What’s Good, Wednesday?

Well, Wednesday has certainly flown by rather quickly. Probably because I had the day off of work. Those days always fly by… it’s not fair! I think I could have slept in for a few more hours this morning haha.

Yesterday Afternoon

So yesterday I went to my mom’s school at two to pick her up and go to a late lunch before going to see Mary. I had been wanting Noodles & Company so we went there and I got my usual Japanese Pan Noodles with shrimp. It is seriously so good and has just the right amount of zip to it. ImageAt Mary’s we talked a lot about my bubble meal plan. We discussed the questions I had on what to count certain things as. We also added more bubbles, so now I have even more bubbles to eat up. I was doing my best to be strong and willing to keep moving forward! I wrote down a list of thoughts for before I eat and for after so that I am remaining positive and not feeling upset or guilty about eating. Mary also told me the importance of eating a dessert every day to help me reach my goals. I feel like it was a really good session and it is finally my turning point! I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the addition of even more bubbles, but I shouldn’t be fearing them at all! I have even noticed that things that used to “fill me up” aren’t filling me up anymore (for example, my lunch from Noodles & Company). That is something I need to work on. If I am still hungry after eating my meal, it is ok to go back and eat more or order something else because it is just what my body needs! I remember at one of my first sessions with Mary she told me that one of her other clients in recovery was at the point where she was wanting to eat everything in sight because she realized how hungry she actually was and her body was wanting more food. She told me that I would get to that point as well, and I think I am getting close because I have been listening to my hunger and I have been allowing myself to eat so much more and eat what looks good to me! At yesterday’s session Mary also told me that my snacks are boring and repetitive and I need to make them exciting! I will definitely have to work on that one a bit. After the appointment with Mary my mom and I quickly ran to Whole Foods to grab my dinner to take to work with me. I packed a kind bar for snack, but Mary said I needed something with it, so at Whole Foods I got a strawberry protein drink to try. Strawberry was very different from the vanilla or chocolate I am used to! ImageMy Kind bar was a little melty because it sat in my car for a while 😦 Work went really well. It was the last home game of the season and although the crowd wasn’t super huge we managed to sell a ton in the store! The 30% off everything probably helped out with that haha. It was a pretty busy night and the game lasted a little longer than usual. On my break I ate my ham and cheese sandwich I got. I brought with me some trail mix from Whole Foods as well, but didn’t get to eating it. Image(I already ate half before I remembered to take a picture hehehe). I got home at midnight and decided to have ice cream and one of the Justin’s peanut butter cups that I got to try. MUY BUENO. ImageI slept a lot better last night, but still not as great as I would have liked. And like I said, I could have really slept in this morning, but my mom got me up around 7:15 to get a start on breakfast. My mom and I made a smoothie with milk, a frozen banana, blueberries, spinach, and cinnamon. Then my mom heated up some frozen breakfast sandwiches just because it was something quick. I think I could have blended the smoothie a little longer, but otherwise it was very good.Image I relaxed on the couch just for a little bit before I heard my dad getting ready to go to Roxboro. He is still really sick but had to go to his office to do a payroll for one of his clients. I decided to go with him because I needed to buy some things for Vinnie and I needed to go to the bank. I went to Tractor’s Supply first, but they didn’t have what I needed so I went to Southern States to get my supplies. Then I went back to my dad’s office where I distracted talked to Tammy for a bit before my dad was ready to leave. I was so glad I brought a little bag of trail mix with me because we were there longer than I thought. Around 11:30 I ate my trail mix on our way to Food Lion. ImageEveryday 365 Blueberry Blaze trail mix = best trail mix I have ever had. Ever. At the grocery store my dad and I just kinda shopped around for things for dinner and my dad got something for him to eat for lunch. Back at home we working on fixing our lunch. My dad was having bean with bacon soup and I followed suit because it filled up a good amount of my bubbles. Not enough bubbles though because I had to add an apple and a grilled cheese along with it, and boy was I full after that one!Image A little later I went out to the barn to take care of the Vinnie Monster. I got a little carried away when I was grooming him and decided to braid his tail like we used to braid it for horse shows. Braiding was always my favorite part about getting the horses ready for their classes. I am not the best braider, but I love how it makes them look so classy. I of course took a picture before undoing it 🙂 ImageThen I got all my supplies ready to apply to Vinnie’s hoof. I am now using cotton with Betadine instead of the poultice pad. I have to continue with the vet wrap and duct tape though. ImageThen I gave him a giant carrot and a few treats. I think he would feel betrayed and ignore me forever if I skipped out on giving him his share of nom-noms for the day. When I got home I did a little bit of cleaning before getting a snack and relaxing. I took out my meal planner and looked at what bubbles I needed to fill up. My snack ended up being a lot bigger (well maybe not bigger, but certainly more calorically dense) than what I am used to, partially my fault for only having trail mix as my morning snack. But who cares about the calories! I don’t. (Can you believe that I, Beth, queen of calorie counting, just said that???) I said it, now I just need to 100% believe it. I am almost there haha. But where was I? Right, my snack. I had a vanilla yogurt that I put in a bowl and topped with the oats and dark chocolate protein Nature Valley granola. With it I had half a sandwich with a tablespoon each of vanilla almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter. So it was a super vanilla/chocolate snack!Image Now I am going to go relax with my parents before we have dinner. On the menu: salad topped with veggies, fries, chicken, cheese, and dressing. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day for me so I better get some good rest tonight! I will be waking up for breakfast with my mom and then I will have to go right out to the barn to take care of Vinnie before work, where I will be doing inventory from 10-6. I have the feeling tomorrow might be a little difficult for planning, but then again maybe it will be easy. I will pack two snacks with me and I am given a lunch break, so all I will have to do is decide what I want to do for lunch… Should be a good day despite it being a busy one! AND it’s Thursday, AKA my favorite day of the week!


6 thoughts on “What’s Good, Wednesday?

  1. Oh yum! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Vinnie’s braid is BEAUTIFUL by the way 🙂

    A few posts back you mentioned that it’s becoming much easier to fill in your bubbles vs. first being given the bubble assignment, and it got me thinking that I’ve been following your blog along, but I’ve never read the earlier posts of your blog. Is there a way you could make your archives more accessible, besides simply clicking back and back and back? Or providing a link to your first post so I could read from there?

    • Thanks so much! I had fun braiding it haha 🙂 In my post from today (8/29) I included a few links to some other archives of mine. I hope they work! I will have to play around with the setup of my blog one day when I have enough time. Let me know if there is anything else I can do!

      • Oooh, PERFECT. Yes the links work! Thank you!

        To be honest, I’m incredibly impressed with your attitude and haven’t seen a blogger yet who encouraged me to change my attitude and approach to eating new things, bigger meals, etc. more. I was just curious if you’ve always been this open and had such a wonderful attitude. Like geeez, your parents raised you right! I want you to know that I’m 23, living on my own, and I’m way more of an angsty, irresponsible teenager than you are, usually found pouting because I can’t exist on protein bars and coffee alone. Even ED stuff aside, you remind me to be kind and grateful toward my parents. I have nothing but compliments and support for you!

      • This comment inspired me to write part of my most recent post about attitude and what I did to change mine for the better. I definitely have so much respect for my parents! They really knew what they were doing with my sister and I haha. All props go to them. I was in a similar position as you at the beginning of this year, living with a roommate I didn’t know so I kept completely to myself, nibbling on a protein bar trying to make it last. Although I do not know how long you have been dealing with this ED, I know that you can overcome it. 23 is still really young, I’m about to turn 20 so I know I can’t say this from experience, but that is a tough age because so many changes are typically going on in life. What helps me sometimes is telling myself “hey, I’m still very young, I have a long life to live in front of me and I want to be healthy enough so I can actually live.
        To hopefully cure your curiosity, no, I have not always been this open and I haven’t always had the most pleasant attitude haha. In high school I was always told I was “awkward and emotionless” because I was so quiet and I never expressed myself. I have made this huge change and now I am so much more open and I feel like I have a positive outlook on most things. Know that I believe in you and fully support you in your journey! Endless thanks to you as well!
        P.S. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself!

  2. Do male horses get cheesed if you braid their tails? Just wondering! Keep up the good work..maybe next time you’ll have to order you pan noodles with extra shrimp! Hope your dad is feeling better!

    • Hahaha, excellent question! I would say not, but I don’t know… Vinnie has always been the “pretty boy” type! What a great suggestion! I will remember that the next time we go to Noodles & Co. and I am sure my dad appreciates that!

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