What’s Better Than Good News?

Great news, duh! I got great news today at my doctor’s appointment. I have gained some weight! My hard work is finally starting to show, and I owe it all to the “bubble meal plan” Mary created and to everyone who has been there to support me 🙂

These ice cream sandwiches I have been eating certainly have been helping me out, too. ImageThe cinnamon crunch bagel that I ate this morning with a glass of milk was another tool I used to kick Eduardo’s butt! ImageAfter relaxing for about an hour I headed out to the barn to groom Vinnie and rewrap his hoof. He was a little muddy today and was loving the curry comb. He also was super excited with the curve ball I threw him. I brought him an apple today instead of carrots. ImageAfter the barn I drove up to Triangle to buy some more fly spray for Vinnie since he was all out. The flies are terrible! When I got home I ate my snack of vanilla Greek yogurt and granola while I watched Gilmore Girls.Image I did a tiny bit of cleaning in my room before going back to watching tv. I really need to start reading instead of watching so much tv… Then my dad got home and he said that we didn’t really have much at home for lunch so I got ready for my afternoon appointments and then my dad and I were off to lunch. We went to Golden Corral because it was right by my doctor’s and we could get basically anything we wanted. I started with a salad with a variety of veggies and chicken and a side of cantaloupe and then had a sweet potato topped with pico. ImageImageI enjoyed having lunch with my dad. After I was done eating I realized I did an awful job of filling out my bubbles. I learned my lesson and my dad helped me come up with some ways to not let that happen again. Then it was time for my doctors appointment where I got the killer news that my hard work has been paying off! After that, my parents and I were off to see Mary. It was another great session with her. We talked about some new goals for the week such as eating foods that my parents used to cook all the time, working to fill out my bubbles every day (we added a few more to my plan) and work towards having one day (maybe starting with one meal) where I don’t think about bubbles at all and just EAT, with the help of my parents obviously haha. Mary is just so wonderful! Everyone I have talked to who also sees her adores her just as much as my family does. After that nutrition meeting we headed to our next destination. It was my first therapy session with Lori. She was amazing! The exercise she did with my parents and I today was so informative, especially for me. She had each of us write down a goal for ourselves and then for all the others in the room. I got to hear about the things that my parents wanted me to ultimately be able to do and what they wanted each other to do/change. We also all shared what our goals for Lori were. I couldn’t believe how successful that session was. I felt like it actually served its purpose and brought up topics that really needed to be talked about. So happy with how everything went today! I ate my snack after that therapy session while my parents were in their group meeting. My mom stopped and got me a snack before my meeting with Lori. Yogurt and a Kind bar.Image Simple, easy, delicious? Yes. New and exciting? Not quite. But that’s ok. One of my goals with Mary is to have exciting meals, so I will work on it! It was so nice to see some of the parents that attend the parent group meeting. They all are so caring. Brittany and Peggy both gave me hugs when they saw me and congratulated me on my gain. They are such amazing people and my parents speak so highly about them 🙂 Now, my mom told me that they were dying to know what came in the Stitch Fix box that came today, so here it is! I love EVERYTHING that came for my mom! ImageImageImageImageImageAfter drooling over all the pieces my mom got I fixed my dinner put some food in a bowl. Awesome food, that is. Chinese 🙂 Beef and broccoli over rice and an egg roll. I used to eat this all the time and I would eat so much of it! I’m slowly getting back to the real Beth! ImageBefore I go eat my snack I have one question that I just have to ask (and I apologize if I am putting you on the spot/making you uncomfortable by giving you a shout out) Brittany, what were the shoes you were wearing tonight? They looked so stylish and comfy!

Oh and one last thing! Uncle Bill, I looked at that ranch you mentioned in New Mexico and it. is. beautiful. It sounds like such an amazing place!


5 thoughts on “What’s Better Than Good News?

  1. I have had a smile on my face all day thinking of the progress you are making, I’m so impressed! Our whole family was happy to hear you are working your way back to a healthier place. Thank you so much for the sweet little turtles, the girls were really touched. Sophia put hers in a special spot by her bed and Charlotte had to immediately find a necklace to put hers on but they were too big so she put it on a pretty silk ribbon. Thank you! And as for my sandals, they are so comfortable! They are handmade in Uganda by recent high school grads trying to earn money for college, you can find them on http://www.noondaycollection.com. under the accessories. It is the sseko sandal base and then you buy whatever ribbons you like and change them for different outfits (love your moms new clothes, btw). Very affordable, too. 🙂
    It was great to see you, thanks for the bubble advice for my daughter!

    • Aww, I am so glad Sophia and Charlotte liked their turtles and have already found a special place to keep them. Please thank your entire family for being so thoughtful, caring, and supportive! I love that the sandals are helping those in Uganda, I am definitely going to be ordering a pair! Thanks for sharing that with me. It was great to see you too and you’re welcome! I hope the bubble advice works wonders! Mary will also have lots of good advice to go along with it 🙂

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