Twenty! Venti!

You’ve seen the movie Role Models, right? If you haven’t, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! That is one of the funniest movies and its another one that I quote all the time. Every time I think about the word “twenty” I always, always, always think about the scene from that movie when the are in the coffee shop and they get into an argument about Starbucks coffee sizes and at the end of the scene, Beth (coincidence the character’s name is Beth hehe) yells “it’s called a venti because it’s twenty ounces! Twenty! Venti!” Well guess what? I’m twenty years old now! Twenty! Venti!

Sunday night after my dinner with the grandparents and my cupcake and ice cream I blogged and then had a night snack of a banana wrap. Yesterday morning I woke up early to have breakfast with my mom. I made a delicious pumpkin overnight oatmeal topped with granola and then a put together a little fruit bowl. I will share pictures and recipes of the banana wrap and the oatmeal when I get back home to my camera. Still kicking myself for leaving it behind! I ran into CVS real quick before getting packed to go on my trip to Allentown, PA with the Bulls crew for the Triple A Championship game! I got on the bus around 11 and had fun watching everyone darty (day-party) haha. They definitely made the bus ride entertaining! Let’s just say I wish this was my 21st birthday so I could’ve joined in on the fun!

My snack was a Larabar. I wish I could say I ate the kit kat my boss offered me (and I gladly took) but I couldn’t make myself do it. I don’t know why. But I took it! Normally I would have declined. So that’s good right? It was hard for me on the bus because everyone was continually snacking on chips, candy, Oreos, etc. and I wanted to be that carefree but it’s like I completely forgot how to be carefree. Getting there though, just wait till you finish reading this post! For lunch we stopped at McDonald’s. Fast food isn’t the most comforting, but I know there are safe things on the menu I can order and not completely beat myself up for eating. I went with the grilled chicken ranch blt sandwich.


I was still on the bus when snack time rolled around so I ate some pretzels I had packed

When we got to the hotel we got set up in our rooms and then we regrouped to go to dinner at Red Robin. It is right by the hotel so we just walked there. The waitresses were so nice and they did such a great job serving a group of 26 (I think) people! I ordered the chicken Ensenada plate and it was really good. It came with two chicken breasts but I could only eat one before I was feeling full. My boss also had be order a birthday treat and everyone did the Red Robin happy birthday clapping routine. I had the cookie sundae thing and it was very sweet and tasty! I ate most of the cookie and a few bites of the ice cream before everyone got up to go back to the hotel to get ready for the night, so I didn’t get to finish it.


Around 9:45 we loaded the bus and headed to the casino! Yes, the casino! Turns out you have to be 21 to even get in, so I couldn’t even watch everyone lose their money haha. Nico (who has a double identity for the bulls, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down) forgot his license so he couldn’t get in either. We got escorted to a restaurant in the casino and hung out and watched the Steelers get their bits kicked. Then Nico asked for a dessert menu and he ordered tiramisu so guess what I did? I ordered another dessert! Can you believe it??!?! The brownie skillet. Ate most of it too!


It was a very fun night! I still really enjoyed it even though I couldn’t get into the casino haha. Now I am eating my breakfast at the hotel to prepare me for the big, adventurous day ahead of me!

I can’t thank my boss enough for this experience and for being there to help support me. He would always ask me if I was doing alright and that really helped me out, especially last night after the brownie. I was really beating myself up the brownie, but after him asking if I was alright and me faking that I was, haha, I was able to think to myself, so what if I just gained a pound from that? That’s the goal, right, for me to gain weight? So I wasn’t dwelling on it and I focused on trying to relax and enjoy my trip and the company I was with!
I hope everyone had a good Monday and is ready for a terrific Tuesday!


One thought on “Twenty! Venti!

  1. And what good does “beating yourself up do?” It’s natural to feel some stress on this “roadtrip” Accept the fact that this is a new experience, that there is stress that goes along with it,and old thoughts and feelings will come back. BUT then you can move on…stay on track, dismiss Eduardo (he can stay in Alllentown!) and enjoy that experience!

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