Can’t Hold Me Back

Wow, today was definitely a full one! I can’t believe what all I got accomplished. I am feeling so great about everything right now 🙂 Isn’t that always the best feeling? OR MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES ARE NOW LEADING THE SERIES 2-1. Maybe. My whole family is so excited right now! My dad and I are leaving work early tomorrow so we can watch the game. This is a pretty big deal you guys. I mean, this is the first time in my life (literally) that the Pirates have made it to the playoffs. But let me get on with it, haha.

Dinner last night was so simple and tasty. Homemade mexican is a family favorite and a go-to of ours 🙂 My dad grilled up chicken and my mom sauteed the peppers and onions with some fajita seasonings and then we had create you own dinner. I made a burrito with chicken, cheese, peppers and onions and I had a side of black beans. ImageImageThen my snack was a vanilla pudding and pretzels. Image

This morning I woke up and then made breakfast with my mom. Since we had leftovers from dinner, we decided to heat up the onions and peppers. I scrambled an egg with my veggies then wrapped it up into a tortilla, enjoyed with lots of hot sauce and a glass of milk. ImageImageI then filled my mom in on all of the research I did for my education. I told her all about the classes that would transfer and what I still needed to figure out. She was so happy that I shared that with her. Then my dad joined us for meal planning for the week. We came up with the game plan then my mom and I left for our errands. We first went to Lowe’s to pick up some things I needed for completely my hanging shelf in the bathroom. I think it will be only a matter of time before they know our names at Lowe’s haha! Then we went to Harris Teeter to get the majority of things we need for the week for our dinners. I think this week’s menu is more simplistic than last weeks, but I am sure it is still going to be good! By the time we got back from our errands it was almost lunch time. So I failed at having a snack, but not every meal or snack is going to be perfect. I just can’t allow for two mishaps in a row, that’s when I won’t be making any improvement. I did a quick spray of a finishing coat on my piece of firewood that I am using for another project then I came in and fixed my lunch. I made myself a ham, salami, provolone sandwich with apple slices and a tasty drink that I got at Target last week. ImageSalami still intimidates me but I knew since I missed my morning snack I needed to use lunch meat that had an extra something to it. Then I started on my hanging shelf! It was such a hassle and I hit many road blocks. The studs in the wall were nowhere close to where I wanted them to be. A lot of measuring and planning went in before I could finally screw in the hooks and handles I planned to use. My mom actually helped me pick out the hooks and handles! Thank goodness she did because I LOVE the look of it. Much better than using eye hooks for it all. The chain and wood was all me though. The flowers were from a project I did not too long ago. Some of you might remember my post about making it. Here’s the finished product! ImageWell, it might not be finished yet. The are two tiny supports underneath it that are screwed into studs, and they are nowhere near being evenly spaced underneath the wood. So I might try and come up with ideas for different ways of hiding them. Then my mom and I completed another organization project! You just can’t stop me! Well, us. You just can’t stop us! We now have a place to hang our measuring cups instead of just throwing them in with a pile of random bowls. We decided to go with in the pantry. We originally wanted to put it on the inside of the cupboard but my mom didn’t want to put holes in it and the wood glue made it sound like we couldn’t glue anything to a finished wood product. ImageA visit with Vinnie was next on my agenda. I tend to lose motivation to go to the barn the longer I wait. In the morning I am always motivated, but in the afternoon or evening I usually question if I want to go or if I want to be a couch potato. I always go because I know brushing Vinnie will relax me just as much as sitting on the couch. Today I thought he was going to be a wiggle worm while I was brushing him because he was pacing like crazy in his pasture. He worked up a sweat doing that. I’m not sure why he was pacing. But he ended up being perfectly behaved in the cross ties. He barely moved at all. I even caught him yawning a few times! I came home and fixed a snack. It was a little later than I had hoped, but I still had it! I tried some Trader Joe’s lemongrass chicken stix and one of the mozzarella sticks my dad heated up. I only had a bite of the cheese stick because it was cold, and I was only tasting it because my dad said it had a different seasoning taste to it than the normal ones he gets. I also tried a new drink I picked out at Harris Teeter. I’m not a huge sparkling water fan so it wasn’t my favorite. I think the only reason I got it was because it was in a glass bottle haha. My lemongrass chicken stix were very tasty though! ImageI ate that while I watched the game and then when I finished eating it I went to the kitchen to make a creation! Any guesses as to what it is, or rather what it is going to be?Image

Hope everyone had an incredible weekend!


2 thoughts on “Can’t Hold Me Back

  1. Yea its been a pretty amazing run. Yesterday we saw a guy we know from Ligonier in the stands..I think his brother is a season ticket holder! Lets hope we can get the game in today..its raining and close out the series!

  2. Hi Bethy, I am inspired by your organizational projects. Now where do I begin on my projects?, haha…love you and keep up the good work. Go Bucs

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