Fall is in the Air!

When I walked outside this morning to go to the barn it felt incredible! It was around 9:30 and it was still a little cool out. I like Fall the best. The temperature is always just right and the leaves are magnificent when they turn. Do you agree? But summer is still here because it warmed up pretty quickly after that. No complaints though, I am still sucking up all the warm weather I can get! Last night I had the exact same snack as the night before: two nut butter balls with an ice cream cookie sandwich. This morning my mom woke me up for breakfast. I think I could have slept for another hour or two haha. I had my overnight oatmeal that I created yesterday, then I topped it with a little granola, chopped walnuts, and blueberries. That was my experiment and I am so happy it turned out well! Yesterday I made cards for different combination possibilities and how they fit into my bubbles. So this might become my weekday breakfast because it is simple, tasty, and doesn’t require much thinking. ImageImageI went to relax on the couch for a little bit before going to the barn. The TV was never turned on today! Woohoo! My laptop sure got a workout though haha. At the barn I groomed and clipped Vinnie before taping up his hoof. I am ready for his mohawk to flop over! ImageAfter I put him out in the pasture he looked like he was guarding the water trough. ImageWhen I got home I switched out laundry and then had my snack of trail mix and an apple. ImageI did some more chores around the house before getting ready for my afternoon and then making lunch. For lunch I made a stuffed bell pepper. It was stuffed with brown rice, chicken, and jalapeno queso. I had a side of tortilla chips along with it.ImageNow I am off to Durham to for my appointments with Mary and Lori before I go into work. First game of the playoff finals for the Bulls! Have a great day!


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