Goals For the Week

Today was the usual Tuesday for me: appointments with Mary and Lori. Both sessions went really well I’d say. At Mary’s we discussed how the past week went and what I could have done differently. We talked about what recovery means and I wrote it all down so I could look back on it. It included things like freedom from controlling thoughts, energy, and ability to concentrate. There were a few others as well. Then we built a list of my goals for the week. These goals include eating enough carbs, eating larger meals, letting my parents serve my dinner portions, filling up all my bubbles, and eating at my goal times. I always enjoy my sessions with Mary. I always leave with the motivation to really push my comfort zone!

My appointment with Lori really focused on the family and how we have been functioning. We all talked a lot about our goals from the past week. I mentioned how I felt successful with my new way of organizing my bubbles but how I struggled with eating at decent times. My dad talked about how he tried to recognize when he was being “logic man” where he thinks everything is black or white. He is trying to be more understanding and we talked about how he is too scared to say something to me that he really wants to say because he is worried it will make me not want to eat and he doesn’t want to risk it. My mom talked about how she tried not to go into her “teacher tone” and we all actually talked about that a lot because my dad and I felt like she didn’t quite understand what we meant by that. She really only does it when we are in presence of someone who isn’t family or a close friend. And she said she does it out of fear and anxiety, so I asked her why she goes into teacher tone with us and Lori. I asked what about our meetings with Mary and Lori made her so nervous? She replied that she was scared she was going to say something that would upset me so she would hide behind the teacher tone. I assured her that there was no reason for her to be nervous, and that I don’t want her to give what I called “interview answers” instead of telling me what she is truly thinking or feeling. So I made that a goal for my parents this week. I told them I would like for them to tell me what they really want to say but are just too scared to. Hearing their true thoughts might be just what I need, and if it upsets me then they don’t have to keep doing it. But we will never know if it will work until we try! My goal from from Lori for the week is to be able to tell my parents what they can do and when to help me, or if they say or do something that really helps I am to remember it and let them know for the future. Short-term goals are always useful tools! Do you ever set goals for yourself for the upcoming week?

Last Night

Dinner last night was so good! I will happily share it with you: Cheesy Beef soft tacos. So, I got this recipe off of the back of the Campbell’s Condensed Cheddar Cheese can.


– one pound ground been

– one can condensed cheddar cheese soup

– half a cup salsa (I eye balled it so it could have been more)

– flour tortillas

– shredded lettuce

Ingredients we added, for side or for taco topping: black beans, brown rice, hot sauce 🙂

Directions: brown beef, drain off fat, add can of cheese and salsa, stir occasionally until well heated. Boom, assemble time. So easy, right? And it was so good. My dad said he really didn’t think it was going to be good but he ended up loving it! ImageThen we watched some Monday night TV and then for snack I had homemade yogurt with half an almond butter sandwich. Yes, you read that right, I made homemade yogurt! It was really good, but I need to experiment with different ways to make it a little thicker. ImageI was shocked it actually turned out well!


My breakfast, snack and lunch:ImageBreakfast was greek yogurt and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Snack was pretzels and trail mix. Lunch was ramen and a V8. I actually ended up eating lunch at home because we left the office a little after noon. At work I started reconciling checks for another company. My dad has rounds tomorrow so technically I don’t have to go to work, but if I were working for someone who wasn’t my dad I would still go in, so it is the right thing to go I suppose. After lunch at home my dad and I went to the Reuse Warehouse to take a look at the wood that we are going to use for our front porch. It looks killer! I can’t wait. I also browsed around at all the old doors and mantles because I have another idea up my sleeve. Then we were off to Mary and Lori. In between the two appointments I ate a blueberry Larabar. I need to try other flavors because I have heard of a few good ones, but I still have so many from the Costco pack of the blueberry muffin, cashew cookie, and peanut butter cookie. Plus I am trying to add more variety into my snacks and not always go for a bar. I have been doing well with that, but I am getting repetitive with the pretzels and trail mix. But I don’t mind because they are forever going to be yummy. After Lori my parents and I tried a new place for dinner since their parent group was canceled. Dain’s Place on Ninth Street! It was an awesome environment. Very chill. The menu was very simple, too. They had burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches (basically all build-your-own) as well as a few other sandwiches like hot italian sausage, cheesesteak, grilled cheese, fried bologna, BLT and they had appetizers and a few soups and salads. For an appetizer we had pierogies. It was my first time ever having one! I know, how can I be in love with Pittsburgh and never have had a pierogie before? For dinner I just went with a hot dog with spicy mustard. It came with kettle cooked chips and I ate some of them. This was a huge hotdog! Everything there was huge actually! My dad got the cheese steak with tots and it looked like it could feed a small army. My mom got a burger with fries. We all agreed that we would absolutely go back again. I did my best not to allow Eduardo to whisper negative thoughts in my ear! ImageImageImageImage

Sports News: Penguins just won their third game! They beat the Hurricanes, so double hooray! Now I am going to go grab my snack before I catch some Z’s. Hope your Tuesday went well! It’s almost halfway to the weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “Goals For the Week

  1. Hey was the Greek Yogurt peach? I just bought some over the weekend but haven’t eaten it yet. (and if you are making dinners out of Campell’s chedder soup you are now in my realm of “creative cooking”. How about a picture of the wood? And maybe you should include a picture of your contractor too…not sure you dad has those skills for a porch remodel! Ha! And yes the Pens exploded for three goals after the Canes tied it up…What are your plans for tonites game? There has to be a Bucs bar somewhere in the Triangle! Find it..as for me I might be too nervous to watch!

    • The Greek yogurt was actually orange vanilla. It was really, really good! I should have taken a picture of the wood… I will definitely be taking pictures of it when we pick it up (or have it delivered). We are just staying home to watch the game, our TV is just perfect for it! Plus this way my dad can have all the beer his heart desires hahaha. My mom, too. I am really nervous to watch as well! Maybe you will end up going to a local hot spot to watch!

      • Actually I ended up turning the game on throughout the night to check in on the score. I have been trying to watch less TV and do more reading recently…better for my mental makeup. It was a great season though and I really enjoyed watching these guys play…onto Hockey season…I haven’t watched an NFL game yet this season and its my goal to go the whole season with watching one…approaching 50 years old in November..guess I am trying to change it up a bit!

  2. I want to make a reservation now at Dain’s place. It looks darling. Well, Change from Monday’s post and setting goals kinda go hand in hand. I find when I set my goals I have to readjust them if I overachieve, haha or I fall short. That is when it it important to reflect, and rework my goals. I think my goal this week has been making time to reflect.

    • We can go to Dain’s Place the next time you are down here 🙂 That is a lovely goal to have. Self reflecting has become so important to me and I think everyone should take the time to do it.

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