Day Off :)

I was so happy this morning when my mom told me my dad said I had the day off! I took the opportunity to try and sleep in. I was still awake relatively early but I spent some time just relaxing in bed before getting up. I slept pretty well last night as well. Perhaps the cereal and milk I had put me in sleep mode haha.

This morning when I finally decided to get up I fixed myself breakfast. I am sad to say that part of my breakfast fell victim to the great microwave oatmeal explosion of 2013. I put my oatmeal and milk in too long and it started to boil over. I saved the majority of it and topped it with cinnamon and a chopped up cashew cookie Larabar. It was actually a great combination!Image

I watched the new episode of Hart of Dixie on my laptop and then went out to the barn to see Vinnie. You could tell that I hadn’t been out for two days. He had a few mud patches on him from the recent rain. He is starting to get his poofy winter hair haha.Image When I first got out to the barn I saw one of the cats, Cookie, walk straight up to The Mare. I think she thought she was blending in with the horses haha. ImageImageCan you see her? I was kinda far away.

When I got back home I almost had my day ruined. I don’t have a house key for some reason so I am used to going in through the garage. Yesterday when my mom and I got home from dinner we had to go through the garage and I must have locked the door behind me because today it was locked! I searched everywhere I could think for an extra key. I went through the cars, through the RV, I checked all the other doors. I was scared I was going to be stuck outside all day. I didn’t even know if I had enough gas in Old Blue to make it to the gas station so I could get gas and drive into my Mom’s school to get her key. Luckily I found a way in though. I was scared someone was going to call the cops on me because it looked like I was breaking in. I was good though. Once I made it inside I had an acai berry and vanilla protein smoothie for my snack. It was just a quick grab and I needed to drink it because it had been sitting in the fridge for a while now. There is still one more in there.Image Then I took a long, hot shower that felt incredible, especially now that cooler weather has rolled in. I watched another show on my laptop and then fixed my lunch. I had a toasted turkey and provolone sandwich (with lettuce and hot sauce) along with an apple and a carrot.Image

I did a few chores around the house before I decided to do my mason jar project for my bathroom. I managed to smash my thumb and then my finger with the hammer while I was attaching the clamps to the wood. That did not feel good. I also scared my leg on the garage door as I was trying to maneuver myself around the push mowers to get to a few tools I needed. I think the end product was worth all my minor battle wounds. What do you guys think: with or without the rim on the mason jars?ImageImage

Now I just have to organize all of my things under the sink and make a toilet paper holder and my bathroom with be completed! I might add a few more simple decorations though. My next snack consisted of popcorn and trail mix. I think I could legit eat trail mix for all my meals and snacks. Maybe that was a little exaggerated. Image

I am now getting in some more relaxation time and it feels tremendous. My parents and I are going to be staying in to watch the Pirates game tonight. I am so nervous! This is it, who ever wins this game is moving on to the next round. Please root for the Buccos! They need this so bad!

I would say that today has been a good day. I worked hard to make sure that I was filling up all the bubble I could. I am still unable to completely drop the thoughts associated with my eating and I still always want to choose options that would fill up my bubbles with the fewest calories. So now that I recognize when I am doing this I need to start telling myself that I am not going to do that. I am going to tell that voice of Eduardo to leave me alone because he is wrong!


6 thoughts on “Day Off :)

  1. Here’s a tip a very clever coworker shared with me: put a coffee filter, upside down, over a bowl, and you’ll never have to deal with microwave food explosions again. I know you dislike coffee, but maybe your parents have coffee filters?

    Your bathroom looks AMAZING!! Hmmm, can I see a pic without the mason jar rims? That might actually look a little sleeker.

    I’m extremely glad you’re becoming more self-aware and doing everything you can to avoid those harmful tendencies. You have allllll my faith and support.

    • My mom has coffee filters so I will definitely be giving that a try! I am sure it would work much better than just laying a paper towel over the bowl, which is what I did. Thanks for the tip!

      As for the mason jars, there should be two pictures of them. The first one is without the rim and the second one has the rim. Of course there might be a more technical term for it other than “rim” but it’s the metal thing at the top of the jar that secures the lid haha. Let me know if one of the pictures isn’t showing up on my post 🙂

      I hope you have been doing well! Thanks for your faith and support. Know that you have mine as well 🙂

  2. Wax paper Beth over that oatmeal…I’ve blown up quite a few bowls in my lifetime! The bathroom fixture stuff looks cool and practical!

  3. Maybe soon you could come up with a new color for my bathroom. What is you t.p. holder going to look like? I love your designs. I have that chrome shower door and mirror on my shower, and old black and white tile flooring. Cannot wait to hear your ideas. Love you

    • My t.p. holder is going to follow the wooden theme, but I haven’t thought of my exact design yet. Oh my gosh, I would love to come up with some ideas for your bathroom! I will start brainstorming. Love you too

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