Work, Work, Work!

This morning my parents let me sleep in. I don’t think I really slept any longer than normal, but I got to lay in bed and relax for a while. I got ready for work and then ate my breakfast. I topped my overnight oatmeal with granola, dried cranberries and sunflower butter. Great combo! I feel like the sunflower butter thickened it up just a tiny bit and gave it such great sunflower seed flavor without overpowering it. I’m sure it would be the same for almond or peanut butter! ImageThen I was off to work! I started off the work day by counting up the money in the safe. Then it was time to start packing up the store. Here are some before pictures. ImageImageSo many boxes! I now consider myself a professional. For lunch Bryan, Holden and I went to Mellow Mushroom. That is the go-to spot when we work days since it is right across the street. Bryan had to run back to the store so Holden and I ate real quick and then brought Bryan his sandwich. I had the Jerk chicken hoagie and it was very good. It was jerk seasoned chicken with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, pineapple, feta and a pesto mayo. So many flavors! ImageThen it was back to the store to continue packing up. I worked on packing up the store by myself all day while the guys worked on moving the shelves from the stock room and taking stuff to storage. I got all of the apparel and most of the novelties done. After pictures!ImageImageImageYeah. I did all that. The guys helped stack up all the boxes though, so I can’t take all the credit. Tomorrow we just have to do all the hats, baseballs, glasses and a few other things. Then move everything to storage, yippee! I go in at nine so hopefully getting there early will mean we finish early. Then I will be able to go see Vinnie since I didn’t get out to the barn today. When I got home I had a snack of two pretzels and yogurt. Image

My mom came home with a few things from the grocery store. She bought ice cream, key lime pie, pesto, linguine, noosa yogurts and a few other things. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed. It has been such a long time since I felt that nervous. I broke into a few tears but I was able to regroup. I helped my mom cook dinner. We had linguine with chicken, pesto, tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers and garlic. It was very tasty. While we were cooking I was able to tell my mom that I was very overwhelmed when she came home. I told her it felt like she deliberating chose yogurts and deserts that were more calorically dense and than what I am totally comfortable with. She explained that she was just quickly grabbing things that she saw me look at before but that I never got. So I told her that I would eat them because it’s what I need to do. So I had that brief setback but I was able to move past it and enjoy dinner. ImageIt might not look that appetizing but it was very good. Chicken and pesto pasta has always been one of my favorites! I once demanded it for my birthday dinner when I was little. Now I am going to go have a relaxing night with my parents! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday and is looking forward to the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work!

  1. Thank you so much for being brave enough to share that it’s not all easy breezy for you and that you actively challenge yourself. I look at your food posts and wish I could comfortably eat many of the things you post, like the pasta you had for lunch in your previous entry, and then I remind myself that it’s just as hard for you, if not more, to eat these things, and yet you do it because you are taking responsibility for your mental and physical health. I am so grateful for finding your blog and ALWAYS look forward to your posts.

    Also, I tried a Larabar for the very first time. LOVED IT. 🙂 I had the apple pie flavor and now desperately want to make my own because the ingredients list seems so simple.

    • Some days are definitely more challenging than others. I am sure you have experienced that as well! It still amazes me that my posts inspire you and other readers. I couldn’t thank you enough for keeping up with me on my journey. I know that in time your comfort level will improve and you will regain your own mental and physical health 🙂

      I am so proud of you for trying a new bar! How amazing is that?! AND you liked it! That’s a huge step. I personally have never had the apple pie flavor, but I might have to try it now!

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