Painting: Check!

I just finished painting my bathroom and am so happy that it is done! I still have a long way to go before it is all finished. I am going to be adding lots of functional decorations. All my ideas are Pinterest inspired… of course hehehe. The painting took me a total of two days. One day of priming and one day of painting. Got all the walls and the ceiling done.

Yesterday feels like it was a week ago. I will quickly take you through my eats. Lunch: Turkey sandwich with swiss, spinach, mustard and apple slices with a bak ball. Snack: Boomerang! It was fantastic. Dinner: Buffalo Chicken sandwich and tater tots. Snack: Pumpkin yogurt and trail mix (heaven). ImageImageImageImageThat was the last fat free yogurt for me. I have got to kick things up and go for low fat, which I have actually been doing for a while now. I just love pumpkin. So it would be alright to have that every now and then, right? Dinner was a little difficult for me. We didn’t have anything planned and I was struggling with figuring out what I wanted. Before I started priming I went to the barn to see Vinnie. I ended up chatting with Renee while I brushed Vinnie. I took my snack break while I was priming and then when I finished I joined my parents at a neighborhood block party. ImageIt was nice to talk to a few of the neighbors. We were there until maybe 8 and then we walked home for dinner.

Sorry, I feel like I was all over the place with the events from yesterday!


This morning I woke up and spent some time laying in bed, browsing Pinterest for more ideas. Then I got up for breakfast with my mom. I had a bowl of granola topped with my last Bak ball and cinnamon with a side of grapes. ImageAfter breakfast my mom and I did the meal planning for the week. We decided to let my dad sleep in haha.ImageWe created our list for groceries and another list for other supplies and then we were off to Target! Target is really growing on me. You can get a lot of your shopping there, whether it be groceries, clothes, household supplies… anything it seems like! I had fun walking up and down the aisles of the bedding, office, home, bathroom areas. They have some good stuff. ImageLunch time rolled around right after we got done putting up all the groceries. My mom and I had bean with bacon soup and grilled cheese, made with provolone, spinach, and a laughing cow wedge. Very filling! Image I couldn’t stand to watch the Steelers game so I took my mom out to the barn with me. She hasn’t been out for such a long time, and today was just beautiful! The lake was gorgeous, but I can’t wait to drive past it and see all the leaves changing to their Fall color.ImageVinnie was a little high strung today. He was scared to death of William riding his four wheeler around in the woods haha. He got over it though, until it was time for him to go back out to his pasture. While I brushed Vinnie, my mom started brushing Kasino. Kasino is just an old guy who has been around for a long time! ImageBarb leases Kasino and she rarely makes it out to the barn since she is very busy with her kids. She maybe gets to visit Kasino once a month, sometimes twice. It was so funny when Barb showed up when my mom started brushing him! It was nice to catch up with her. She is just the sweetest person. Vinnie was begging for his treats as always haha. ImageWhat a relaxing time out at the barn! Just enough down time before I was back to painting! My mom was nice enough to help out a little. Painting the trim is the part that takes FOREVER. I don’t mind the paint roller one bit. I took another break to have my snack. I had a banana, pretzels and my last Dreaming Cow yogurt. I will have to get more whenever I run out of the Chobani that I got today at Target. ImageThen I was back to painting and cleaning up. So happy to be done! I was covered in paint haha. Now I am multi tasking like a boss. I am eating my dinner, blogging, and watching tv with my parents. We just finished watching Rocky. My mom loves Sylvester Stallone. Tonight’s dinner was burgers, lima bean, and Trader Joe’s macaroni and cheese balls. I am so overwhelmed by it, but I’m pretending I’m not! I have been scared of burgers for a while now and I haven’t been letting myself order them whenever we go out to eat. So I guess it’s good. You know how some people say you should do one thing that scares you every single day? Yeah, this burger is my scary thing for the day. And I am doing it. The mac and cheese ball is a little scary too. Why not do two scary things?Image

Now I am going to go relax! I believe I am starting work at my dad’s office tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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