Today Couldn’t Have Been Better :)

I hope everyone had as great of a day as I did! I just want to start off by saying that all of the comments I received on my last post were absolutely amazing. I was so touched that everyone was willing to share their own perspective on the topic and offer helpful advice. Thank so much, you all do more for me than you know!!!!

It felt sooo good to get so much done around the house today. I even slept in a bit. Last night I had the last of my Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream before I headed off to bed. I think I am watching too much of the Vampire Diaries because Stefan and Damon were in my dream last night hahaha. Anyways, this morning before my breakfast I got started on a few chores. I did garbage and dishes before I fixed myself a nice bowl of granola, greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and a few dashes of cinnamon. Mmm, mmm, mmmmmmm. ImageWhen I finished eating I decided to go spend some time with the Vinnie Monster 🙂 He was wonderful today. He didn’t seem sore today and he was behaving perfectly (by that I mean he was super lazy and relaxed). I thought to myself he was pretending to be a quarter horse, haha.ImageNow I just need that section of his mane to grow faster!

Since I got a late start to breakfast my morning snack happened late. But, I still ate it! No more skipping snacks for this girl. I’m ready to get my life back. I had some more trail mix. Trail mix is just an easy snack to grab. The best thing about trail mix is that there is a variety of flavors. I often struggle with deciding on what to have for a snack, but trail mix is easy because I can get all of my favorite flavors in one snack!ImageI worked a lot on my bathroom today. I got all the caulking done and I cleaned up all the dusty mess I created. I put up the shower curtain and the new vent cover. Now all that I have to do is make all my DIY projects for the shelving/storage and toilet paper holder. I worked on that while watching bits and pieces of the Pirates game. So happy they won! Here is a cute link that our family friend, Mrs. Faggart, shared with my mom to share with me 🙂

For my late lunch I made a turkey and provolone sandwich that I ate with a carrot. Image I did some more cleaning around the house and organized the spinning cabinet shelf thingy in the kitchen.

My snack was a frozen burrito. It seemed to be a good way to fill up some of the remaining afternoon bubbles on my meal plan without making me feel like I ate a lot. It was a very late snack, but again, I didn’t skip it just because it was later than expected! That is progress!ImageI spent some time talking with my mom before I went to get cleaned up for our dinner adventure. We decided to try a new place and earlier this week my dad said he wanted to try out a place on Hyco Lake that reopened. So that is where we went. I don’t even know what it was called haha, but this is basically the whole place in this one picture. ImageEveryone left shortly after we got there, so it was just us and one guy at the bar. And the staff. The menu was very small, but they had a grilled chicken sandwich, and that is something I am comfortable with, so that’s what I got.ImageI ate the whole sandwich and a few of the fries. It was edible… I wouldn’t go back unless it was the only option though. My chicken was a little tough, but somehow it still made the bun really soggy. And the fries were fries. Some were mushy and some were overly crisp. So the food wasn’t the best but we still enjoyed trying a new place and spending time together. That is the important part 🙂

Like I said, it felt so great to get so much accomplished today! It was just the right combo of relaxing and being productive. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as great! My one goal for tomorrow is to eat my meals and snacks at better times. Sounds doable.


2 thoughts on “Today Couldn’t Have Been Better :)

  1. I expected a blog about how your dad took the day off and the two of you drove to Myrtle Beach to a Pittsburgh sports bar for the Bucco game! Maybe if they progress to the next round! Have a super weekend!

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