good people skills, enjoy being on your own…Crum and Crum may not be such a bad idea..although with your cooking skills I prefer your office to be called “Crum and Crumb” HA HA HA

    • Hahaha you may be on to something! I just am not good with the concept of taxes. I like the organizing part, but when it comes to the actual accounting part I’m like all “what is money? Why does it exist? let’s all go back to bartering” haha!

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