Back to Back to Back

Hello, hello! I hope everyone had a good Tuesday. If you are looking for a way to spend your night, go watch the Pirates game! If baseball isn’t your thing then New Girl is on at 9. Ever watch that show? I’m recording it so I can get my comedy fix and my baseball fix.

Last night I decided to go with ice cream and a mini Snickers for my snack. Image

This morning I was up early to get ready for work at my dad’s office. I showered then ate breakfast. Today I had a bagel with cream cheese (laughing cow cinnamon) and extra cinnamon sprinkled on top. I also had grapes and blueberries. Yummo!ImageThen my dad and I were off to Roxboro to work away the morning. I plugged into Songza on the computer and had a jam session while I reconciled errthang. For my morning snack I had a banana and pepper jack cheese. I got all the way through June before my dad and I headed home at lunch time. My lunch was a turkey provolone sandwich with pretzels and French onion dip. I don’t even remember the last time I had French onion dip! ImageMy dad had to sneak his hand in the picture. I think deep down he secretly wishes he was a hand model instead of a CPA… Oh, I’m only joking 😉 I quickly did the dishes before we left for my back to back to back appointments. The first stop was Dr. Chung. I would say that it went alright. There was no bad news and he said I had a slight gain. Not much, but a slight one. I take that as a good thing because I didn’t go backwards! I just really need to kick things up and work harder to fill up all of my bubbles. I also need to hydrate more. The importance of hydration was mentioned by all three professionals. I have been bad about drinking enough fluids, so time to take control of that too! I asked about a predicted time that I might be able to do physical activity again. Dr. Chung said it was hard to say but he did mention that he believes it will be soon. I just need to really push myself so I can get to that point! My goal is still to be able to participate in the Krispy Kreme Challenge again! So that is big motivation.

My dad and I then went to Lowe’s to pick up a few things before going to appointment number two. We arrived at Mary’s and began our session talking with her as a family. I heard some of my parent’s thoughts and we discussed things that were still difficult for me. Mary and I talked about my goals and a way that I could reach my bubbles. We are going to try a new approach to the bubbles. I am going to break my bubbles up into thirds (combining breakfast and morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack, and then dinner and snack) and I made goal times to have each third finished by. I always have such a successful time with Mary. She feels like so much more than just my nutritionist. She is so good at analyzing my emotions as well. She is like a therapist + nutritionist. She really opens up my mind and helps me to give Eduardo the boot!

Lori was next. We had a shorter session with her today because I accidentally scheduled Mary at 4:15 when I had Lori at 5. So I ate a Kind Bar on my way to appointment number three and then when we arrived we dove right in! We talked a lot about what was helpful to each other and what we could do differently to help with this new approach to the bubbles. Our goal is to try out having a meeting every other day to see how I am doing with my bubbles and to see if I need more support. We also discussed different ways that we cope with our emotions. It was a very open discussion and our family has definitely gotten so much better at expressing our thoughts and feelings. It is amazing how well Lori mediates the sessions we have. I love how she includes my parents in the therapy. I also love how she takes control and pushes us to talk about things that are a little difficult. My parents really like her too! They know her pretty well because she is also the one who leads the parent group that is held every Tuesday. So my parents stuck around for parent group and I headed home to do a little relaxing. I believe they are getting takeout for themselves so I am going to go see what I can scrounge up for my dinner! And the Pirates game is starting! Go Bucs!


6 thoughts on “Back to Back to Back

  1. I am so happy to hear about the gain! Keep up the good work! You can do it! Sounds like you had an insanely busy day so have fun relaxing and watching the bucs! Wish we were watching it together! Love you:)

  2. Loved watching the buccos through ur tv..haha…Listening to the game is way different than watching. Thanks for the read on the emotions of the players. Keep on working, you have come a really long way since June when we saw you, and when is the Krispy Kreme run?

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