Solving Puzzles

Figuring out life’s problems challenges can be a lot like figuring out a difficult puzzle. You might not be sure where each piece is going to fit and if you get one piece where it needs to be it might cause something else not to fit. Like this rubik’s cube I found. I got one side where it is supposed to be, but I can’t get anything else in it’s place without messing up this side. ImageLately I have been feeling like life is like this frustrating cube. Not really life, but small parts of life, like all my different options for my future. I feel like I want so many things for myself but that realistically I can only have one. But just like this cube, with hard work and determination, I have plenty of time to solve this puzzle of life. Or maybe it is meant to be unsolved and we all are just supposed to adapt to the forever changing pieces that are around the corner? I don’t know. It is too early in the day to be thinking this deeply haha. So since I missed writing yesterday let me catch you up to speed!

Tuesday Night

After eating my chinese and relaxing a little I had another ice cream sandwich for dessert. I couldn’t decide what flavor cookie I wanted (from the variety pack my mom bought at Costco) so I went with one chocolate chip cookie and one white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Best of both worlds! Image


My mom woke me up for breakfast, but before eating I had to snap a picture of my mom’s outfit because she was sporting her new skirt and necklace that came from Stitch Fix! So cute! ImageThen we dived right in to our breakfasts. We had granola and trail mix topped with sliced banana and milk. I actually loved the taste of the bananas sliced up in the milk. I take that back. I loved the taste of everything.Image After breakfast I had about an hour of couch time before heading out to do my daily routine at the barn. Lena was out so it was nice to chit chat with her while I brushed Vinnie. When I got home from the barn I made a snack of crackers, cheese, pepperoni and apple and I ate it while watching Gilmore Girls. I’ve probably seen every episode like 3 times but it never gets old! ImageI did some dishes before being even more lazy. That is when I stumbled upon the rubik’s cube. I spent quite some time putting my brain to work on that thing… For lunch I heated up some leftover chinese food. This time it was chicken lo mien and an egg roll. (Every time I say the words “and an egg roll” I always thing of Jon Lovitz saying that in the movie Good Advice. If you have never seen it before, figure out a way to make it happen!) ImageThen I went back to the rubik’s cube… Thank goodness my cousin Madelyne called me to get me away from that thing! It was so nice to talk to her and catch up. I miss her so much! We just talked and talked and talked about our big plans for next year. It was more like brainstorming, but still! I really enjoyed that. Then it was time for me to quickly get ready to go to work. I threw together a turkey sandwich to pack with yogurt and pretzels for dinner on break and for snack I drank a Boost as I drove into Durham and then munched on the Raspberry Beret trail mix at work before the gates opened. ImageImageThen I was off to work! It was the first game of the playoffs for the Bulls. They are playing Indianapolis and it is hard for me to pick who to root for… It is hard for me not to cheer for Chase d’Arnaud. Still can’t believe my boss, Bryan, pulled some strings so I could meet him the last time Indianapolis was is town! The majority of the game was scoreless so it could have gone either way, but the Bulls managed to sneak in two runs in the bottom of the eighth and got the win. It wasn’t crowded at all even though a few food trucks came to set up in the stadium. We still managed to sell way more in the store than what was predicted. It was a good night at work. I got home around 11:15 and had my snack before crashing. Earlier in the day I made a few chocolate covered strawberries so I paired those with an oatmeal raisin cookie. I love chocolate covered strawberries. So juicy and refreshing with that little kick of chocolate. Image

I managed to fill up most of my bubbles yesterday. I was short on most of them, but only by a few. It was also my first day with my new increased amount so I am not beating myself up for not reaching my goal. I will just work harder at it today! I was also proud of myself because I had all of my meals, other than breakfast, all on my own since my parents were at work all day and then I was at work all evening/night. Improvement!

This Morning

My mom came back to my room and woke me up for breakfast. She looked amazing in her outfit that included one of her new shirts from Stitch Fix! I think signing her up for that was the best decision ever. It is so much fun to be surprised with what comes and you get really cute stuff! ImageFor breakfast this morning I had one of the bagels I got from Panera Bread with cinnamon honey pecan cream cheese and a glass of milk. Sadly, the bagel was a little stale but it still tasted fine. ImageOnce I finished eating I went back to the rubik’s cube… I even resorted to googling how to solve it! Even though I got the green side done, apparently that is not how you are supposed to solve it. I couldn’t even get the first step figured out! Fail. I just need to put it back where I found it haha.

I am about to head out to the barn now to see Vinnie 🙂 After that I feel like doing a little cleaning/picking up/organizing around the house. I am working again tonight from 4 till closing. My parents are going to go to the game, though! That should be really fun for them. I wish I was going to watch with them but I am needed in the store haha. I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week! Can you believe it is already Thursday?! Keep up the hard work and start getting ready for the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Solving Puzzles

  1. Food and fashion blog! As for Bishops Lodge I am vacation there next week..part of a spiritual retreat Lisa and I are going on…really out of our element but part of the week will be spent riding and working with horses…too much to explain right now but it should be really interesting…so don’t fret about the first career choice you make on average today’s Americans are doing 4-5 careers in the course of one lifetime. Focus on what you enjoy and are passionate about..and no Mrs. Chase Around the Diamond is not an option! Not sure he’ll ever make the Bucs lineup again!

    • Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you have a wonderful time with Lisa at Bishops Lodge! You will have to tell me all about it! That is an interesting statistic. I had no idea the average American has so many changes in careers. Drats… Are you sure that’s not an option? Hahaha

  2. All sounds so fun! I love ice-cream cookie sandwiches as well, but have you ever tried BROWNIE cookie sandwiches?? I like how every layer melts in your mouth when you take a bite—the brownie due to the softness, and the ice-cream due to the temperature. Also, I never liked chocolate covered strawberries that much till I tried this trick: scoop out the middle and add melted chocolate INSIDE. You can also add other things easier this way, like nut butters or cream cheese for a play on strawberry cheesecake.

    What a beautiful Mama! I like the idea and am SO glad she liked and looks so fabulous in the pieces she was sent. I think I want to do a makeup/skincare version of this for my mom. You’re a lucky girl to have someone so supportive and beautiful, inside and out, in your life! 🙂 (Can you tell I’m a mama’s girl??)

    • Oh. My. Goodness. I am SO trying all of those things! They all sound incredibly delicious! Thanks so much, I really am lucky to have such a wonderful mom (and dad, can’t forget about him, heheh). I love the idea of doing a makeup/skincare version, you will have to let me know if you find something you and your mom like! 🙂

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