Do You Believe in Magic?

Today was one of those days where I felt like I got a lot done, even though realistically it might not have been that much. It all started with this…ImageI DID IT! Ok, I might have looked up directions on how to solve it online. Still counts, right? I think so. I solved it last night after I ate my snack. I had an oatmeal raisin cookie and an acai chocolate protein smoothie. ImageThe smoothie was a lot better than I was expecting. I would definitely get it again!

Today’s Productive Activities

This morning my mom woke me up for breakfast. I decided on having an egg sandwich. I fried up an egg in the mini egg cooker and put two slices of bread in the toaster. On the sandwich I also had swiss cheese, spinach and hot sauce. My mom poured me a fancy glass of orange juice as well. ImageAfter breakfast I planned out my morning and afternoon snack. Then I got changed to go out to the barn. Vinnie was such a good boy today. He is still a little sore when it comes to pivoting on his left front hoof, but overall he seems to be doing much better. He acts a lot happier as well. That might be because he has been out on the grass with the other horses more often lately haha. He was out with the other horses in the upper pasture today. The horses love that pasture because the grass is nice and thick and there is definitely an abundance of it. Vinnie seemed to have an itchy eye today. It was a little “gunky” and he seemed to want me to rub it when I was brushing his face off. I wonder if there is a horse equivalent to pink eye? I love how simple Vinnie’s markings are. Technically he only has one marking haha. This cute little star on his forehead. ImageFuzzy ears! He hung out by me in the pasture for a few minutes after I was done brushing him and wrapping his foot. He was licking my hands. I think he was in denial that he ate all the treats I had with me. The treats must have made him thirsty because he went back for more water even though he had water when I first brought him in haha. He typically doesn’t drink that often. ImageImageWhen I got home I got ready to go to Mebane with my mom. I made my snack to-go and ate it in the Jeep on the way to the outlets. I had the last of the oats and dark chocolate protein granola mixed with Hodgepodge Harvest trail mix from Whole Foods that I added to a cup of milk.ImageAt the outlets we shopped for a few things for my mom. We successfully found her a pair of skinny jeans, two pairs of flats, and a pair of boots. They are all very cute! I hope she is happy with the new things she has gotten over the past few days. We stopped at Food Lion on our way home to pick up a few things for the week. My mom got stuff to make chili and I got a few more things just to have on hand. At Food Lion we saw Mrs. Blalock. Melissa is one of my mom’s best friends and she was my first and second grade teacher. She also works at my mom’s school now. She is seriously one of the sweetest people I know! She has twin girls who just started the seventh grade. They like horses but haven’t had the best experience with the place they were taking lessons. I offered for them to come to the barn with me sometime next weekend so they could meet Vinnie. I think they both would absolutely love him because he has so much personality! He would love them just as much I’m sure. He just loves all the attention he can get haha. When we got home from running errands I made my lunch. I placed a sliced torta under the broiler to get it nice and toasted. Then I placed swiss cheese and apple slices on one side and raspberry jam and turkey on the other side. I popped it back under the broiler for a minute or two to get everything melty and warm. SO GOOD. I stole the idea from Blend, the cute little cafe where I got a turkey, apple, brie, and fig spread sandwich. I love the combination of fruit, jam, cheese, and turkey. ImageImageAfter lunch I watched the Steelers game while I helped my mom put together a few outfits for the week. I also chopped up chicken for easy cooking this week. Then I made peanut butter balls. I actually used a combo of nut butters. I did crunchy almond butter, chocolate hazelnut butter, and then peanut butter. I blended it with the honey and dry milk. Then I set up my station! ImageI rolled up all of the balls and then I rolled half of them in crushed Hershey’s cookies and cream puffed cereal and the other half I rolled in crushed apple cinnamon Cheerios. I figured since I was more creative with the nut butters it was ok to do a simple extra something.

My snack was chips and spicy Wholly Guacamole. So yummy and spicy! ImageThen we watched Now You See Me. I think it is such an awesome movie! First of all, I think magic is amazing. How anybody can be that good at pulling off tricks is baffling. Some things just don’t seem possible! Secondly, the movie has a huge twist at the end! Mind = blown. I saw this movie in theaters with my cousin, Madelyne, and when I saw it on pay per view I was dying to see it again! My dad dozed off a few times though. Oh well. His fault for missing some parts of a killer movie.

For dinner I had a bowl of chili that my mom made. I sprinkled some cheese on top then ate away. ImageAfter I finished my chili I went to work on my bubbles. I fell short on a lot of my bubbles even though I felt like I had a good day. So even though I reallyyy didn’t want to, I added something to my dinner. I was having a difficult time figuring out what would be something good to add because I really just wasn’t feeling hungry enough for much after the chili. I decided to just go with one of the instant rice containers that I got today from Food Lion because it was just something that would cross off a couple bubbles and I could make it super quickly. ImageNow I just have to have a bubble dense night time snack. Mini pep talk time: I can do this!!!! Bring on the sweets!!! I WILL eat what I make and I WILL enjoy it.

See, I told you I wasn’t as productive today as I felt. But it’s still a good feeling to have haha. Tomorrow I am hoping to have a day of true productivity. I am trying to watch less TV so maybe I will get more organizing and reading done! Let’s get this week started!


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