French Friesday

Did everyone have a wonderful Friday? I just did something embarrassing… I originally typed Wednesday. Alliteration must be on my mind. I spent the day with my dad and I had a great time!

Last night for my snack I had Ben and Jerry’s/Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream with a nut butter ball. Image

This morning I woke up around 7:45 but laid in bed until 9ish. It was a drizzly morning so it was ridiculously easy to lay there in bed. My dad and I then went out for breakfast. Breakfast out for me is challenging because it feels like it is the most difficult thing to estimate for my bubbles. We went to Eno River Eatery. They had a limited selection but it wasn’t bad tasting. I got a bacon and cheese omelet with fruit and an english muffin. ImageThe amount of bacon and cheese was a little overwhelming but I ate the majority of it and allowed myself to enjoy the flavor.

Morning errands consisted of a trip to Lowes to get my supplies for repainting my bathroom. I am so excited, there are so many images I have in my mind for what I want it to look like when it’s finished. Michaels was the next stop. I got materials to make a beer bottle decoration.

Netflix was calling my name when we got home. The cloudy day just made me want to be lazy! For lunch I made myself a simple turkey sandwich with spinach and a spicy black bean dip that I used as a spread. I had a yogurt along with it.ImageThen it was time to go out to the barn! I had another great day enjoying Vinnie. I think whenever I call him when he is out in the pasture he gets so excited that he forgets to finish chewing what’s in his mouth.ImageIt also looks like he has battle scars from getting in a fight with someone. My money is on Robert. I think Robert likes to sneak attack Vinnie as some type of revenge hahaha.ImageI decided to practice doing a quick running braid in Vinnie’s mane. If horses can actually realize when they are getting braided I would say he enjoys it when he gets braided. 🙂 Image

Craft time! I made my beer bottle decorations. A little burlap, lace, and flowers (yes, I used fake… I don’t possess the talent of keeping real flowers, or any plant for that matter, alive). I also threw some river rocks and corks in a bigger vase and stuck the remaining fakes in it. ImageImageThen I prepped my snack which I ate on the way to Durham. I had pretzels and trail mix. That is an easy go to snack for me that I really enjoy the taste of. I probably like it so much because the trail mix has so many different flavors in it! ImageMy parents and I went into Durham to go to the Duke vs. Indiana Volleyball game. I was really expecting a closer match, but Duke stole the show! I really enjoy watching volleyball at this level of competition. SUCH a huge difference between high school and collegiate volleyball. Image

For dinner we went out again. We would have eaten too late if we came home to cook something. We went to Tyler’s and which always has yummy food! I don’t think I’ve ever been unhappy with what I have ordered from there. Tonight I tried something I have never had but have been wanting to try for a long time now. I had a banh mi that I ordered with sweet potato fries. Yes, I ordered fries! I ate a good bit of them too! Now I must rave about the sandwich. The combination of flavors was impeccable. Sweetness from the pickled carrots and cucumber, spicy from the sriracha mayo, freshness from the cilantro, and great flavor from the sliced pork. All on a nice baguette. The sweet potato fries were just as amazing. perfect crispiness with a hint of garlic. ImageNow I feel like whenever I see a banh mi on a menu somewhere I am just going to have to order it! I had a great time going to the volleyball match and dinner with my family. I am definitely ready for some nice home cooked meals though! This week has been restaurant overload for me haha. Tomorrow I will be starting on my bathroom 🙂 Now I’m off to have dessert! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


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