I Better Not Be Getting Sick!

I better not be getting sick… I have big plans tomorrow! I woke up this morning with that weird feeling in your sinuses that you get right before a cold smacks you in the face. Know what I mean? Once I started moving around that feeling went away and I was able to get a good jumpstart on the day. After last night’s snack I was really in the mood for filling my bubbles today in a more nutritious way. I started with a cinnamon roll inspired pretzel and a glass of milk. Taking a look at my bubbles I needed a few more bubbles filled so I added the Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate bar that my mom brought me the day before. And it was king size… I ate the whole thing and even though it was hard, I tried to concentrate on the positives! ImageImageSo like I said, after that snack I wanted to fill my bubbles in a “healthier” way today. Although any and all foods are healthy for me right now, I was in the mood for things a little more nutritious I suppose. Not really sure if there is much of a change though haha. For breakfast I wanted to make my parents and I something new. I made eggs baked in corn tortillas topped with cheese and bacon crumbles and I had a side of peanut butter toast. The tortillas and eggs were a little overcooked. It was all my mom’s fault. She said to just leave them in the oven until we were ready to eat. Gosh, mom…. Hahaha just kidding. Sort of 😉 ImageAfter breakfast I got ready to go out to the barn to take care of Vinnie. I brought him two giant carrots which he devoured. I love getting my daily dose of Vinnie in. It is so relaxing to go out there and have some alone time and just groom him. So therapeutical. When I came home I made my morning snack. It was a lot more substantial than my previous morning snacks. My mom wanted it to be a little bigger today to fill up more bubbles and because breakfast was kind of on the lighter side, bubble wise. I made two servings of oatmeal on the stove and topped it with some of my Blueberry Blaze (or if you are me today it’s “blueblerry blaze”) trail mix and a side of yogurt, blueberry yogurt. <—- James Bond voice. ImageI felt like I hadn’t had oatmeal in a while so I was so happy to gobble up this snack. The double serving made me feel really full as well. While I ate my snack my mom and I did some internet surfing. I shared a list of foods that are nutritious yet calorie dense with her and then we went to Pinterest to brainstorm ideas on how to redo the bathroom. We then did a bunch of chores and yard work. My dad taught me how to use the tractor so I could cut the grass since he still isn’t feeling so wonderful. I chugged along and I thought I was doing something wrong because the blades kept turning off and the screen would flash that the engine was overheated. The next door neighbor ended up coming over to help me. The problem was just that grass had clogged up the screens on the front and under the hood, so once he helped me clean all the screens I was good to go! I took a break from cutting the grass to eat my lunch. My mom was really pushing a chicken pot pie this morning when I was doing my planning for the day, so I went with it. It filled up a good portion of my bubbles, and it’s just a little chicken pot pie! ImageThen I went back outside to finish the grass. I had my jams to keep me entertained. Hopefully the noise from the tractor drowned out my singing along haha. ImageI did a little more easy yard work before going inside to shower and relax. Then it hit me… Wham! The pre-cold symptoms were back. I was tired, stuffy, and had the feeling of a sneeze just being stuck in my face. I was not hungry at all, but my mom said I still needed my afternoon (more like evening) snack. I had a plain pretzel that I made yesterday with an apple and cheese. If you ever make pretzels I recommend eating them all right when you make them. This pretzel was a little tough once I reheated it, but it still tasted delicious!ImageI stayed on the couch for a bit after that. I watched a little football before changing the channel to Legally Blonde. If you don’t like that movie there is something wrong with you. It is seriously one of the best movie for quotes. And it’s always funny no matter how many times you have seen it. My mom and I planned on splitting a frozen fajita pizza that we bought at Costco and my dad decided that he wanted pizza from a place in Butner. We rode with him to get his pizza and drove around a little while we waited for it to be ready. I used to hate Butner and Creedmore. Now it has grown on me and I don’t mind driving there anymore. When we got home we stuck the fajita pizza in the oven and then when it was ready we ate it while watching the Pirates game.Image They just won, by the way. Woohoo!!! Go Bucs! They made a pretty big trade today as well! Craziness. I so wish I could make it to a game in Pittsburgh before the end of the season.

Now for a few blog related words…

I have received a few comments from others telling me that my story has been an inspiration to them and has helped them in their own recovery process. I just wanted to say how meaningful it is to me to know that, even if it small, I have made a positive impact on some of those who follow my blog. It is hard for me to come up with words to express how much gratitude I have for those who keep up with my posts and are there to support me in all the steps along the way. If you are currently struggling with something in your life, know that your attitude really is the most important thing. I didn’t always have a positive attitude. When I first got home this summer I only had negative thoughts and it was not healthy for my recovery at all. I looked for all the ways to make myself happy. I became closer with my parents and I couldn’t have made this progress without them. Having a team of people to support me also helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone in this battle. Surrounding yourself with people who care about you just warms your heart and makes you instantly feel happier. I know I struggled the most when I was isolating myself at school. If you live alone or live far away from friends and family, don’t let that stop you! Keep in contact and don’t be scared to go out and meet new people who could become great friends (for example, sign up for a pottery class). The support of my doctors and nutritionist has also been another huge part in my recovery process. My nutritionist has helped me so much with not fearing food and I always leave her office feeling so inspired to show this ED the taillights. I also developed my current positive attitude by reading books, such as “The Happiness Makeover.” It was such a great book and was completely unrelated to eating disorders so it really helped me to make a change with the part of me that wasn’t constantly freaking out about and being obsessed with food. Then that part of me was able to really shine through and my positive attitude became much more consistent. Of course, people can only change their attitude about something if they really want to. If you are looking to be a happier person then find out what makes you happy and do it! (But only if it is good for your health… hope I didn’t send any mixed messages there!) Don’t be scared of feeling happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. Sorry! I just had to drop that quote in there. Legally Blonde. Such a classic! But really, it might take you some time to fully commit and you might not yet have all the support you need. If that it the case, don’t fear reaching out! I believe that anyone in a similar situation as me can overcome this! Now that I have ranted on for long enough I am going to go have my night time snack. Even though I am not feeling dessert, I am still going to have it. But thank you again to all of my readers. Each and every one of you helps in keeping me on the right track and I am deeply touched when I hear that I have made even the slightest difference in someone’s life. Ok, Ok, I’m for real done now. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! 🙂


5 thoughts on “I Better Not Be Getting Sick!

  1. Ya know you could of just had a reaction to cutting all that grass…If the screens are clogged that means a lot of the cuttings pollens and dust are going up in the air…which you would then be breathing in! I know with battling this illness there is a lot of peroccupation with yourself…yet you have to do it in a positive way and lessen the thoughts that creep in that picture yourself negatively. So what if you get a cold? Like Vinnie..you would heal! Keep up the good work with him, I am sure he is appreciating your attention. Looks like you have enough yard there for a barn and pasture of your own!

    • I was thinking that I might have just been having a reaction to the grass as well. That is great insight! Thanks for keeping me on the side of positivity! And believe me… I have tried and tried to get a barn of my own but my dad just won’t let it happen! Haha

  2. Listen to you! Wow! You have grown so much just over the past few weeks it seems. You are an inspiration …perseverance is important in so many difficult situations in life. Just look at Elle Woods- she showed a lot of determination, just like you!

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