Reunited (with the couch) And It Feels So Good

Hello and happy Wednesday evening! After an all night bus ride back to Durham, it felt great to just plop down on the couch and relax today. It felt incredible. Let me skip back a few days though…

Sunday night snack and Monday morning breakfast

Sunday night before bed I made myself a banana wrap. Ingredients included a flour tortilla, banana, plain greek yogurt, peanut butter and a dash of cinnamon. Wrap it up and you are good to go! Instead of cinnamon you could use cocoa powder. That is very tasty as well. ImageFor breakfast I had the pumpkin overnight oatmeal. I promised to share the recipe, so here it is!

Pumpkin Overnight Oatmeal:

-1/2 cup old fashioned oats

-1/2 cup Trader Joe’s pumpkin greek yogurt

-1/2 cup milk (I use 2%)

-1/2 Tablespoon chia seeds

-1/4 cup granola (optional and add in the morning right before devouring)

-cinnamon to taste

Add ingredients and stir well, let sit overnight, enjoy in the AM! It is thicker than my overnight oats last week. The greek yogurt really added some thickness. And the pumpkin flavor wasn’t overwhelming at all, it was just a little hint of pumpkin perfection. 🙂 Image Then you know the rest of what my Monday consisted of from my previous post 🙂

Tuesday in Allentown, PA

After my breakfast yesterday, Teresa, Natasha and I walked across the road to the strip mall. We first hit up target and took advantage of the tax laws. We all bought blankets to prepare ourselves for the cold night ahead of us. We also bought some long sleeve shirts to layer up! We saw these footsie pajamas and were joking about getting them to wear at the game! ImageI kind of wanted the sock monkey one on the left, just to be able to say that I have it. I decided to save my money. After Target we went to Ross where we all bought gloves. I know, we probably were being a little dramatic about the cold, but better safe than sorry! Then we went to Old Navy and just looked around. They actually had some really cute stuff. I will have to remember that they have cute stuff the next time I go shopping for myself. Before heading back to the hotel we went to Panera for lunch. I went with the choose two with the roasted turkey sandwich on country bread and the chicken noodle soup. I wanted something warm, and chicken noodle soup is growing on me (It has never been my favorite, but every now and then I think it sounds good). ImageImageThat was a really simple turkey sandwich, but it was really good for how simple it was. Back at the hotel we just hung out in our room before we had to check out and hop on the bus at 3. We headed over to the ballpark and stood around at the Budweiser tailgate before the gates opened. ImageThe gates opened at 5 and we had general admission tickets so we just picked one of the tables in the right outfield to sit at. I had the apple from Panera with me, so I ate that for a snack. Before the National Anthem, the Budweiser Clydesdales did a lap around the field. They are truly gorgeous animals! Complete opposites of the Arabian horses I am used to. The park was a very nice facility as well. I think the renovations of the Bull’s park will be somewhat similar to this stadium. ImageImageImageImageAround 8:30 I went to the concessions and came back with a Philly Cheesesteak. They were all out of peppers. Wahhh. But I still had it with cheese and onions and then I put some hot sauce on it just for kicks. It was HUGE. I ate the whole thing though, minus a few pieces of steak that fell. I knew I needed to eat it all because I was really struggling with my snacks for the day. ImageIt was a little intimidating, but I ate it! I ended up wearing like 5 layers of clothing and my blanket. It was chilly! The game was really good. The Bull’s showed up a little late and came close to tying it up at the very end, but unfortunately they were beat 2-1 by Omaha. It was sad that they didn’t get the National Championship, but they still get the ring for the International League. They had an amazing season and I am proud to be working for such a great organization! After the game we waited in a suit for the bus to show up. We loaded up and hit the road. Everyone was still enjoying themselves on the bus! We drove all night to make it back to Durham by 8 this morning. The bus ride last night was entertaining while everyone was playing their games and partying. I felt terrible for my boss because he got really sick and was in a lot of pain. I wish I could have helped him more, but all I could do was sit with him for a while and give him emotional support. Crohn’s disease is such a terrible thing 😦 We agreed to be each other’s help on this trip so I definitely had his back when he needed me. After a while I gave him his space and told him to text me if he needed me to come sit with him. I played cards with a few guys who were trainees in a different department for a while. We played a few rounds of spades and then a little bit of poker. No money was involved though, which is too bad because I could have cleaned up! Eventually everyone fell asleep and I went to sleep a little after 3 and we were off the bus in Durham by 7:45!


When I got home this morning I ate my breakfast. I didn’t have a night snack last night so I tried to have a nice breakfast. I went with a bagel and honey cinnamon pecan cream cheese with a little extra cinnamon sprinkled on top and a banana. ImageAfter breakfast I worked on filling out my bubbles from the past two days before I headed out to the barn to see Vinnie. I enjoyed my morning out at the barn. I always look forward to going out there in the mornings. It was still pretty cool and crisp outside. The cooler temperature and a tractor across the road had Vinnie shifting around a lot in the cross ties, but not too much. He couldn’t eat his apple fast enough today! The last two days he must have felt so deprived of treats haha. ImageGoof ball. When I put him back in the pasture he caught sight of the sheep out in the pasture on the other side of the barn. He acts like he has never seen them before! I guess they are kind of funny looking haha. ImageThe shower was calling my name as soon as I got home. I felt like I was contaminated from that bus ride haha. After my shower I had a morning snack of yogurt and trail mix. Oh, how I love my trail mix 🙂 ImageThen I fell asleep on the couch. It just felt so good. I got on a few hours of sleep on the bus and the night before. I was looking forward to just being lazy for a day. I woke up and it was about 2 so I figured I should probably have my lunch. I made a salami and mozzarella sandwich that I toasted up under the broiler and I ate it with some fresh baby carrots. ImageI did a few chores around the house before heading back to the couch. I watched Netflix until my parents got home from work. I ate a snack of pretzels and more trail mix. Yes, more. 🙂 ImageI talked to my mom about my trip until it was time to start making dinner. We made roasted squash and pasta with a rotisserie chicken. It was quick and easy dinner to make. ImageMy dad and I then drove up to Rougemont to buy lottery tickets for the big one tonight! Hoping for the winner!

Today I did my best to get back on track with eating all my snacks and meals. I think I still did very well on the trip, considering where I was at two months ago. I wouldn’t have been able to go on this trip back then, but now I am powerful enough to handle the situations that would have previously caused me extreme anxiety. I definitely am not ready to be independent though, and I think that is shown by my missed snacks. I am still proud of myself for going! I really enjoyed it. I am glad to be back home though. I am ready to settle into a consistent routine. I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Two more days till the weekend!


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