Saturday Awaits!

Good morning! Hope everyone’s Friday was as fun as mine! I spent most of the day with my dad and I really enjoyed it. Let me just do a quick round up of my eats.


Thursday night: mini key lime pie (no picture…fail)

Friday evening: yogurt, trail mix and pretzels.Image

Friday Late Night: Hershey’s cookies and cream cereal and two nut butter balls.ImageAs you can see, I have been neglecting my morning snack. I need to change that so I can make sure I am filling up my bubbles. Hopefully I will be able to do better about my morning snack whenever I get more settled in to a routine.

Breakfasts: Yesterday and Today

For breakfast the past two morning I have made myself a yummy egg, spinach and spicy black bean spread sandwich with a side of fruit sprinkled with cinnamon. Yesterday was banana and blueberries, today was just a banana. ImageImageI love the spice in the black bean spread! And I love how easy it is to make a mini omelet in my little egg cooker 🙂

Yesterday’s Lunch

My dad and I were out in Chapel Hill and on our way back to Durham we stopped at McAlister’s Deli for lunch. We were searching for a good spot to go and it felt like we drove all over the place haha! We saw McAlister’s and went for it. I ordered the Choose Two with a Sweet Chipotle Chicken sandwich and the Fire Roasted Veggie Soup. Both were so good! Image

Yesterday’s Dinner

For dinner my parents and I went to Satisfaction. On our meal planner we had originally planned for a fridge/pantry surprise where we would just throw something together from what we already had on hand. So it wasn’t a big deal that we decided to go out. Plus, we were already in town because we went to the Duke Volleyball match. We just ordered their four cheese pizza and it was super cheesy and very good. I ate two slices that I topped with red pepper flakes and a little hot sauce. Gotta get that spice in there! ImageIt was a little overwhelming but I did it.

Yesterday’s Events

So like I said, I spent most of the day with my dad. After my breakfast, we went into Durham to go to Lowe’s. I got primer for my bathroom just to be safe. The paint I got was paint + primer, but since it is such a bright color now I want to make sure I do a nice job covering it. Then we took a drive out to the Chapel Hill area to get an estimate on repairing a dent in my dad’s truck. The drive there was so refreshing with the windows down and the pretty views on the country roads. Then we hit yucky traffic on our way back haha. We went to lunch and then we stopped at The ReUse Warehouse. The ReUse Warehouse is this massive warehouse full of reclaimed wood, doors, flooring, counter tops, windows, appliances, etc. I found it on my phone when I was googling places to find reclaimed wood because my dad and I were talking about how on all these home improvement shows they use reclaimed wood because it’s cheaper and can have just as much quality as new wood, but we had no idea where to go to get it! We loved the place and I think we will definitely be going back to look for material to redo our front porch. I will probably be going back there too… I am sure I can find things to use for lots and lots of DIY projects!

When we got home I went out to the barn. Vinnie looked good, but not one hundred percent. I also saw Renee and it was so nice to catch up with her for a while. He scarfed down his apple and treats as usual 🙂

My next activity involved my bathroom. I put up painter’s tape everywhere it was needed. I will be working more on it today! I was about to start with the deglosser but then my dad said it was time to get ready to go to Duke Volleyball! So I jumped in the shower and got ready. When my mom got home we opened her second package from Stitch Fix!!! My mom got more cute things! I love this company! Image

Check her out, modeling one of her new shirts at the volleyball game! ImageImageImageDuke won in three sets! We might go again tonight to their match. They are so much fun to watch! We will see though, I am not sure if we have anything else planned.

Then we went to Satisfaction for dinner. I feel like looked super sleepy haha! ImageWhen we got home I hit the couch. It felt like a giant pillow made just for me 🙂 I ate my snack of cereal and nut butter balls then went right to bed, after watching an episode of the Vampire Diaries on Netflix… guilty pleasure!

Today I am going to focus on my bathroom! I am going to try and get it all primed today, which shouldn’t be a difficult task. Then I will also make my daily trip to the barn to see Vinnie. I hope everyone has exciting plans for this weekend!


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