The Only Way To Conquer Fear Is To Do The Things That Scare You

Hi there! Today was a relaxing day for me. I managed to get a few more hours of compared to the previous two nights. Last night I had a vanilla snack pack with two nut butter balls. ImageThe pudding didn’t kill me! Nothing should be scary about it. It is packed with a good amount of calcium, which is a good thing! I then watched St. Elmo’s Fire, but fell asleep on the couch before the end. I will have to finish watching it sometime soon because my dad said it has some unexpected twists! Around 3:30 I relocated to my bed and then woke up for breakfast with my mom. I had another bagel with cream cheese and cinnamon, banana, blueberries, and a glass of milk. ImageAfter breakfast I relaxed on the couch and watched Netflix. I then did a few chores then had my snack. I had an apple and an almond butter sandwich. Vanilla almond butter, to be exact. Love.ImageOnce I finished eating I grabbed some carrots to take to Vinnie. He was back to his normal self and wasn’t moving around a lot while I was grooming him and taping his hoof. It seemed extra peaceful out at the barn today. When I let Vinnie back out in the pasture I had him follow me around while I picked up old tape that he escaped from haha. I got him to follow me by feeding him baby carrots. The other horses swarmed just as I finished picking up the tape I found and just after I gave Vinnie the last of the carrots. I felt bad that I didn’t give them any carrots, but I think they quickly got over it haha. When I got home I had a call from Mary so I called her back and scheduled an appointment at 3 since I had to miss the one on Tuesday. So I got a shower and then made my lunch. I made rice with broccoli and pot stickers. It was a quick, easy fix that only needed a few ingredients.Image I steamed the broccoli and zapped the pot stickers in the microwave. Then I crisped up the pot stickers in a little bit of olive oil and added the broccoli and soy sauce to the pan and let them do their thing while the rice cooked in the microwave. Combine everything and there ya have it!ImageThen I was off to pick up my mom from work before going to see Mary. At Mary’s we talked about my trip to Allentown and we talked about maybe having a fear of letting go of the eating disorder. We also talked about the possibility that my fear of food reflects fear of another part of my life. I made a few connections to fearing what my future holds and how I am scared that I am going to get stuck on a path that I don’t enjoy. Mary made a good point when she told a beautiful story about how she had fears of her own that she could only overcome by doing the thing that scared her. She said it would be similar for me. My fear of food will decrease when I start eating more and that will help me to be able to work on other fears and do the things that scare me. What better way to grow as a person, right? We discussed my goals for the week and things that are good about myself. It was a very helpful exercise. Mary also gave me the sweetest card and butterfly garland for my birthday! She is so considerate! Mary = the best. Back at home I had Kashi vanilla oatmeal and yogurt for snack. ImageI talked to my mom a little about what Mary and I discussed before we got ready to go to dinner in Brier Creek. We decided to go to Applebee’s and I ordered the sirloin steak with garlic shrimp. It was a little more undercooked than I was expecting, but it was still tasty and I ate it. ImageAt dinner my parents and I talked about some options for going back to school. I let you know more on that subject soon! Now I am off to have a relaxing night with a nice snack!

I am excited for tomorrow! Are you?


2 thoughts on “The Only Way To Conquer Fear Is To Do The Things That Scare You

  1. That is how Dave and I like the pot stickers. They are a nice easy meal. We also really like trader joes orange chicken that we throw in the oven with peppers and onions and whatever other veggies and let them roast while the chicken cooks then you add some of the orange sauce and eat with rice – you’ll have to try that next time too! We miss seeing you at school. Come visit anytime!

    • I totally stole the pot sticker meal from you! My mom mentioned that’s how you did it and I just had to try it. That orange chicken with veggies sounds amazing… I will definitely be trying that as well. I miss seeing all of you at school too! I will visit soon!

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