Making Up For Uncertainty

I feel like every time I start my day off with something I am uncertain about I am just setting myself up for a challenging day. Today was one of those days. My parents said we were going out for breakfast before experiencing Trader Joe’s for the first time. I was a little nervous about it, but I tried my hardest not to fear breakfast. It is just so hard for me to gauge how many bubbles I am filling in when I don’t know what all is going in what I order. When I don’t know how to bubble certain things I often have a more difficult time deciding what to have for the next time I have snack or a meal. I shouldn’t let the fear of not knowing exactly what I ate dictate what I will eat in the future. One of Mary’s ground rules: Each snack or meal is its own eating opportunity. Today I was a little overwhelmed at breakfast. We went to the Silver Spoon and they just had so many different things to choose from! I wanted to be strong and powerful and order something that sounded gloriously delicious. I narrowed it down to three things, basically all the same thing just cooked differently. I was stuck between an omelet, a frittata, or a scramble. They all had the same ingredients of a mixture of veggies. I ended up copying my parents and I ordered the omelet. For my sides I decided to go with an english muffin and fresh fruit. ImageThe omelet also had cheese and sour cream on it. I ate most of it, although I scraped the majority of the sour cream off to the side. I also only had a few bites of the english muffin. It came slathered in butter and it made me a little uncomfortable… The omelet was very good though. I will have to remember that combination of ingredients to make at home sometime. After breakfast we headed over to Chapel Hill to see what Trader Joe’s was all about. I have heard it is similar to Whole Foods but a little cheaper. My dad also said it was highly rated in Consumer Reports. I personally loved the place! It was so cute and I feel like they had some good things there. I stocked up on a bunch of frozen things that I could quickly heat up for a well rounded snack or meal. Whole Foods has a bigger and better selection, but the atmosphere in Trader Joe’s made the trip fun and exciting. ImageOnce the groceries were all put away I headed out to the barn. The weather was so nice today! It was really cool outside. Not so great for horses though, cool weather makes Vinnie a little hot headed. He just dancing away in the cross ties! It also sounded like the police were at the firing range, so the repetitive gun shots weren’t exactly soothing either haha. I have a bad habit of putting too much trust in Vinnie when he is acting a little high strung. When I was trimming the duct tape around his coronet band he decided he couldn’t stand still and I got a nice knee to the side of my face, right by my cheek bone. Ouchy. Other than being hyper, Vinnie was doing well today. He has bots. Grrr! ImageI can tell just by the look in his eyes when he is a little amped up. ImageHe also had some cuts on his neck right under his cheek that looked a little fresh. Poor guy is just beating himself up out in the pasture! He loves being out on the grass though. ImageHis hair looks so long in these close up pictures haha! Lena was out at the barn as well and it was nice to chat with her a little bit. When I got home from the barn I did some quick chores before having lunch. Proof that I was struggling with the uncertainty of my breakfast: I went with something very safe for lunch, I just had a turkey sandwich with swiss and spinach and strawberries. It was still very good, and honestly it hit the spot! I think I could live off of turkey sandwiches if I had to. ImageAfter lunch I did some more chores inside before heading outside to clean up the mailbox contraption. Before:ImageAfter:ImageLooks like new! I found a few more small things to do around the house before my parents and I headed up to Timberlake to go to a meat market and to Dollar General. I snack on the Hodgepodge Harvest trail mix during the short drive. We got some good stuff from both places! When we got back I needed to add a little something to my snack so I tried one of my new frozen goodies from Trader Joe’s. Potstickers! It was my first time having them and they were really good! I now want to try the dumpling/potsticker food truck, Chirba Chirba Dumplings, that rolls around the Triangle. Get a taste of some real dumpling type things. ImageImageI watched a little Netflix before taking a nice, long, hot shower. For dinner we had pork tenderloin (my suggestion at the meat market) with pasta and veggies. My mom just boiled up pasta portions for us so my portion of pasta was already predetermined and I knew exactly what I was getting from it. The pork was so incredibly juicy. We haven’t had pork tenderloin in a long time so it was really nice to have it tonight. ImageI helped my dad set up dueling tv’s so that we could watch the Pittsburgh Pirates and Notre Dame at the same time haha. Some might say this is a little overboard, but we think it is completely necessary. ImageAnd the little corner of my laptop is peeking in the picture. Three screens in my face? Absolutely. Go hard or go home. In other sports related news, the Durham Bulls are your nee 2013 International League Champions!!!! The Governor’s Cup is coming back to the Bull City! Now we just have one game left: the National Championship game on Tuesday. So excited!!!! Now I need to start thinking about a snack. I had ice cream and a nut butter ball last night but tonight I just don’t know if I am feeling something sweet… I hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday and is looking forward to Sunday!


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