Dreary Days

I like rain every now and then, but all this rain and cloud cover lately has got me feeling down. I need my sunshine back! I need to find some good ways to bring cheer to these days that have me cooped up. It is not good to have all this time where all I do is think. My thoughts tend to lead me down the path that would result in self destruction, or just comparing my self to others. That is no bueno!

Last night for dinner we had pasta, chicken, and squash. It was pretty good. Simple flavors.Image Then we watched the Pirates game. It didn’t end in our favor but I am still pleased that they even made it that far. I just take it for what it’s worth. They provided my family and I with joyful entertainment throughout the summer months. For my snack I planned on eating a cookie I made from a single cookie recipe. It failed miserably! It would have made a good recipe for homemade rubber. I just fixed myself a small plate of pretzels with vanilla almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter for dipping, berries and a glass of milk to help wash it all down. ImageI decided to make ahead all of my meals and snacks for today once I finished my snack last night. It would just make things easier in the morning since we had to make sure we left on time. We ended up running late anyways but oh well haha. My breakfast was an egg on an english muffin, a banana, and a glass of milk. For snack I had a vanilla Boost Plus. Lunch was a vanilla almond butter sandwich with an apple and my next snack was popcorn and key lime greek yogurt. ImageIt all worked out well and I might stick to packing my lunch and snacks the night before. Today at work I felt very unproductive. I got done keying in all of the checks for the new business I am working on, but I couldn’t do any of the reconciling because the paychecks are way off. So I finished at lunch time and then I spent the whole afternoon internet surfing. I had nothing else to do and it was driving me crazy because I would look at one thing then get bored of it then switch to another thing. I just wish I could have been doing something better. This morning I thought about taking a book with me to read at lunch but then I completely forgot to grab it. I should just start keeping a book in one of my desk drawers at the office. That way I can focus on something not related to food or appearances. I did manage to look at a few of the recipes on the Boost website that Mary suggested to me. I am definitely going to make some of them because they could really help me knock out some bubbles. I am glad that tomorrow I will have more things on my schedule to do. I am going to the barn in the morning because the farrier is coming at 10. That will take up the majority of the morning. Then I need to run to Durham to pick up my last paycheck from the Bulls. On my way home I plan to stop at the grocery store so I can get the things I need to make my first Boost recipe… and maybe a pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pies are my all time favorite dessert. I can’t believe I haven’t had one yet. So I think now is the perfect time to make one. Pushing forward! I feel like I am the typical girl – obsessed with pumpkin. I wish I could claim all of the pumpkin in the world as mine so I could have it all to myself. Yes, that is how much I like pumpkin. If anyone wanted pumpkin I would demand that they make a valid argument for their desire for pumpkin. Just kidding. I would be nicer than that. I would share all my pumpkins with everyone. When I am super duper old and dead, my death certificate will read “cause of death: death by pumpkin.”

Pumpkin Pi. Clever. Hahaha.


image source

Ok, so that was a very creative little rant about my love of pumpkin. But guess what? Those few sentences just brightened my mood! I am feeling less glum from this drizzly day already! So maybe writing typing my thoughts as they come to me helps bring my spirits back up, even if they are crazy and have nothing to do with anything of importance. 

I’m hoping this picture will change your thoughts about pumpkin pie forever so that it can all be mine. Mwahahaha!


Image source

Sorry, I just thought it was too funny not to share.

So tonight should be a nice relaxing night. There are lots of good shows on tonight, even though I am trying to watch less tv. We are also having comforting chipotle chili for dinner. I hope everyone had a sunnier day than me!

Question for you: What do you do on dreary days to brighten your mood?


6 thoughts on “Dreary Days

  1. maybe its time for you to think of some places you would like to volunteer…personally rewarding, fills up some time, and helps others out.

  2. Your food for the day looks amazing! I love the idea of prepping everything the night before… I’m always scrambling in the morning and inevitably forget to put something in my lunch that I wanted! I’ve never had vanilla almond butter, but I am definitely going to check it out!

  3. Dreary days are awesome to drink coffee and organize a closet or a drawer. Now I would need a month of rainy days to organize my stuff. Haha

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