Is Planning and Organizing Ever a Bad Thing?

I find that everything goes a little smoother whenever I have a game plan. Anyone else with me on that one? I mean, I don’t have to have every single second planned, but just a generalized plan. I like knowing what I have going on during the day just so I can feel prepared. The feeling of being unprepared just stresses me out. Maybe that is why I always had so much anxiety in the mornings before school (all the way back to middle school). My parents and I have also concluded that meals and snacks are easier for me when I have the majority of them planned. I do a better job of filling up my bubbles whenever I have time to prepare my meals and snacks with my meal plan out. You have probably heard me mention this before. I just thought I would reiterate it so that maybe I will be more motivated to fill up all my bubbles when I am prepping for the day! 🙂

This morning I woke up and fixed my breakfast and snack. I had another bagel with cream cheese, berries and milk. For snack I packed trail mix. Image

At work I did more keying and reconciling along with a few other random tasks my sporadically assigned me. It felt good to get some things done at the office. We worked till a little past one and then we came home for lunch. So it was a little late for  my goal time for lunch, but I handled it well. I made a creation! I was inspired by the HUGE bag of New York Apple we have. I thought about what flavors work well together. I had the sweet apple chicken sausage in the fridge, so I sliced up a link to put inside a quesadilla with thinly sliced apple and white sharp cheddar. Holy Fall flavor to the max. Yum! No apple went to waste. I ate the rest as my side. Image

Once I finished eating I went out to see Vinnie. The sun was finally out so I took advantage of it. It felt great outside and I played some music while I groomed. Perfectly relaxing 🙂 Vinnie’s mane is looking awful though… I don’t think there is anyway I can save it. ImageImageVinnie and G! Vinnie desperately wanted more treats after I put him back in his pasture.

After the barn I got cleaned up and ready to head into Durham for our appointment with Lori. I ate key lime Greek yogurt and pretzels on the way in. It was another great session! We shared how we thought the last week went and what we did differently to reach our goals. We also talked about the things that I did well and the things I still need to work on. We came up with some solutions to go along with that. My dad mentioned that it seems like my fear about ingredients in my food has decreased and I couldn’t agree more. While I still feel some anxiety at times, it definitely isn’t as bad as it used to be. So that was a positive! My parents also said that it my portions seem to have increased a little bit. My dad said that he can tell a difference with my eating during the week at work and the weekends. During the week, especially this past week, I have’t been planning for the days as well as I should have. I was rushing the past few mornings and didn’t have time to make sure I was packing enough things to fill up as many bubbles as possible. And I wasn’t feeling comfortable with going out and buying something to help fill up those bubbles. I admitted that and we discussed it a little. Some solutions we came up with were: keep a selection of food in the kitchen at the office, plan for my days either the night before or wake up earlier, DRINK MORE WATER, have larger portions, have my parents make suggestions, and things like that. We told Lori all about our Friday night adventures where we try a new place for dinner. She said how it was a great idea to have that as something to look forward to, not just because of the food, but because it is a good way to experience new things as a family, which is important to us all. So we got all of our thoughts/concerns out and we have our goals in place for the next week!

My parents stayed for the parent group and I headed home. It was a “free for all” dinner. I don’t know if that is the best way to describe it, but I liked the sound of it. Basically I was on my own for dinner and my parents went out after the session. So I came home and then watched the latest episode of Hart of Dixie on my laptop. I then stuck my chicken cordon bleu in the oven and then did the dishes and cleaned up a little. When my chicken was done I heated up some leftover pasta and a giant carrot that I chopped up in the microwave. Then I cut up my cordon bleu and mixed it all together. Simple and delicious! Image

Now there are a few more things I want to get done before I have my snack and head off to dreamland! I hope everyone had a great day! Who’s ready for the mid-week mark?


5 thoughts on “Is Planning and Organizing Ever a Bad Thing?

  1. I think its important to see the difference between anxiety and fear. Anxiety can make us more cautious, and discerning while fear tends to paralyze us from taking any action. So if you are experiencing less fear about eating and can identify your anxiety than I think thats a good thing!

    Some people are planners while others can be more spur of the moment. Its best to follow the professionals advice on this and keep planning! Perhaps you can challenge yourself to spend the time you would watching one show on the computer and do the next days planning in its place. This might stress you out at first, but the rewards would be great in reducing your stress for the upcoming day! Looks like Vinnie was having a bad hair day!

    • That is an excellent point. I will have to start recognizing when I am feeling anxiety and when I am feeling fear. My planning definitely helps, but I like the idea of being able to be spontaneous! I will have to find a healthy balance that works for me haha. Planning instead of watching a show sounds like a great solution! Then when I am done planning I can reward myself with the show 🙂

  2. Vinnie and I kinda look the same right now. I just got a haircut, and I am not sure about it, it is long and short at the same time. Since you love Fall so much and your pumpkin and apple flavors what abpout using those colors to inspire your bedroom? I think warm colors would be awesome going into the winter months. It is forecated that we get snow

  3. next week. So maybe it is I who is thinking of warm colors. Love you, oh, and it’s good to have a plan. I like plans, but, they are always subject to change.

    • I am sure your haircut is very cute 🙂 Ohhh, I love the idea of letting the colors of fall inspire my bedroom! I can’t believe snow is in the forecast for you. I am not really for the winter months! I like how you said plans are always subject to change. That is so true. Sometimes the best experiences come from things that weren’t planned. Love you!

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