Clean Sweep and Nut Balls Hehehe

Today flew by for me! I kept myself busy almost all day and I got so much done. Last night after I finished writing my daily post I whipped up my snack. I made an ice cream sandwich using one oatmeal raisin cookie and one white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. I also had two nut butter balls (how inappropriate can I make that sound?). I had one of each flavor I made, but I must sat they aren’t as tasty as my first batch with the pretzels and white chocolate. Still yummy though!ImageI had a few crazy dreams last night. The one I remember most vividly involved Vinnie. I let someone ride him and for some unknown reason she just jumped right off of him as he was trotting around the ring. He continued to trot around the arena and he even started cantering. It was odd because it didn’t look like him at all, it did, but it didn’t haha. In my dream he just had the most beautiful, hooky neck and an incredible forward motion with great bend in the knees. I’m talking like National Champion looks. I wish my dream was reality haha! My mom woke me up for breakfast and I enjoyed a vanilla almond butter banana sandwich, apples and cinnamon oatmeal, and a glass of milk. ImageThe bananas turned a weird color in the middle from me zapping it in a microwave. My mom put the bananas in the freezer so I had to warm them up somehow! While we were eating a few deer ran across the yard. There was even a baby one!ImageI went back to sleep after breakfast and then when I woke up I got ready to go out to the barn to see Vinnie. He was doing well again today 🙂 After I brushed him and wrapped his hoof I gave him his apple and treats. When I put him back out in the pasture he licked my hands for a while. He had to get all that flavor off my hands! ImagePlease Give me more!ImageWhen I got home from the barn I had my snack. I tried the Chobani raspberry with chocolate chip yogurt and I had two more NUT BALLS and some blueberries.ImageThen I did dishes and then created a breakfast plan for myself. I am trying it tomorrow morning so the results will be in manana! I started the never ending laundry. I was tackling my sheets and comforter. When I was putting my parents clothes away in their closet I might have gotten a teeny bit carried away and I organized their hanging clothes. For lunch I made myself spinach pesto pasta. Mmmm… I gobbled it right up.ImageI really need to work on my timing for snacks and lunch. My snack always ends up being around 11:30 and then I don’t eat lunch until 2:30ish. No bueno. I really want to eat my lunch earlier and then have an earlier afternoon snack and an earlier dinner. I didn’t have my snack until like 5:45 today and then dinner was around 8:45. We have always had dinner late, but I want to start having it earlier so I can ultimately go to sleep earlier. I also feel bad because I end up eating my snack really late at night and either my mom or my dad always stays awake to make sure I have it, and they both have to wake up early for work so I want them to get enough sleep. After I finished my pasta I got to work on cleaning out my closet, the closet in the hallway and the closet in my sister’s old room. That project took me alllll afternoon/evening. Look at all the stuff I got together to give away/get rid of! I am going to drop off a big load at Goodwill tomorrow 🙂 ImageFor my snack I had crackers and trail mix.ImageI followed that up by organizing the closets I cleaned out and I made my bed. It felt so good to get all that work done and to get stuff ready to give away! Tonight we watched Life of Pi and had steak, mixed veggies and potatoes for dinner. ImageIt has still been difficult to fill up all my bubbles. There’s just so many of them! I still do my best to get as many bubbles filled as I can though. I still have my night snack to get me a few more bubbles! Tomorrow is going to be another full day. I have a few more things I want to get done around the house, I have to go see Vinnie, I have an appointment with Mary, an appointment with Lori, and then work. Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday and is ready to have a marvelous Tuesday!


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