Tuesday Highlights

Two long days in a row equals one very wiped out Beth. I am just going to do a super quick recap of my day and tomorrow I will post in more detail about what all went down today.

Last night’s snack was some Ben and Jerry’s. ImageOnce I finished the ice cream I went straight to bed and dozed right off! I had some crazy dreams. My mom woke me up early again this morning and I had a bowl of granola, trail mix (blueberry blaze), banana slices and blueberries. I mixed in some plain Dreaming Cow yogurt and dug in. ImageYum!

Then I went out to check on Vinnie. He was doing so much better today! He was walking around and he only looked a tiny bit lame! I was soooo happy. He was happy too. ImageI had to hurry home to get ready to go to work. I grabbed my lunch and was out the door. The main task at work today was to get the store set up and the majority of the online orders shipped. I would say that we did a pretty good job with doing that. I stayed at work for lunch while the guys went out. I had an apple with my Trader Joe’s 4 cheese and spinach farfalle. It was so good! I’t not usually a fan of creamy sauces, but I didn’t mind this one at all. ImageI left work early to make it to my appointment with Mary that I had at 3:15. I will talk more about this tomorrow! After Mary I had a yogurt and pretzels before my appointment with Lori, which I will also go into more detail about tomorrow! ImageWhen I finished at Lori’s I came home while my parents stayed for the parent group meeting. At home I did a few dishes and a load of laundry before relaxing. When my parents got home around 8:30 we made our dinner. Meatballs cooked in the crock pot all day so all we had to do was throw them on a hoagie roll with some provolone and stick them under the broiler. And I threw the salad together. So it was a quick fix. ImageIt had some good flavor as well. After dinner my parents and I watched a few shows that we recorded and watched bits and pieces of the Pirates game. For my snack I was daring and had 3 balls… a Bak Ball and both flavors of my nut butter balls. And a vanilla pudding! Woah! ImageI have another long day of work tomorrow and all I can think about right now is sleep haha. Goodnight!


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