Monday Madness

I am glad the day is coming to an end. I can now relax and enjoy some Monday night television with my parents. Where to begin… oh yes! I ate a vanilla pudding and a Bak ball and a nut butter ball before having a wonderful night of sleep. I really could have slept much longer, but I was up early to have breakfast with my mom. I made overnight oats with raspberries and then my mom whipped up a banana blueberry smoothie. ImageThen I headed out to the barn. Vinnie was in worse shape today. I didn’t have the heart to make him walk all the way up to the barn so I took all my grooming supplies down to his pasture. I also tried to give him bute, but I don’t know how much of it he actually got. It is so sad to see him like this. I decided not to wrap his hoof today because I didn’t want him to put unnecessary weight on his right leg. I had to rush home to get ready for work. I quickly got changed and packed up my snack and a lunch (turkey, swiss, spinach, mustard sandwich and an apple) just incase I didn’t get time to go get lunch on a break. ImageI began the work day by sending out lots of emails and phone calls to customers to tell them their status of their products and to apologize for the delay. That was surprisingly time consuming. I ate the kind bar while working on that and then before I knew it my boss was telling Simeon and I to go to lunch. I let him pick the place and he chose Tyler’s because it was walking distance. I didn’t mind going there even though I went there Friday night with my parents because I was comfortable with ordering the Banh Mi that I got Friday. I ordered it with the sweet potato fries, but they gave me their garlic fries. I didn’t mind because they were pretty good. I only ate about 3/4 of the sandwich and some of the fries. ImageI enjoyed lunch. It was tasty and conversation with Simeon was nice. Back at work we did some organizing in the tiny little temporary store. Everything is still in boxes. Tomorrow job is to get it all set up. We also did some of the online orders and got them ready to ship. At 5 I headed home and as soon as I got there I fixed my snack. I just had some yogurt and granola. I love my Dreaming Cow yogurt. ImageImageAs soon as I finished my snack I made it my goal to finish sanding the walls and ceiling in my bathroom. I put in my headphones and got to work! I finally finished sanding! Then I had to clean up all the dust. There was a ton of dust. A ton. I was covered head to toe in paint and ceiling dust. I jumped in the shower just in time to get all clean before I watched the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother. We ate dinner while we watched. My mom and dad make tonight’s new recipe while I worked on my bathroom. Tonight’s new recipe was Rachel Ray’s Red Chicken Marsala. We ate it with leftover penne from last night and bread. It was so incredibly flavorful! ImageNow I am loving my lazy time on the couch. I am going to go enjoy it with a snack because I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow! Hope your week had a great start!


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