Hello, Weekend!

Is everyone ready for this weekend? I sure am. The past two days have been rather busy so I am looking forward to having some free time this weekend.


I headed out to the barn around 10 and spent some quality time with Vinnie. His abscess is going to take some time to fill in… See that big chunk missing on the right? It doesn’t seem to be bothering him though, he still looks as happy as can be! That might be because he knows I can’t deny him treats.ImageImageVinnie hung out by the gate after I put him back out in the pasture, and I just had to give him a few more treats. He just looked so adorable standing there making his little horse noises. When I got home I made a quick snack. I fixed a plate of apple slices and trail mix and ate it while I watched HGTV. HGTV and the DIY network might be one of my new favorite channels. It makes it easy to multi task (watch tv while attempting to solve the rubik’s cube). Plus I love getting ideas for what I could possibly do to my bathroom and bedroom. ImageAfter my snack, and maybe an hour two hours of wracking my brain over the rubik’s cube, I jumped in the shower and then ate lunch, which was leftover chicken lo mein. ImageI did a few chores around the house before preparing my things to take to work with me. For snack I packed sliced strawberries and a blueberry Larabar. ImageI might have eaten over half the strawberries before taking a picture of them haha. Work went well, I briefly saw my parents when they came by the store. The game was higher scoring than the previous night’s game, and there was a lot of excitement towards the end. We sold so much for such a small crowd! On my break I ate the cheese and turkey, lettuce, guacamole wrap I packed and then I munched on the pretzels at my register for the rest of the night. ImageI love guacamole, especially the spicy kind I had last night! When I got home I made myself my ice cream cookie sandwich, this time with one white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and one oatmeal raisin cookie. ImageThen I went to bed and turned on the app on my phone that makes a constant noise that helps you to fall asleep – I believe it works. It makes a peaceful noise and you just drift off into dreamland 🙂


This morning I woke up for breakfast with my mom. We had granola with trail mix and milk. Such a delicious combo! ImageThen I got ready to go to work. It was a busy day at the Ball Park Corner Store! I helped with restocking and straightening up the merchandise that was out on the floor and that took the whole entire morning. The four of us who were working then went back to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. I wasn’t feeling pizza, so I went with one of their hoagies. It was a little hard for me to pick a sandwich and my mind was analyzing which sandwiches had acceptable ingredients on it. I was able to push those thoughts out of my head and I ordered one that sounded nice and appetizing. I was stuck between the jerk chicken hoagie and the chicken and cheese. I went with the chicken and cheese and it was really good! I will have to try the jerk chicken next time, because I am sure I will be going there again soon based off of what my work schedule is looking like for next week. ImageLunch was nice, I was able to participate in conversation and I felt like I was able to relax. I don’t know if it was because I am getting better at eating out or if it was because I missed my morning snack because I was busy in the store… I know, I know, I can’t mess up now! I have to keep pushing. After lunch I worked on packing up everything in the back room into boxes. SO MANY BOXES. And t-shirts. After work I met my mom at her school and then we headed to Whole Foods to get a few groceries. We should really go back to making our shopping list for the week. I feel like that was a successful way to grocery shop. We were pretty successful today though, so maybe that isn’t necessary. We got some good stuff that we were in desperate need of. I also got an extra yogurt to eat with my Larabar for snack. Maple Ginger? Don’t mind if I do 🙂ImageI just think the container is precious. It makes trying new yogurts exciting! At home I unloaded all the groceries before relaxing a little on the couch with my dad. ImageDinner was super yummy as well. We had a simple salad with the italian sausage lasagna that we got from Whole Foods. ImageI expressed to my mom that I have been having a tough time lately, just mentally. I told her I was scared about my recent weight gain because I feel like I gained it quickly and I am just a little scared about gaining too much too quickly. We talked it over and put those fears to rest, but I sent my doctor an email just asking if I should be concerned about gaining too quickly. He promptly responded and told me that I shouldn’t be worried about it but that we will reassess things at my next visit and see if things are balanced. He kindly mentioned that his job is to help create a healthy balance, not just to help me gain weight for the sake of it. He is the best doctor ever and I feel much more comfortable after that reassurance. It was just what I needed to keep me on track. Also, yesterday I was texting my sister and she told me she was training for a 4 by 10 by 4 run, bike, run thing. It sounded like so much fun and it got me even more motivated to get healthy again because I was so jealous (yes, I know jealously isn’t pretty) that she could go out and train for that! She also told me all about a house she is hoping to rent. So exciting! I can’t wait to visit her again.

I didn’t make it out to the barn today so I will have to make up for it by giving Vinnie extra treats when I go out in the morning 😉

Now it’s time for snack!


4 thoughts on “Hello, Weekend!

  1. Oooh, that yogurt packaging just KILLS me. Love it! It’s so funny to see that each person always has his/her meal bar brand of choice! I’m the only one all wishy-washy and unable to pick one. My argument is that the good ones are a lil too expensive . . .

    • I agree, the good ones are expensive. I just thought of something though! With other foods on your shopping list go for the cheapest brand you can find (if you aren’t as particular about that type of food) and then splurge on that one brand you like because you know it is something you will eat! Or be daring and try new brands 😉 I always try out different bars every now and again. I just bought a huge box of the Larabars from Costco so I feel like I have to eat all of those before I get new bars haha. Hope all is going well with you!

  2. Glad to see that your using your tools to help you confront those annoying repetitive thoughts…your counselor would tell you that its perfectly “normal” to have those pesky negative thoughts after gaining some weight. But look at you! You reached out and talked with your mom and reached out to your doctor. Remember a big part in your recovery is TRUSTING those people who are part of your care. Your doc knows what he’s doing….and so do you…trust yourself too. So keep talking, keep reaching out, keep writing too..silence can be deadly.

    • Trust is something my mom talked to me about as well. I need to trust my whole support team 100%! If I am struggling I will remind myself that they know what they are doing and they wouldn’t suggest anything bad for me. Thank you so much for the wise words!

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