Time To Make A Routine

So yesterday went really well with my appointments! At Mary’s we talked mostly about my bubbles. We decided to go back down to the bubble amount I was at before my last increase because it was really difficult to reach my goal this past week. Since I was successful with those bubbles we all felt fine with going back to the those amounts. We also worked on making a plan for goal times to eat. Lately I have been pushing everything back because my morning snack has been so late. Then I end up eating a really late lunch, then a late snack, a late dinner, and then I don’t eat my snack before bed until 11. Ultimately I want to start going to bed by 10:30 so I can get more sleep. I think sleep is just as important for me right now, and I have really been struggling to get enough. But we came up with a list of things to aim for for this upcoming week! Before going to my appointment with Lori we stopped at Whole Foods so I could grab something for snack and dinner. For snack I quickly had a pretzel and almond butter in the lobby. ImageWe had a very good session with Lori. It is amazing how easily we all open up. Our main focus in discussion seemed to be on where we all stood on the spectrum of needing parental guidance to being capable of independence. My dad talked more than I think I have ever heard him talk at one of these sessions. It is so informative and I always find out new things about myself or about my parents.

After Lori, I rushed over to work. It was the first game of the Governor’s Cup Championship. It was a small crowd and the store wasn’t busy at all. On break I ate my dinner that I grabbed from Whole Foods: turkey sandwich and yogurt. ImageThe Bulls ended up losing. They were so close to winning, too! Oh well. Well I got home I had a bowl of ice cream with a cookie. Sorry, no picture. Then I hit the sack!

This morning I woke up and had breakfast with my dad. Kind Of. He finished his Cheerios just as I was starting to eat. So I took my overnight oats with toppings (same as the day before) to the couch and watched some Netflix while my dad got ready to go to work. ImageI watched two episodes of Scandal on Netflix before I headed out to the barn. The horses all looked so happy being out on the luscious grass of the upper pasture. ImageVinnie was just as happy as all get out when he saw his apple! ImageHe almost pooped on my phone today… how gross would that have been! Haha. When I got home from the barn my dad was home from work. He just went for a little bit so he could get stuff to work from home. He helped me look at my snack options. Morning snacks are always difficult to decide on. I ended up just going with a glass of orange juice and a Larabar. Imagei did a little tidying up around the house today but I was lazy for the majority of it. Lunch was pasta, chicken, and spinach. I improvised and used a little bit of pizza sauce. It was good. Not the best, but it still had some nice flavor. The red pepper flakes and garlic powder helped it out some.Image I was able to talk to Madelyne for a few minutes today. I told her all about her job opportunities she would have down here since she is planning on moving when she graduates. It is always so nice to catch up with her! Then it was time for me to get ready for the last home game of the year. I looked at my bubbles and chose foods that I thought would cover a good bit of my bubbles. For snack I went with yogurt and trail mix. ImageFor dinner I packed a turkey sandwich with swiss, spinach and mustard on a super delicious torta from Costco. ImageSide of carrots for a veggie bubble. Work went really well. We remained busy almost the entire night which was surprising because the crowd wasn’t all that big. We sold A LOT. The Bulls also pulled out a win, so now they are tied with Pawtucket 1-1. Tonight was the last game in Durham until the start of the season in the spring. I will finally be able to work out a routine to help me reach my goals of eating at appropriate times. My parents and I also have the goal to be better at planning dinners. That is one thing we discussed with Lori – if I know what the plan is for dinner I have an easier time making decisions on my own when it comes to lunch or snacks. Routines are always comforting as well. I like breaking routine every know and then, but sometimes is less stressful when you just have that thing that you just do without over thinking. When I got home from work tonight I made an ice cream oatmeal raisin cookie sandwich. It was the last two cookies from the Costco variety pack my mom got. I am glad those cookies are gone because now I can make my own dessert and I can have something other than ice cream or a cookie. Not that they aren’t good, I just have been having them every single night for a while now haha. ImageI am about to turn in for the night! I have work tomorrow from 10-4. We are going to be packing up the store to transport everything to its temporary location while the stadium gets renovated during the off season. I am hoping I can sleep in a little so I can be well rested and prepared to tackle the task of moving everything!

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