Now This is the Way to Spend a Rainy Day

Today I have managed to keep myself really busy! It has felt great to have something to do, but I feel like I am just rushing through it all to get everything done. I’m not complaining though. Let me fill you in on what last night was like for my family and I. We had our chili that was the recipe we tried from the Family Circle magazine. I think we all agreed that we liked my mom’s chili recipe better because it is a little more spicier and the flavors just fit our tastes better. The chili we had last night wasn’t bad or anything, it was just different. It didn’t have much spice but it had a really smokey flavor to it (or something). I topped mine with a little shredded cheddar, sour cream, and a few crumbled tortilla chips.Image My family and I watched The Big Bang Theory and then the shows that followed. I don’t think I am a fan of the new shows (The Millers and The Crazy Ones) and Two and a Half Men has just gotten awful. I recorded my shows that were on at the same time (The Vampire Diaries and Scandal) so maybe I will watch them tonight. My mom went to bed rather early so it was just my dad and I and we watched some show on the Discovery Channel, if I’m not mistaken, called Drugs Inc. It was basically all about Marijuana haha. I had cereal for my snack before I called it a night. Image This cereal actually makes for a wonderful dessert haha.

How I Spent Yet Another Rainy Day

So today was much better than yesterday for me. All around I was just in a better mood. I could have slept in today, but it is just so hard for me to do that. I find myself waking up at 5 wishing it was past 7. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? I spent time in bed, deleting lots of old emails while watching one episode of a show on Netflix. I eventually rolled out of bed and made myself breakfast. I went with a fried egg on an english muffin, raspberries, banana with cinnamon, and a glass of milk. Very tasty. I fried my egg in my mini omelet cooker. That thing is for real worth every penny I paid for it. ImageAfter breakfast I packed up a snack baggy to take with me to the barn incase I was there for a while. It was a mixture of trail mix and pretzels. I got to the barn just before 10. The farrier was scheduled for 10, but she always shows up late so it was more like 10:40 when she got there. That was fine with me though because I got to spend more time grooming Vinnie. He needed it! He was covered in dirt. We also went with shoes on the front, and I think his hooves look a million times better now! I don’t think the after picture does a good job of showing the difference because I took it when he was back down in his run-in barn, but oh well.


After:ImageSee a difference? It’s ok if you don’t… these pictures didn’t come out as clear as they could have. I can barely tell a difference in these pictures, but I know there is a huge one! And look… apple down! Vinnie took too big of a bite and had to let some fall. I am just so happy he has front shoes!!! Maybe that is why my day was a happier one 🙂 After I was done at the barn I drove up to Rougemont to put some gas in Old Blue. I was scared it wasn’t gonna make it all the way but it did. I ate my snack on the way to the gas station. ImageWhat do you think, should I become a hand model? Hahahahah. Joking, you guys. When I got home I quickly changed and drove into Durham to pick up my check from the Bulls. After I got that taken care of I stopped at Harris Teeter on my way home to grab a few things. I got ingredients to make a pumpkin pie and some blueberry muffins (made with Boost for a little extra punch). I also got ingredients for the dinner I am making tomorrow night. Horray! It was a little after 2 before I finally got back home, and it was way past lunch time. That didn’t stop me though. I made a chicken cordon bleu-esque sandwich with left over chicken, ham and provolone. Toasted. Then I ate a big ol’ carrot with it. Image

After my late lunch I did a few chores and then got to baking! Well, I’m not sure if it qualifies as baking since everything was the easy mix. But I enjoyed it. Now the house smells like pumpkin pie and blueberry muffins 🙂 Image I got in a little bit of relaxation time while everything was baking in the oven. That was spent just surfing the internet though. Once everything was done baking I used up the remaining Boost in my snack, which was apple cinnamon instant oatmeal with blueberries. It was actually really good with the vanilla Boost. Explosion of flavors! ImageNow that I have reflected upon my day, I am going to go get ready for our dinner adventure! We are going to a new place, well new to us, in Durham. Tune in tomorrow for a review!


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