Best. Day. Ever. Times a Zillion.

I can barely contain myself with all of the exciting things that happened today! Oh-em-gee. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I will start by mentioning my late night snack for last night. I had a raspberry chocolate chip Chobani yogurt and two nut butter balls. Very tasty. Then I went to bed and slept great until about 6:30. So I just laid in bed for a while until I heard my mom was awake. We started on breakfast. We cooked up potatoes, eggs, toast, and bacon. I made a little omelet with my bacon and spinach and put it on top of my toast. The potatoes could have been cooked a little longer. I made a mixture of sweet potatoes and normal ones, and the sweet potatoes were thankfully a little more cooked than the white ones. A glass of OJ to get my vitamin C! ImageAfter we finished breakfast my parents and I discussed how the week went. I heard from both of them the things that they thought I could have done differently. It was very informative and I got some good feedback on things to work harder on. The barn was then calling my name! When I got there I talked to Marty a bit before taking care of Vinnie. It was nice to catch up with Marty. We talked a lot about his chickens. All but one got eaten by foxes 😦 But he still has a bunch that he is hatching. Vinnie was good today. Not as hyper. He still had a hard time standing still for me when I was taping him, but he was much better than yesterday. ImageHe couldn’t get back to the grass fast enough!ImageAfter the barn I came home and fixed my snack. I had blueberry yogurt, trail mix, and a pretzel. ImageWhile I was eating my yogurt I was looking up how to make homemade yogurt at home. I am just weird like that and want to try making my own because I love making things-whether it be food or a craft of some sort. Then it was time to kick it into gear! My mom and I power cleaned the house because my grandparents were coming. I don’t remember the last time everything has been this clean all at once… is that bad? For lunch my mom and I split a frozen thin crust Margherita pizza. Excellent for a frozen pizza!ImageDo you see the rubik’s cube in the background? Yeah, my dad totally jumbled it up at breakfast this morning. Blahh. I continued cleaning after lunch before getting showered to run a quick errand with my mom. We ran into Durham to get some things from Whole Foods. When we got back home my grandparents were already here. It was so nice of them to come visit! My grandma, my mom and I talked about almost everything while we prepared dinner. We might have started on it a little early because we were left waiting for my dad to grill the steaks. We made a vegetable mac n cheese. Very very good. I will share the recipe soon! ImageWith the anticipation of dinner I was struggling big time and didn’t have an afternoon snack. I just couldn’t make myself do it. I was also having a hard time while we were at Whole Foods because my mom wanted me to pick out dessert to celebrate my birthday. I was freaking out in my head. I didn’t like it one bit. I eventually just went with cupcakes (that ended up being really freaking delicious). I ate mine with Ben and Jerry’s/Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. One of my favorites! ImageThen I opened my birthday cards from my grandparents and my dad. I can’t believe my dad found the same card (the one on the right) for like the 6th or 7th year in a row. He gets it for me every single year and will continue to do so until he can no longer find it! Enter reason why was the best day ever. My dad got second row tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game on October 28th. I am a HUGE Pens fan and I just about lost it. ImageThat was my birthday gift and christmas gift combined for like the next 5 years haha. So today wasn’t actually my birthday, it is tomorrow, but the reason we were celebrating tonight (and the other reason today can’t be topped) was because my boss, Bryan, got me a ticket to the National Championship game that the Durham Bulls are playing in and we leave tomorrow at 11am for Allentown, PA! I am so excited to be going!!!! These are the best presents ever. I am only slightly nervous about going out of town for a few days, but Bryan will be there to support me if I feel like I am struggling. My parent’s also believe that I am doing well enough to handle it! I still fell like I am in shock from all of this! Can’t wait! Have a great Monday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Best. Day. Ever. Times a Zillion.

  1. Man do I have a lot of catching up to do! I went totally unplugged last week on news, no computer and no television! Happy Birthday..I ate some delicious Northern New Mexican food last week…love green chili (as long as its not too hot!) Allentown PA? Who plays there? You will be fine in on this trip so relax and enjoy the experience!

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